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Demanding Special Prosecutor, Democrats Invoke Senate 'Slowdown'


Demanding Special Prosecutor, Democrats Invoke Senate 'Slowdown'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Senate Democrats announced a slowdown of committee business on Wednesday as the fallout from President Donald Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey continued.


Very delicate. Be ready for a manufactured crisis. New war, terrorist attack, etc. as Donald Trump attempts to take the spotlight off him. We saw this with Bill Clinton and the Lewinsky scandal and George W Bush with 09/11/2001.


The problem with this "slowdown" is that Chuck Schumer has absolutely no guts. He is minority leader not because he was the best choice but because he had "earned it" based on seniority of because he was somehow "entitled" to it. This is how the fu*king Democrats work. That's why we had Hillary, who had zero change of winning last fall, running against Trump instead of Bernie. The Democratic Party has to be completely reorganized and all of the deadwood removed from the top down before it can even start being effective.

That said what will it take for the American public to demand that the son of bitch in chief be removed for criminal behavior and gross stupidity? I mean just how god damn stupid is the American public?

Anybody who still supports Trump is guilty of treason as far as I am concerned. Get Trump, that fat, narcissistic, lying bastard out of the government and into prison where he belongs.


It seems like a waste of time and money to keep after "Russiagate". What will the results be, a Pence the Republican Taliban Presidency? A political victory for the neoliberal Democrats that destroyed the party? A MIC buildup against a nuclear power and another arms race? Sad.

Direct Democracy


It is hard to conclude anything but Trump is really hiding something awful to bring this type of outrage which he must have known was going to happen. He did the same thing by not revealing his tax returns. To make a coverup so obvious his connection to Russia might be worse than we can imagine. He is counting on the fear of Republicans losing their jobs in their next election to keep this going. The fear of his white supremacist face when it comes to voting is now his main weapon against the Republicans. Most of the Republicans seem easily cowed so maybe Trump will actually be able to continue this coverup indefinitely.


The cabal of crooks in the emperor's regime is panicking...investigations are getting too close to the truth...pulling out all stops to deflect the focus...fire all who even appear to be objective as opposed to being "loyalists." Chaos reigns supreme in the WH, obviously. The rats are scurrying....


I'm surprised that your tin-foil-hat theory has not yet been modified to say the Democrats did Sept. 11.


Of course, Nixon resigned before he could be impeached, but this is instructive from the actual articles at the time. Might I suggest you write to or call your House rep since that is where impeachment is done?

Article 1, #4

"interfering or endeavouring to interfere with the conduct of investigations by the Department of Justice of the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the office of Watergate Special Prosecution Force, and Congressional Committees;"



Wow. Next thing you know, Schumer is going to send out a "strongly worded letter."

That dude's a real badass.


The Senate is an interesting institution. And, right now they're ( all 100 ) possibly discussing the scope and parameters of the powers of the Special Prosecutor. It's not about Trump's tax returns. It is an investigation into national security indiscretions , direct foreign interference in a national election, collusion by the present administration with a foreign gov't in that election, Flynn, Manafort & Company, The Trump Way, etc.
The Republicans don't want a fishing expedition with an Alaskan trawler and a mile of net. The Democrats, and MSM possibly, would like something larger than a minnow net.
Trumpster probably would like to trade Park Place & Baltic Ave. for a Get Out Of Jail Free card, right about now. And, he's not the only one. Heads roll someplace in these things, usually.
Trump isn't Willie Stark from All The King's Men, but that book does show the power of " opposition research ", subterranean legal workings and big political shenanigans, writ large. Very large, very dangerous and uniquely American in its' utter weirdness. What a hot mess. What a strange election.


The goal is to ensure that the Neocon plan for full spectrum domination gets back on track. Trump has succumbed (er, sold out) somewhat to their wishes but they just don't trust him.

Pence better be warming up in the bullpen. He's going in shortly.


I think you hit the nail on the head


The first thing I did this morning was call both my Senators and demand they cry out for a special prosecutor immediately, as well as call for the impeachment of TRUMP! I hope all others do the same. It is not Democratic to block the USA Journalists from access to meetings and it is ANTI-AMERICAN to include Journalists from RUSSIA in that same meeting. Anti-Constitution, Anti-American, Anti-Democracy - that is what TRUMP IS. He must resign now.


It is important also for our Senators to BACK the impeachment idea 100%.


Anyone who has been following the Washington political circus for sometime, knows full well that Comey's days were numbered. Any calls for a special prosecutor are political football and very premature. There are no laws against discussions between Russians and Americans, no matter what position they hold politically. Unless there is prima facie evidence that some kind of treason took place, a special prosecutor becomes just another political persecution! Haven't we seen enough of those to last a lifetime?


Eh, I think your over-thinking this one. Trump's entire business history is basically filled with cons and lawsuits related to his cons. He cares about Trump and doesn't give a rip about neocons, neoliberals, anything really. As is clearly evident, he reflects whoever has his ear latest and whoever tells him something that he thinks will make him look good. Comey was A-okay until he told Congress that the Trump campaign was under investigation. Even on Russia, his issue most likely is related to the debt he's in to financial backers rather than any thought-through majestirial conspiracy. Hell, it's obvious he's going along with the Ryan plan for one reason only--he wants that big tax cut, it's good for him.

That others might use him for their own means, by whispering in his ear how great he is, isn't surprising. But he's his own man, all about himself.


Could it be possibly be that there's more than one nail, here?
We've got 3, and now possibly 4, investigations. That's a lot of investigations for one nail. Is it a 30 penny, a 60 penny, a railroad spike? Please explain your one nail theory.
And, then we 'll discuss the size of your hammer . I'm guessing it's at least a framer's hammer. Are you into framing?


I don't know which is worse, Trump or Pence


Oh, I think I know -- and it's Pence by far. Trump is just a bumbling side show -- dangerous for sure, but only in the sense that a loose cannon is dangerous in the sense that it sometimes might hit something.

Pence is an evil force, tightly integrated with the worst of the worst in the Republican Party/extreme-right-wing fascists, severely demented by his religious zeal. Pence knows how to aim the cannon, or get people involved who do.


This is sort of like choosing between Anthrax and Ebola.