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Demanding White House Climate Office and 'Fierce' Cabinet Picks, Groups Urge Biden to Claim His 'FDR Moment'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/11/demanding-white-house-climate-office-and-fierce-cabinet-picks-groups-urge-biden


The Left can demand what ever they want. Its the Republicans Who Biden Listens too, The Green new deal is Divisive.


Biden = FDR now?

There isn’t a chainsaw big enough to cut through this level of delusion.

But I should be content to wait my 3 months or so before the obvious and eminently predictable becomes reality.


Well, we just suffered through months of Lesser of Two Evils advocacy. Now we seem doomed to several months of “hold his feet to the fire” nonsense.

The only question is what we’ll be treated to, once Uncle and Kamalacop take the Offal Office… and prove themselves to be reactionary warmongers with zero interest in helping the working class, much less the poor in Amerika.

If the Obama years are any indication, the focus will then turn upon those evil, evil Republicans in the Senate…


As long as we’re proposing a delusional list of non-neoliberal and non-neocon Biden appointees: Shouldn’t Ralph Nader be Attorney General?


Biden got more votes because rump is Hilter 2.0.
Name 5 initiatives he ran on!!! Its even hard to come up with one.

Kept hearing , well biden is not rump, that is why you vote bidden.


Who will be in Joe’s Cabinet? One that won’t be for sure… is Bernie…


Per reports, Biden is stepping up his climate portfolio in agencies. Sometimes the big splashy stuff is meaningless, and it’s the smaller less flashy stuff that’s way more important. For example, if FHWA agrees to cover mitigation costs for capacity increasing (and GHG inducing) roadway expansion projects, we could see more direct investment in active and public transportation projects using federal dollars. That would be a sea-change in terms of improving pedestrian and public transportation. It’s not something that’ll get the big headlines, but would make a big difference overtime in reducing GHG emissions. Moreover, it would likely fly under the FOX News radar, reducing opposition to such policies.


The real question is: What will those progressives do when most is not all of their requests are ignored? My bet is that they will simply whine and do nothing of significance.


The reaction to Obama’s blood-soaked, right-wing austerity Presidency provides the answer.


Biden said trumps intransigence (and implying malignant narcissism, etc) will not enhance or be good-for his legacy as is quite true, albeit trumps actions should land him in the slammer for life - but, Biden must see that HIS legacy will be greatly enhanced and his legacy assured if he adopts policies that benefit the 99% rather than the 1-5% - that he serves Main Street, NOT Wall Street, banker, corporate and big-pharma greed and usury, polluters and the fossil-fuel conglomerate!
Want a real legacy and presidency to be proud-of Joe? Channel FDR and Eleanor and other giants - serve and defend public issues, equality, justice, environmental protections and a healthy future for the nation and people!
Consign the orange Mussolini nutter to the garbage dump of history and make a statement!


We cynics don’t believe Joe will do anything of the sort. Joe has never cavorted with progressives, so for him to suddenly do so now would be a complete departure. However, he is very old, so maybe when he goes full over the rainbow senile, he will turn hippy.
I tend to doubt it, but it’s all we’ve got.
Besides, nothing, and I mean NOTHING even remotely progressive will get done, climate or otherwise, while Mitch McConnell is the president. And if the GOP wins the senate, he will indeed be president for at least two more years.


Or Richard Wolff


Well maybe you can take some responsibility and email, write, telephone every single day. Maybe we could get a leader to help us have a march on DC, NYE media power center, wall street and it cities across the country. Organization is needed, a leader is needed maybe if enough of us demand our reprs and senators to help organize? or some of progressive talk radio? Think outside of the box. Democracy is messy and it needs all the people or 75,000 million of us.

This is our last chance to remain a democracy so when will Americans participate!


We also need Americans do? Sit back and order crap on line and whine about having to wear mask and not be able to go out to dinner in a crowded restaurant or bar.


We Americans are so complacent and whiners


That appointment ends the Democratic Party’s surrender of messaging to the PR industry and clients of corporate (private interest) privileging in policy-making. Think either of these Public Interest-pledged organizations will approve such an appointee?

Both political parties have such appointments reserved for Big Biz Lobbyists since Nixon elevated Lewis Powell to the Supreme Court and the Democratic majority congress approved that nomination:

PR Watch recalls the U.S. News Media blackout of Lewis Powell’s lobbying clients and his experience elevating Corporate Power while never serving as a judge to contextualize the Nixon appointment and near unanimous Democratic Congressional approval as noted in the NY TIMES coverage (at the time the Newspaper of Record set the news agenda for the cartel of corporate broadcasting national networks):

Bill Moyers has been alone in broadcasting (net-casting) this template flipping paradigm on PUBLIC SERVICE v. PRIVATE INTEREST SERVICE and the privileging of the Public Interest over the Private Interest objectives in policy-making at state and national levels, now known as the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic policies that both of our Duopoly political parties have established as a National Loyalty Oath to so-called FREE TRADE (cue Zed on The Commons):

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee

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Joe Biden may well be a “good guy” compared to Donald Trump, but Joe isn’t good enough to exhume FDR, and shine his shoes. The same goes for Kamala Harris. They may well be able to put together a decent Government, but they don’t have time. The available talent pool may well be deep enough, but without clear majorities in Congress, and with a conservative Supreme Court and Federal Judiciary, they may as well be Gary Hart and Jane Fonda. I often think that if Gary Hart printed T-shirts reading, “I fucked her, vote for me” with Donna Rice’s picture, he would have been a two-term President.

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i find myself in the unusual position of having to modestly defend Brown’s operation on this particular question–

Anyone who has been on here for a number of years–and let’s face it, most of the good ones are long gone–could tell you that they’ve increased their tolerance slightly. Normally us lefties are banned just in time for the election. This is literally the first cycle that I escaped without a hammer. Sure, maybe an oversight–it’s the least I’ve posted in here in years (partly because the community here is a shell of its former self and there’s more right wing democrats on here than in years past).

But one thing that can’t be done is to think there was ever a time here when anti-Democratic party dissent was ever tolerated during an election cycle. It was, in fact, a lot worse a decade ago when boss man was more active. But this community was also far larger and far more politically astute than it is now.

These sites are businesses, not charities. And the reality is tht middle class readers are the ones who contribute cash outside of the usual suspects of capitalist foundations and such. You can’t really do indy left media anymore, given the sheer expense of an internet presence. Even CounterPunch is getting perilously close to folding simply because of the hosting bills.


And especially on CD, nihilistic and bereft of hope–so worthy of being ignored.