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Demands for Federal Probe as Saudi Crown Prince Reportedly Claims Kushner Is 'In His Pocket'


Demands for Federal Probe as Saudi Crown Prince Reportedly Claims Kushner Is 'In His Pocket'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Already under fire after the revelation last month that officials from at least four foreign governments—the United Arab Emirates, China, Israel and Mexico—have discussed ways to "manipulate" his financial entanglements to their advantage, White House adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner came under even more scrutiny Wednesday night after The Intercept


Team Trump Realty, now just dropped the price on a fantastic historic house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC. Only been on the market for fourteen months. High investment potential for domestic and international investors. By appointment only.


What would motivate Kushner to share classified information on MbS’s detractors with MbS?

Oh yeah, his need for $$ to re-finance his $1.8 billion 666 Fifth Avenue building.

Kushner traded classified information for personal $ gain which then resulted in the torture and death of some of MbS’s detractors. Lock him up.


Just when you think “nope, can’t get any more corrupt,” you wake up to a new headline and prove yourself wrong again. The mind boggles.

The worst part? The collective shrug that most politicians and citizens on the right give such information. “Ho-hum. Big deal. Moving on.”


A regime based on self interest lies, fabrication and corruption!


Edit failure…


“makes one wonder what effect conflicts of interest may be having on our foreign policy and national security.”

I don’t “wonder”, I believe (and mountains of evidence points to) the open corruption, conflicts of interest, contempt for US and International Law, and “imperial” self-interest of the trump regime and family to profit from the presidency charade, is over the top! The looming Iran deal re-certification, and numerous false and misleading rubbish by trump and Israel are potential prelude to war against Iran by the US and/or Israel - that is the monster in the room!

When media mentions the nations/players involved in trump family criminality or collusion, often/usually lack any mention of the “third rail” of US politics - Israel - the open involvement of the trump regime with Israel and netanyahu has subverted US interests and foreign policy up and including potential war against Iran! That subversion fomenting war against Iran is based on false claims, overt lies, and racism pushed by Israeli extremism! The ties between trump regime, Israel and Saudi Arabia are a dangerous mix od politics, religion and private profits including billion dollar arms deals and “aid”!

Kushner has deep ties with Israeli’s via financial and real estate - “a range of financial ties with the Jewish state, which the Israeli government reportedly discussed exploiting”.
“Jared Kushner maintains strong financial ties to Israeli companies, despite his role as the White House point man on Middle East peace” NYT - And as usual its the Palestinians that are victimized by Israeli subversion of American government via a wide range of corruption and deceit!.

The other “ties”, military and political, between the trump regime, Israel, and the Saudis raise other questions of how great the subversion of US foreign policy and politics are! A true triumvirate or axis, of war, racism and the arms industry!


" Israeli insurance company Menora Mivtachim has invested $30 million in the Kushner family’s real estate business. The Kushners’ company has also struck deals with “one of the country’s wealthiest families and a large Israeli bank that is the subject of a United States criminal investigation,” NYT


666 is so appropriate. Believe me, I saw the movie with Gregory Peck!


Money talks, shit walks.
All of you folks need focus all your political talents and efforts on the single issue of RAISING TAXES ON THE RULING CLASS. Without this one change nothing else will be possible, period.


We the People should occupy that property…


This is how filthy our government has become. “Our government” is now an oxymoron.


The worst part? The collective shrug that most politicians and citizens on the right give such information. “Ho-hum. Big deal. Moving on.”

That is really spot on as it is an indication of the corruption of moral values almost universally at the highest levels of our government. Not that they weren’t already apparent.


$$ passed to everyone to look the other way.


“he has communicated with them directly using WhatsApp, a reasonably secure messaging app owned by Facebook …”

I would like to know what “reasonably secure” means… Mark?


Hillary did the same thing, approving a controversial arms sale to the Saudis as they gave a hefty donation to the Clinton Foundation. This was just one of her pay to play tricks. Interesting that the Clinton Global Initiative folded after she lost the election and her investment value dropped to zero.
But all this isn’t important to the corporate media or most of our Congress critters; after all its Russia, Russia, Russia to be concerned about. Classic fear mongering to cover up real issues.
I’d say lock them both up, Herself and the King’s son in law.


Whenever Israel is involved you might as well forget about any investigation, just keep the Russia bashing alive and kicking. The meddling in our elections had nothing to due with the Russian government but had everything to do with the Israeli government.


Look at the size of Kushner’s shoulders. Hay farmer? He doesn’t look like he ever worked.


The Kushners are horrible slumlords who mistreat the tenants in their rental slum dwellings, especially in Baltimore. They deserve to go bust and lose everything, and go to jail.

Also, it is laughable for any elected official in DC to cluck about congratulating a dictator like Putin about his sham election, when all of them are guilty of being lackeys to dictators for backing dozens of coups and military interventions around the World, most recently the 2009 coup in Honduras, then certifying that dictator’s “re-election” earlier this year; or bowing to the murderous genocidal maniac Bibi Netanyahu whose people and government seek to run every Palestinian off the land that they stole from them 70 years ago; or fellate the Saudis who are nothing but a Mafia-like large crime family that has looted the wealth of that country for the last 80 years and committed gross human rights violations in doing so. No, Washington has no moral high ground, period.


Yes, an oxymoron that only brainwashed, morons believe is our government! If it is anyone’s government… it is the totalitarian, government of empire backed by it’s military and it’s war profiteers!


This is just an example of the amateur behavior of Trump and his team. This (the back room deals with the Saudi elite) has been going on with almost all of the US administrations - Clinton, Bush I & W, Obama, Reagan. The others were not amateurs but professional criminals who knew how to cover everything up from the US public (not that they would really understand or care) but made themselves look good. It’s the mantra of any good crook - don’t get caught. In some ways we benefit from this amateur and blatant behavior of the Trump people because it shows with great transparency what has always been going on behind the scenes.