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Demanding 'Pay and Benefits That Give Us Dignity,' 25,000 Chicago Public School Teachers Go on Strike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/17/demanding-pay-and-benefits-give-us-dignity-25000-chicago-public-school-teachers-go

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This strike gives the lie to those who condemn teacher walkouts, saying “they’re in it just for the money.” Lower class size and better staffing mean a better education for all students. Proud to have been a teacher!


Can’t help but wonder if this would be happening in a white suburban school district?
Of course not.

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Take 25% of the overpaid Chicago police salaries and give it to the teachers. Priorities need review.


Teachers having to deal with city hall instead of a representative neighborhood school board says it all. Seems the new mayor Lori and Rahm are ‘austerity’ cousins. The largest school system in US where city hall politicians and insiders hand picked administrators (cronies) to run a massive school system…mostly for the benefit of the charter scammers and the elite white de facto private neighborhood academies.

Meanwhile, dark skinned children make up 85% of the public schools. Mostly because the elite charters and academies are on the other side of town. But in the mentality of the elites, no use wasting money on them. They are no going to amount to much and we need fodder for our pals at the private prisons.


everyone at common dreams are strongly for education.
I had been told that the Chicago pay scale is less than what this mornings tv news advised us.
I was given a tour of our nearby gradeschool and there was a door with a prominent political name on it. They told me that this person is full time staff and has not been inside the school for over 5 years.

My daughter taught special ed for way too many years and her first job offer was $13,000 per year.
After her entire working career, she was only at $60,000 with masters degree and recertification classes every summer that she paid for.

Mayor says that after agreement had been reached, union negotiators pulled more demands out their purses and laid them on the table - or no deal.

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So much for Lori Lightfoot being a progressive reformer for the working and poor of Chicago.


Lori has inherited a financial disaster from the two former mayors.
All the loot in the whole state of Illinois ended up in downtown Chicago.
Same in Indiana where Indianapolis grabs the previously distributed highway funds awarded to other cities and towns.
The Illinois and Chicago bonds pay such a high interest rate + massive penalties for missing payments to bond holders. Heck,401k accounts would double in just a couple years if they bought these junk bonds.

300,000 students divided by 25,000 teachers = 15 students per teacher. Heck, my high school had 50 students per class all the way through. And we had 98.5% graduation rate.

Right good for the teachers, I hope they get what they’re asking. Rom Emmanual decimated the Chicago public schools system. The exploitationist plunderers have been targeting our public education for the last 30+ years just as they are trying to slash and burn social security and Medicare for all.


I am awaiting the spin that the teachers are “just plain greedy”! Without doubt, that will be most of the comments on this if it lands on Yahoo! news. The commenters on there are some of the stoopidest and most programmed humans on the planet. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!


Tax the rich bastard

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