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Demanding to Know Location of Khashoggi's Body, Erdogan Accuses Saudis of 'Ferocious' Pre-Planned Murder


Demanding to Know Location of Khashoggi's Body, Erdogan Accuses Saudis of 'Ferocious' Pre-Planned Murder

Julia Conley, staff writer

This is a developing story and this post may be updated.


This is classic state propoganda. The murder of the Journalist and condemnation gives the Public the Illusion that the West concerned about human rights and will stand strong for press freedoms. They will hold even the Saudi’s to account.

The slaughter in Yemen goes on as usual as those same Western Countries sell the Saudi’s arms.

Show a picture of Khashoggi , print article after article about what a decent man he was and he becomes engrained as a “symbol” of freedom and democracy in Public Conciousness. Show that picture of the little starving Girl with the word Flowers on her sweater in Yemen and that same public closes hearts and minds as she becomes a statistic. This way those people going to work in those arms factories that make bombs for the Saudi’s can express their outrage at what happened to this Journalist even as they go to work to earn their wages. It right out of Orwell.


Was the “fist fight” pre-planned?

Ha Ha


Hey, 30 bucks an hour plus shift differential? Nice work if you can get it. Sure, the weapons you build kill school buses full of children, but so what? Your family eats tonight. Their families die. See how it all evens out?


Erdogan may not mean much to other western governments and their peoples as an occasional ‘force for good’. Nevertheless, had it not been for the integrity of the Turkish government in actually investigating this murder and revealing the evidence, this story, the whole event, would have been swiftly buried by now.

We know, of course, that the Trump administration, the Saudis, and all of their prominent allies despise and loathe free and independent journalism, especially when there are valuable arms deals to negotiate. So the question needs to be asked, who are the worst ‘fascist dictators’ in all of this? Who really cares whether the killing of a journalist by his own country’s government shines a spotlight on the complicity of a whole list of powerful governments in the killing of civilians and the impoverishment of Yemen, all the other issues like Iran, the promotion of war with massive arms deals and huge profits for the governments and, hell yeah, maybe even the people of those countries?

I would rather see this become an international scandal than have it swept under the carpet, which is the usual outcome. Then we shall see if anyone, you, me or our elected representatives, have any grains of human decency left when they decide whether to continue with the slaughter and wholesale impoverishment of man and womankind, whilst enriching themselves at our expense. Collectively, we have consented to the creation of this situation. We are therefore responsible for the horrific outcomes, and sadly complicit in our own demise.


Soon, when the oil runs out, the House of Saud will be back in the desert where they belong. You can take a camel out of the desert but you can’t take the desert out of the camel.


Not really. Had the Turkish government decided to assist with the cover-up of this murder case, then you could maintain that there was a lack of integrity. It’s relative, especially when considered in comparison to the denial, obfuscation and conflicting interests of the other governments concerned.


The feeling of hopeless is overwhelming.