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Demanding Real Gun Control Laws, Parkland Students Reject Mandatory Clear Backpacks That Make School Feel 'Like Jail'

Demanding Real Gun Control Laws, Parkland Students Reject Mandatory Clear Backpacks That Make School Feel 'Like Jail'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that killed 17 people last month prepare for the student-led "March for Our Lives" in Washington, D.C.

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Hypocrisy. “We want solutions, but we only want our solution.”

There are many things that can specifically make schools safer. For example, metal detectors and guards, like you find at every Federal building, and many inner city schools. Clear backpacks so people know what you’re carrying. Fewer guns.

To the student’s sarcastic comment, no one thing is “gonna fix everything”.

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I presume the MSDHS students are studying their Gandhi and MLK and the concepts of unity and solidarity forged from the historic struggles of organized labor. If they are, they will simply refuse to comply with this “clear backpack rule”. What is the school going to do? Arrest them all? Of course, the big challenge of such civil disobedience only works - especially in the culture of “fear of authority” that dominates the USA - when everybody does it together. If the students can be successful, then there might be hope for the future yet.


Schools are not federal buildings or courthouses, or jails.

And you must not visit very many US cities because “inner city” is an obsolete term, unless you mean the fashionable parts of town where the rich, young “professionals” live.


I know schools are not Federal buildings - it’s an analogy. And I’m old, so I use old terminology. You know what I mean - call them “troubled neighborhoods”, “underprivileged areas”, “ghettos”, whatever you choose.

This is the generation we all have been waiting for. Give them your understanding, give them your support.


We all grieve for the loss of life, the injured, the loss of security we feel in going about our daily business.
We all grieve over what might have been.

And yes, we must also grieve for the people who caused the situation. The shooters. The police standing outside. The police department and the FBI. The parents, the brother. The torn community and the rest of the country. These incidents don’t have to create divisions in everyone’s efforts for a safer world.


How about a thorough review of procedures and curriculum for ROTC programs like the one Cruz belonged to when he was a student at Parkland?
And maybe the NRA shouldn’t be involved in these training programs? Is it true that they had target practice with rifles in the school gym?


I suggest that, in addition to clear backpacks, all students shall go naked or wear clear clothing to prevent carrying concealed weapons.

[Sit down, Roy Moore. It was just a tasteless bit of cynicism.]


Thinking back on my days in school, this makes me shudder!

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I would say that’s perfectly normal.

Clear backpacks? Do you really think a kid carrying a gun to school, would really put it in a clear backpack?

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And body patdowns, too?


Wouldn’t be necessary!

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Dear Parkland17:

Unless you stop the war of terror for pumping gas and oil to China and India…you will never feel safe, and you and your parent’s human dignity will continue to diminish.

Update MLK’s Breaking The Silence Demand List.


Of course he would - he would simply wrap it in a jacket or something else first. Anybody remember Shawshank Redemption and the hammer cut out in the Bible? - not hard to make a gun cut out either.

I thought this was a joke when I first saw it. This is THE stupidest idea I have ever heard to prevent gun violence and just wastes a bunch more plastic with no deterrent effect whatsoever as well as making kids feel like fools. Metal detectors make more sense than this (I’m not crazy about those either, but I would be willing to talk about it)


Care to add substance, rather than simply put someone down?

Don’t these kids understand that if they want to live in a free society then they will have to make sacrifices … and the freedom from being blown away by deranged, assault rifle toting graduates of the Violent Video Game Playing Academy and taking advantage of their prized 2nd ammendment rights is not part of the programme.

Nor is having the security intelligence apparatus effectively barred from snooping through all of their online activity and postings in order to prevent acts of terrorism in which they could be harmed … that’s working sooo well isn’t it? SAD

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Me too!


Typical response from NRA supporters – attack the students standing against them.