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Demanding 'Unprecedented' Action From Congress, Sanders Says HEROES Act Must Include Medicare Expansion and $2,000 Monthly Payments

Or did Diebold and Sequoia black-box voting machines reject him twice?


Sign One:
Health Insurance
A Capitalist Process to Maximize Profit
for Bosses and Allies by Taking All Money
Possible From The Insured and Paying
Out As Little As Possible.

Sign Two:
Universal Health Care
Economic Security
Family Security
High Quality of Life


Sanders spending millions on TV ads won’t do much good.
Those who back Sanders won’t be hearing anything new and those who don’t back Sanders will reject anything that they have been brainwashed into believing is “Socialism” .

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Sanders is dead wrong. Pelosi’s bill has to be thrown away.

Anything that long is so full of gotchas that they can not possibly all be found. Toss it out, and write a clean bill. That includes nothing for the corporations and rich people, other than additional taxes.


i do not know anyone yet to get a check. heros deserve better.
i am a senior and grocery,s have tripled, ouch!
no check here either smh

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Well, Bernie gave his power away to support a party and candidate (2nd time) that pushes for an agenda ( Neoliberal ) that he was against and is killing us all.

All he is now is a sheep dog for Duopoly and the other Ruling Elite/Corp./MIC owned party.



Hi 1Nall:
I read that some of the money is going to support the progressive cases and causes of other DEM candidates , who certainly won’t get any help from the DNC.

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Demanding? Really? What kind of leverage do you think you have to make any demands after you offered your unconditional support to Biden. F-ck you Bernie Sanders. It’s all just talk with this guy as I have painfully discovered over the past few months. He dropped out of the race early and immediately endorsed Biden giving away all and any leverage he could have had calling the rapist and corporate stooge his friend like his friendship with Biden was healthcare and food on the table for people. He couldn’t even show up for a vote that would limit our power-hungry government from warrantless spying on people’ internet and search history and he voted on the first stimulus bill that was the biggest corporate heist in the history of this country giving everything to corporations and the banks while leaving the average person in RUINS. I am sick of hearing from this capitulating, spineless little troll. Go back to your “good friend” Joe Biden, you have sold out the movement from some token gestures by your rapist pal Biden and all I hear from him is demands but without any strategy behind how to actually acquire things. Just all blah blah blah…go away.


I don’t know what state you live in but in California checks are slowly being delivered. The mailman said, more all the time and my neighbor received one. You can contact your congressman and they can help you find out. Also help with other services.

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Gosh, I wonder if he will show up for the vote on this one???
Missed Votes

|Time Period|Votes Eligible|Missed Votes|Percent|Percentile|

|2019 Jul-Sep|124|117|94.4%|99th|
|2019 Oct-Dec|115|115|100.0%|99th|
|2020 Jan-Mar|80|41|51.2%|98th|
|2020 May-May|3|3|100.0%|92nd|

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Yes. I’ve read that as well and those are also good goals. A well produced 2 hour special “Bernie Tell’s It like It Is” on all major networks (very expensive) would reverberate around for a long time and wake up quite a few people.
Might even lead to a book deal and a speaking tour…

Of course in the 115th Congress when he wasn’t running for President, he only missed 2.5% of the votes in the Senate. Looking at the data on Senate votes while he was campaigning for President or since the pandemic closed things down is not informative whatsoever about his dedication and hard work for the progressive cause.


Bernie ROCKS!

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$2000/month FOR EVERYBODY and a moratorium on rent and mortgages would even-up the citizenry pool of us Americans. Including erasing the number: 140,000,000 Poor & low wealth Americans! Now, how’s that for a Lovin’, Caring, Democracy? Yuppers! Medicare For All ~ And zero student debt. And a Crash WW-level wartime attack on the #ClimateEmergency! When Covid is wiped-out or controlled, we all would have a livable planet and really would have gotten to know our fellow Americans! Can’t afford it? Ha. Ha. Ha. Afford a gestapo government with spies on every city block and militarized police everywhere? Take yer pick! lol


this man is gas lighting us big time–if he really wanted to make a difference he would have stayed in the race instead of backing a corporate war monger and misogynous creep–voting for every crappy bill put out by the corporatists-and failed to even make a modest attempt to protect the American people while lining up behind the very politicians who are now so willingly letting the American people twist in the wind–again–just like they did in 08

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1800 plus pages of poor legislation patching temporarily all kinds of fragmented obsolete systems. The Current bill only provides another single $1200 check, max $3600 per family if you qualify (about $200 billion out the $3 trillion plus bill) We have 40 million families losing healthcare in a month. Europeans have a better system of keeping people employed while staying home making 80-100% of their normal pay keeping their benefits and paying the bills. Other defective highlights of the bill, $25 Billion or not enough for the USPS. $45 billion or up to $10,000 for college tuition the next year when there is $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. . Sure a trillion dollars for State and local governments but putting money in peoples hands directly is simpler. What’s next after this round of stop gap measures worth another $3 trillion in several months or one year at most?

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I have to say one thing about this so-called heroes act. I’m finding out who is nothing but a corporate apologist.

I keep getting emails, and facebook postings, about this wonderful bill from groups that I thought were legitimate. I’m getting rid of all kinds of clutter as I unsubscribe and unfollow them all.

I am a bit surprised at how many of them are not interested in why I am unsubscribing. That just verifies my decision.

Exactly how could Sanders have gotten the delegates to win the Democratic nomination?

by not being such a toadie to the Democrats who had already robbed him of the nomination leading to the election of Trump last time

Sanders is only a token, present only to lend credence to current American political processes. For those in power, public opinion is something to be manipulated, not catered to.