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Demanding 'Unprecedented' Action From Congress, Sanders Says HEROES Act Must Include Medicare Expansion and $2,000 Monthly Payments

1800 plus pages of poor legislation patching temporarily all kinds of fragmented obsolete systems. The Current bill only provides another single $1200 check, max $3600 per family if you qualify (about $200 billion out the $3 trillion plus bill) We have 40 million families losing healthcare in a month. Europeans have a better system of keeping people employed while staying home making 80-100% of their normal pay keeping their benefits and paying the bills. Other defective highlights of the bill, $25 Billion or not enough for the USPS. $45 billion or up to $10,000 for college tuition the next year when there is $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. . Sure a trillion dollars for State and local governments but putting money in peoples hands directly is simpler. What’s next after this round of stop gap measures worth another $3 trillion in several months or one year at most?

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I have to say one thing about this so-called heroes act. I’m finding out who is nothing but a corporate apologist.

I keep getting emails, and facebook postings, about this wonderful bill from groups that I thought were legitimate. I’m getting rid of all kinds of clutter as I unsubscribe and unfollow them all.

I am a bit surprised at how many of them are not interested in why I am unsubscribing. That just verifies my decision.

Exactly how could Sanders have gotten the delegates to win the Democratic nomination?

by not being such a toadie to the Democrats who had already robbed him of the nomination leading to the election of Trump last time

Sanders is only a token, present only to lend credence to current American political processes. For those in power, public opinion is something to be manipulated, not catered to.