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Demands for Businesses to Be #OpenToAll After Supreme Court Sides With Baker Who Wouldn't Make Same-Sex Wedding Cake


Demands for Businesses to Be #OpenToAll After Supreme Court Sides With Baker Who Wouldn't Make Same-Sex Wedding Cake

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Prompting calls for increased vigilance and demands that businesses be "open to all," the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favor of a Colorado baker who had refused in 2012 to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

The ruling (pdf) was 7-2, with Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissenting.


So as long as you want to discriminate based on your religious belief it’s all good. Amazingly evil…


Outlawing political parties and organized religion would solve nearly all of our serious problems (domestic and international) post haste.

Justice for engaging in either activity needs to include conspiracy charges.


Didn’t we try an experiment like that last century? Didn’t really work if memory serves. Then again, we’ll get it right this time. Maybe not focus on jailing gays and keep the prison cells for the real anti-revolutionary elements that cannot be reeducated.


I’m going to open a pagan bakery and refuse to make wedding cakes for anyone getting married indoors, as that offends the spirits of the earth.


You should be able to, now. Go for it.


So there is no such thing as right and wrong to you? There is no moral standard a person can take if it offends you Liberals?

Funny how you want to have the right to impose your beliefs on everyone else, but want to shut up the Christians who stand for what they believe.


We already have seen the outlawing of religion.

Mao Tse Dung

100 million dead. I don’t think it solved any problems.


What a piece of flippin’ hypocrisy. There were probably a dozen bakers who were not Christian and would have baked the cake. But these two decide to pick on the Christian, knowing that there would be a problem.

This isn’t about discrimination. It’s about forcing us Christians to shut up and go to the back of the social bus.


Edward A Hara:
, I read that the wedding planner suggested that cake place…and if so, then the Supreme Court is subprime once again----------. I don’t understand why this is a religious argument. Doesn’t it all come down to “do unto others?” All religions say something like that it seems.

So, that cake place will only do wedding cakes for Christians male and female-----( although there are many diverse groups and religions.)

If the 2 guys had asked for a Father’s Day Cake…could they have gotten one pf those? And if so, the cake man only get upset about wedding cakes for same sex people-------or do we not know that?

I wonder what the Supremes would say, if the cake man wouldn’t make a cake for a Jewish wedding? How about for 2 divorced people getting married? Would he do a shotgun wedding cake? Would he do a dog wedding cake? How about a polygamy wedding?

This seems all wrong for the Supremes to agree with cake man----------how could cake man make a living with so many variables in religions-----and will his signage now read ---------“WEDDING CAKE EMPORIUM—unless I don’t like your gender, religion, looks or , existence”


One thing that bothers me most about all of these court rulings and state laws allowing people to discriminate against their fellow Americans so they do not violate their “religious beliefs”. They are not required to detail their specific beliefs and the origins of those beliefs. And they are not required to prove that, in all other aspects of their lives, they strictly adhere to those beliefs.

Case in point - Hobby Lobby was smuggling artifacts looted by ISIS into the Untied States to be displayed in its Museum of the Bible. Hobby Lobby was instrumental in the Supreme Court ruling that an employer need not provide full reproductive health care to women if doing so violated its religious beliefs. Which religion is that?


Businesses that get taxpayer funded subsidies and benefits or have any gubmit protected status such as common carriers, utilities, ISPs, sanctioned monopolies etc. need to be held to the highest standards of non-discrimination and have their rates regulated.

Businesses operating in a competitive, unprotected environment should be free to select their suppliers and customers, just as suppliers and customers should be free to organize actions such as boycotts against said businesses.


No it is you whinny, ill informed, extremist Christians who want to shut everybody else up and force us to live life by your religious paradigms. Under the Constitution, contrary to your guilt ridden belief system in the great misogynist, serial killer, sky daddy as long as your deluded religious sensibilities are not offended while the rest of us are forced to listen to the schizophrenic ramblings of ancient desert dwellers who wandered aimlessly in circles through the sands of historical fiction everything is just peachy, A. O. K.? Hardly. You claim you are exercising your free speech rights while bringing your spiritual diaherra to the public square. I have defended and will continue to defend your right to believe such drivel as LONG AS YOU leave it in your homes and places of worship AND NOT spew it throughout the public square. Contrary to the rantings of your so called Christian Historians the founders DID NOT establish a Christian Nation they established a Secular Nation! What your loathsome ilk do not seem to understand is that the First Amendment grants the rest of us the right to be free of and from you and your religion. So go back home or to your place of worship because the rest of us want to enjoy life and not have to constantly cover our children’s ears from the onslaught of your ubiquitous word porn!


And a fine sociopathic capitalist pig your are! That’s all folks!


The religion of the God Almighty Dollar. And that is your brain on drugs!


So what’s the problem? It’s simply this: you participate in things that you believe in. If you were invited to a dog fight on Main Street in your town, and were promised lots of blood and dead dogs, would you go? If you do, you are saying you approve of the dogfight. And what if you were asked to provide the fence for the cages in which the dogs would fight? Would you do it?


WHY? Because to do so would make you a participant in something in which you didn’t believe and found repulsive. Same thing with asking a Christian to participate in a “gay wedding” by baking a cake or renting a hall. We do not agree with homosexual behavior, and demanding us to participate in it is asking us to support and approve of something the Bible condemns.


Wow! That’s a whole boatload of hatred! When did the priest molest you to make you that mad and filled with rage?

No one is wanting to shut anyone up. It is you who are demanding that we bend our morality to accommodate your sexual fantasies. There wouldn’t be a problem if you had kept it in the bedroom…but no…you decided to come out to the world - all three percent of you who practice homosexuality - and demand to teach it as normal to children and flaunt it to the whole world.

I guess I can sort of understand, in a way, what you say about “spewing it in public.” The Christian message of God’s love has been so distorted by American “Christianity” as to be almost buried alive. How does one follow the Prince of Peace and lie to the public so that Congress tells you “Yeah, go bomb dem Iraqis”? Takes a strange kind of Christian (in my books) to think that somehow God loves you special when you gots lots of money (HINT: Jesus condemned hoarding wealth and ordered us to care for the poor).

As for being free from my religion - tell me who is entering your bedroom at night and whacking you over the head with a King James Bible and I will get him to stop it!!!

Go get help. You are way too angry and are going to die young with all that bitterness in you.