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Demanding Water Rights, Indigenous Protesters Tell McCain 'Get Off Our Land'


Demanding Water Rights, Indigenous Protesters Tell McCain 'Get Off Our Land'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

When Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) visited the Navajo Nation's capital in Window Rock on Friday, he was met with angry protests over the violation of Indigenous communities' water rights and, according to some accounts, chased off the land.

McCain made the visit, along with Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, for a public meeting with Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez about the creation of a museum for Navajo Code Talkers, who used their language during World War II to help allies communicate in unbreakable code.


Again and again, the US lacks and requires a subsidized and local cleanup economy. Systic ping.


Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism Since 1492


McCain is lucky that all the Dine’ did was chase him off their land. Solidarity with the First Nations and Mother Earth!


Sarah Lazare, to bad you skipped over this.
“Protesters also demanded tribal sovereignty over Apache land in southeastern Arizona, which they say is threatened by mining company control.”

Congress Approves Secret Giveaway Of Sacred Apache Land To Foreign Mining Company
Few dispute the potential economic impact of a proposed copper mining operation on sacred Arizona lands. At issue is whether, and how, economics trumps environmental and cultural concerns, and how democratic processes balance these issues.
The requirement was slipped into a major annual bill to fund the operations of the Defense Department for the coming year.

This land is rich with copper the mining company is not American.
Screw the people that was here first

Read it here The US government has not changed they are still screwing these people: http://www.mintpressnews.com/congress-approves-secret-giveaway-sacred-apache-land-foreign-mining-compan/199871/


“When are we going to hear from the White House”? Never! Obama caters to corporate exploitation, not people’s critical basic needs! A shallow despicable political operative many saw hope in, only to be betrayed over and over and over…
The EPA was/is so incompetent in every aspect of the 3 million gallon (and counting!) toxic heavy metal “spill” and failure to inform the public truthfully, it boggles the mind! Will anything change at EPA? Not likely - everyone covers their own ass and excuses the incompetence of others - don’t want to make the agency (or the “Polluter in Chief”) look like ignorant fools…
And downstream the abuse, poisoning and exploitation of Native Americans and what lands are left to them continues unabated in numerous new ways… the beat of greed goes on.




Lands belonging the all Native Americans have been plundered ever since the New Americans decided that Profit outweighs the People whose Spirituality has reverence for Mother Earth and does no harm to that which provides them with life-giving resources. And, yet, we find it imperative to do exactly the opposite in our quest to realize profits, not for those legally residing on the land to be plundered, but for a foreign country and maybe, just maybe, the instigators of this despicable maneuver Nice going, Senators, . nice going.


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