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Demanding to Hear Directly From Mueller, Nadler Subpoenas Full, Unredacted Report Friday

Demanding to Hear Directly From Mueller, Nadler Subpoenas Full, Unredacted Report Friday

Julia Conley, staff writer

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said Friday morning that the committee would issue a subpoena for the entire unredacted Mueller report "in the next couple of hours."

The demand reinforced a sense of dissatisfaction from House Democrats with the Trump administration's suggestion that the report is a closed matter.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…(Caveat: from an more than 30 year independent voter)


“Collect it all!”
Former NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander

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This is the guy who compared a DNC concocted story to Pearl Harbor and in so doing diminishing the horror of what happened there. No one was indicted for conspiring with the Russian government to elect Trump.


It is way past time that the Democrats (Nadler at least) got serious about opposing Trump and by extension the Repubs. You could say about Trump that - when is more than enough going to be enough?

The foregoing comments are incomprehensible.

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And 9/11 was just forgotten while all involved walked away without a scratch…


These people are starting (?) to look like FOOLS! DROP this bullshit and start doing your job which, I thought, was GOVERNING and creating policies and protections for “We the People”! THERE IS NO RUSSIAGATE!!!

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The Muller investigation involved far more than just the Russian collusion allegations. Do you believe that corruption is unimportant? I guess that Nixon and his plumbers and Watergate were big yawn too, right?

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I believe that your comments of late are unimportant. When did you become a damnocrat addict?

This has been a waste of time and taxpayer dollars. What Will the Ds go after next down Alice’s rabbit hole?!

Minority parties cannot govern. Republicans control the Senate and White House. Have you forgotten that? Until they get a majority, proposing and (in the House) passing legislation is useless. Look what happened to the Yemen War Powers Act bill - and that one had cross-aisle support!

But, what they can do (because it is a function of the House of Reps where they so have a majority) is to perform corruption investigations. It is their constitutional responsibility to do that.

Read the constitution…

What do you propose the Democrats do then? Stage an armed coup d’état? What is it about “minority” do you not understand?

You have just made a case for why the “two-party system” is bullshit! Especially when they are basically FOR and AGAINST the same things and “The People” are for another. Parties are SUPPOSED to be a group of like-minded individuals who untie for strength to govern as WE, their bosses (Laugh!) want them to do.
Well, that is not the reality and I hope you realize it; the system is lame and needs to be shot and replaced!

Jeez the preconceived crap is oozing all over this page.


Just read the Index.

Based on just reading the timing of events, less than an hour after Trump gets wacked with his
“I can just go up and grab a woman’s _____”
Wikileaks releases Podesta files that were hacked by the Russians.
Assange may have started on the correct bearing, but he sure got used and it doesn’t look he was just an innocent bystander.

And the synced actions of the criminal cabal know as the trump camp just keeps going and going and going.

If you just go to the redacted parts, “Harms Ongoing Matter” is the fig leaf covering a multitude of TREASON.

There WAS and IS a Russiagate and even the GRU calls it for what it is, “Informational Warfare”
…Get a Clue…It’s a active division in their military, Ours Too.

IMPEACH NOW and lock up their kids too, PLEASE.

Oh we talked about adoption…Yeah Right.

Nixon was a Choirboy compared to this mega crook.

All of this is such a load of Horse Manure, showing how corrupt the entire Judicial System is. Debating this any further is a waste of time, unless people want to take Action. I suppose they won’t so Forgetaboutit!!!

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They did a Coup on us big time and deserve the same. But, people are too afraid to do it.

Looks like your independent vote over 3 decades has done very little to remedy the political system. You’ve been doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Time to change tactics, right?

Ok, so maybe you’ll feel better of you call it TrumpGate. Go ahead. We won;t mind. But there WAS a “Gate” and it needs to be addressed or else, we will become a Banana Republic (may already be one with Trump at the helm). Governing also means protecting the Constitution.

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