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Demanding Reversal of Trump Cruelty, Immigrant Rights Groups Welcome Biden Pick of Mayorkas for DHS Secretary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/demanding-reversal-trump-cruelty-immigrant-rights-groups-welcome-biden-pick-mayorkas

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So is he going to dismantle the ICE/BOP/CBD Gestapo units that have been terrorizing America, or just roll out a fuzzy DACA fix?

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This is a first step. Now for “dismantling rogue agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection.” (And probably DHS itself needs to go.)


I expect there to be plenty of push back from the GOP and the rest of the right-wing establishment.
Biden will not likely be a savior for many. But he can be a bridge presidency paving the way for a robust progressive movement. One which was stalled until Bernie stepped up to the plate. 2014-2015

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Trump continues to deflect from his own guilt on any number of issues, (crimes). Pathetic. We could call it flip that crime. While it is in reality him and his accomplices that should be prosecuted.

Why should there even be a Department of Homeland Security? Putting aside the disturbing name, homeland being reminiscent of Nazi blood purity laws, it has become just another rogue government organization dedicated to reducing US citizens’ rights under the constitution to a cruel joke. Maybe FEMA can again operate effectively after it is taken out from the umbrella of that incompetent and dangerous agency.

Why not, especially if you’re happy after you’ve been robbed a second time in 4 years.