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Demanding Urgent Action on Climate Emergency, Youth Lock Their Necks to UK Parliament's Gates

Demanding Urgent Action on Climate Emergency, Youth Lock Their Necks to UK Parliament's Gates

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A small group of youth activists locked their necks to the U.K. Parliament's gates Friday to demand urgent government action to address the global climate crisis while young people worldwide took to the streets as part of the weekly school climate strike.

The new “suffragette” movement.


I think an ankle shackle would make more sense. When your legs give out when your neck is in a noose, what happens?
In any case, I hope these protests continue, not dwindle.

Good on these Kids!

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I’m so grateful to these kids, and all kids that are standing up for the environment in ways that cannot be ignored. They are our hope, and their own hope as well. Blessings to everyone standing up and making waves to protect our home.


When your legs give out when your neck is in a noose, what happens?

Perhaps that is the point.

The point is obvious. But if you ever had to stand in a stationary position for a long period of time like with companies of soldiers in formation waiting out a parade for a retiring general, you would know what I mean. Eventually knees buckle and people pass out as well.

They will have noose marks on their necks. Don’t see the point in protesting in this manner, but they will get attention.

I don’t think that people in the USA really get this extinction thing.

  1. We’re going to see a million species go extinct. Think of one of your grandparents getting permanent Alzheimers. Once that part of the brain is gone, it stays gone forever. Well, that’s mass species extinction for humanity.

  2. Most of our cropland is going to go hotter and parched, and it won’t work anymore. Can you eat coal? If not, most people will become dead.

Complicating life is humanity’s old invention, “pillage the weak”. We use capitalism these days. But if our economic system doesn’t say, “inhibit climate change no matter what,” we suffer. Does a fire department work on capitalism?

So, two mission-critical questions for human civilization: Where’s the fire department, and are the crooks in charge of the fire department?


Dear England: YOU need to work on the climate crisis now! When I think of things heating up, I remember what surprised me so much about England, and in many of the cities during a JulyAugust visit.NO ONE had SCREENS on their WINDOWS! How was that possible? No matter where we went, nary a screen? Not on hotels or houses. I suppose you think that this is a weird thing to bring up----BUT where were the flies?

So, apparently in July and August you have none? That’s when flies are really bad in America-----what are we Americans-----Lords of the Flies? Here’s the bad news, when summer comes again and the climate is hotter and the green grass is brown or or non-existant or even dead and dying-----YOU will have flies and flies and flies------the protestors are correct, a heating plant brings all sorts of nasty surprises. LISTEN to the Students------for on a heated planet, England will be filled with buzzes and fly feet on your food ,your bed, and your face----and occasionally one flies into your mouth-------FIX the Climate CRISIS now----or regret will be yours----and who wants to leave behind the flies in America and find flies on a vacation trip where they are all immigrating to England! Or maybe the flies are a new kind of colonizer----it will serve you right!