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Demanding Trump and McConnell #StopTheShutdown Dozens of Unions to Rally for Struggling Federal Workers


Demanding Trump and McConnell #StopTheShutdown Dozens of Unions to Rally for Struggling Federal Workers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the partial government shutdown entered its 19th day on Wednesday—well on its way to becoming the longest in U.S. history—dozens of unions are planning a rally in Washington, D.C., adding to mounting pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to stand up to President Donald Trump, who is refusing to back a budget bill without $5.7 billion in funding for his "ridiculous" border wall.


And the National Park Service (NPS) police won’t even be getting paid while they beat back the protesters, right ?

“Ain’t that America ?” - Bruce Springsteen


GO PELOSI! If democrats had elected a different speaker they would be compromising----Democrats HAVE THE POWER------YOU GIVE IN TO A BULLY HE WILL ONLY COME BACK FOR MORE!

And I want to say something rude but won’t----there is Chuckie Todd making fun of democrats for fighting back.

The American people voted against the wall in 2016 and 2018----and if democrats want to really seize control stand up for a national healthcare system that is community based. But then it looks like NYC is moving in this direction.


I don’t understand why workers are being held hostage and not being paid, but get this congressional members and their aids are! Hypocrites!Dump says they should not get paid because they are democrats.


If the Park Service guards would come to their senses, they would let the protesting workers into the White House.
No revolution is ever successful until the armed forces begin to defect.



Hard to believe that at least a few of those “Park Service guards” haven’t figured out that they are like the Jews the Nazis assigned to maintain the “camps”…all it did was buy them time until they were no longer needed at which point they were thrown under the bus.

I guess boot camp for police and military is mostly brainwashing to minimize friendly fire incidents, just like ending the military draft was all about minimizing friendly fire incidents.


Comrade Putin must be enjoying the fruits of his handiwork as he watches the American Empire crumple.

In the long run I’m certain–assuming we survive–we will emerge a better nation as trump has allowed us to identify the rot on multiple levels in our society. After trump and GOP are a memory, the US population will be ready for a serious discussion of how to create a fairer, more just society (universal health care, expanded social security, free college tuition at state institutions etc.).


I would say your name says it all on this point. In the greater scheme of things, you do know that Pelosi is part of the problem, right?

And you can bet that Pelosi will be doing everything in her power to stop a national healthcare system.


Brilliant post! When will the NPS realize that they have a lot more in common with the protesters instead of the government? Also why are they supporting this administration if they aren’t getting paid? I wonder if someone can begin a kickstarter for th NPS.


Perhaps the people can crowdfund the NPS’s wages. The government is giving them zilch.


Talk to retired military. You will be surprised how open they are removing the cancer that’s been growing in Washington DC these past two years.

And many of these folks are in constant contact with active duty military who they say are in total agreement with them.

Active duty military will not openly criticize for fear of actions taken against them.


They’re not going to make National Health Care easy to get to –
Glad to see it happening State by State but will be slow – and it’s
a really worthwhile effort for activists to take that on in their states.

Agree – Imagine if Trump won this contest of wills – !!

But – hasn’t it always been the parties in conflict who have shut down government.
Somehow I don’t remember anyone ever before saying …
Oh, Obama shut down government. ??? Or any other president.

This is blackmail by one deranged president.


Federal employees are constrained by the Hatch Act when it comes to partisan political activities. AGFE 's Law Suit against Government for violation of the FLSA is evidence a majority of Federal Employees do NOT support this Repulican Government Shutdown. Instead of following the rule of law and bargaining (negotiating) in good faith, the President and Senate Leader are disproportionately punishing the little guy with this Republican Government Shutdown. By politicizing government operations, the President is showing how unworthy he is to be the leader of the USA and Repulicans, lead by McConnell, are showing how unworthy they are to be the majority in the Senate. U. S. Presidents are supposed to be nonpartisan, trustworthy and honest, not partisan, fickle and dishonest. Tragically, the Senate Republicans, lead by McConnell, are complicit in the blatantly self-serving partisanship lies, crimes and inability to govern in a civil manner. One of the primary jobs of the President and Congress is to operate the government in a non-partisan manner. There should never be ANY government shutdowns based on budget matters. Holding government employees hostage and forcing them to work without pay violates the FLSA – as noted herein, there are law suits regarding the FLSA matter right now. And, forced labor is a violation of the 13th Amendment. Any Supreme Court worth its salt would immediately issue an injunction stopping the forced labor without pay. Any Congress worth its salt would pass veto-proof government funding bills to get the government functioning. Any President worth their salt would never allow a shutdown for partisan political reasons. Note: while compelling work without pay is not as brutal as the slavery of old, compelling work without pay is one component of slavery. If there was a law requiring payment of salary, even in the event of government closure, there would never be any closures as there would be no reason to shutter the government. This Republican Government Shutdown is hurting the poor and lower income folks A LOT more than the rich. For 2020, if you want to get out the vote, get involved by leading the way on getting a Statewide citizen generated-originated referendum onto your State’s Ballot. Get one referendum onto the State Ballot that people care about and that impacts them as individuals and the citizens will vote!


No, John Mellencamp’s “Little Pink Houses.” Otherwise agreed.


Chuck Todd rubbed me the wrong way the first time I saw him, every time since, and I can’t stand him today. First saw him when he used to appear on C-SPAN mornings.