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Demanding That Nestlé Pay More Is Not Enough


Demanding That Nestlé Pay More Is Not Enough

Emma Lui

There is a lot of public attention on Nestlé and other companies’ water takings in B.C. and a call for them to pay more for the water they withdraw. Former MLA Judi Tyabji recently weighed into the debate raising important points about opening the door to massive sales and turning water into a commodity for sale.


Among this article’s many insights, this one stands out:

" We can expand our knowledge so that we can relate to water beyond its narrow dollar value."


The cost of a price


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Just conveyed gist of this to Jerry Brown’s office - raising the specter of initial spot water shortages (in low-income, ethnic communities first). There might not be water at home 24/7, but it will be available at a price likely far larger than it is at present. That’s just proactive, Freemarket 101.


Am always impressed by those such as this author, who present information like this in a low-key manner.
That’s considered more acceptable in political circles (as opposed to the hair on fire approach), so she’s likely learned to use that approach.