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Demands for Accountability In Philippines Following Deadly US-Backed Raid


Demands for Accountability In Philippines Following Deadly US-Backed Raid

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Fresh findings about the hidden hand of the United States, and culpability of President Benigno Aquino III, in a botched commando raid that left dozens dead earlier this year are fueling public outrage—and demands for the head of state's resignation—across the Philippines and global diaspora.

The revelations are stoking anger beyond the failed operation itself, with many raising concerns about the growing American military presence—and government complicity—in a country where social movements forced the U.S. from its permanent bases over twenty years ago.


Or as Jeff Sachs, a widely respected development expert and professor at Columbia University, has noted: “Corporations write the rules, pay the politicians, sometimes illegally and sometimes, via what is called legal, which is financing their campaigns or massive lobbying. This has got completely out of control and is leading to the breakdown of modern democracy.”

Breakdown of modern democracy? How about the end of human life on this planet? Talk about pulling punches!

Even worse, it could lead to the return of disco.



The US militarization of the Philippines is going to get a lot worse. On April 28 2014, the US and the Philippine government signed the Enhanced Defense Cooperative Agreement (EDCA) , which will send an additional 5,000 US military troops to be stationed on Philippine territory. This will only enhance the Cold War, create more US-driven massacres like Mamasapano, undermine Philippine sovereignty, and return the Philippines to the status of a springboard for US interventions as it was during the Vietnam War. The Filipino people are trying to stop this, and we should support them in that effort.