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Demands for Kushner to Resign Over 'Staggering' Level of 'Depravity' That Put Politics Before Public Health

Totally agree with your statement though what confuses me is KUSHNER is Jewish correct me if I’m wrong but would that not drive him to save anybody regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation? Just saying…

I know. It’s a real pisser.

did someone try to ‘verify the veracity of these claims’?

How do you get this Punk Azz to resign when he is not really “employed”?? Now we see the mendacity of having familial unpaid advisors. The entire trump coven will need to be excised from the face of the earth.


The Palestinians would disagree.


Not to worry, Lisa — they’re heavy into “Self-Selection For Infection” and will be reducing their own numbers by 5 to 10% by Election Day.  Unfortunately, they will cause some collateral damage, sadly especially among the doctors & nurses who will have to care for them unless a means can be developed to send them to the back of the line during triage when they show up at a hospital after deliberately going mask-less to their gin joints and MAGA-Mob rallies.

There’s a special place in hell waiting for that entire administration.

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Hi NP1:
Oh that would be wonderful—returning to the real value of things,Iike wiiIdIife and humans and trees and oceans, air, and water and respect for aII Life.
WOW the just Earth moved! And I think it was GAIA saying thank you to you. : )

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Hi RonR:

Oh your wife sounds ike an interesting person. I aways appreciate peope who wonder about things. EspeciaIIy in this time of America. Wondering and questioning are what a nation hosed be fuII of! : )
Or—did she ever read that oId book , "Chariots of the Gods, " because sometimes when a person looks at what has been buiIt upon the Earth—there is a wondering of who did this, and why, and how were they abIe to do that—Iike the Naztech Iines ( I think I’m speIIing that right…). where giant pictures of animas are built—but you an only see them from the sky, That’s a real puzzler! The most wonderful ability is to wonder and so I must say that your wife sound WONDERfuI and that is a great trait for humanity. : )
There’s sti discussion of the giant stones in Witshire and how did they move them. As to the pyramids—why that design and did they use large rovers ike possibt=y the Witshire Pains peopIe did.

But apparently all he has to do is hide for a moment until daddy-in-law opens his fat mouth again, and all is forgotten.

I am not saying Kushner should get a pass, I am saying start with the primary person responsible and all those who are complicit.

Let’s establish a little basic context. This is the United States of America. If government officials were prosecuted for politically motivated policy decisions that resulted in massive loss of life, Kushner would have to wait his turn in a very long line, behind his father-in-law and the five presidents that preceded him. This should happen, but it won’t. Jared only stands out because, even moreso than The Donald, his very demeanor makes him a perfect poster boy for this kind of crime. Put him in a lineup and ask a group of average twelve year olds to pick out the depraved mass murderer - ninety percent would ID him in a heartbeat. As a former diehard Democrat, I admit to having been totally suckered by Obama and Clinton (Bill, not Hillary), but how could anybody take a good long look at people like Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Kushner without feeling viscerally threatened? I’ve heard it said that Washington D.C. is like Las Vegas for ugly people - maybe there’s something to that statement.

He needs to be arrested and charged with Murder 2 Depraved Indifference. But not sentenced until Trump is out of office so there’s no pardon coming.

Ho Charlie:
Oh you mean Iike ,“Judgement at Nuremberg,” movie -----------------didn’t they decide that everyone was complicit and they were aII guilty?

Basically correct.

““Carol from California casts her vote for Clinton; Calvin from California casts his vote for Clinton… Will from Wyoming casts his 57 votes for Trump; Wanda from Wyoming casts her 57 votes for Trump…””

What the fuck? At the end of this article it says:

Kyron Huigens is a professor of law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University.

A professor made this absolutely ridiculous math claim? It seems to hinge on:

Leaving out the irrelevant electors from the House, […]

Whoa hold on there Kyron. Those electors are not at all irrelevant with respect to election of the president - all electoral votes (those associated with the number of senators or the number of representatives) have the same power. I don’t read the Observer for anything, and if this is typical for the quality of their articles, I suggest nobody else look at them either - they have no editor who knows anything about the topic being written on apparently.

Cc: @dpearl who might get a kick out of this.

(as far as any National Popular Vote effort - I am 100% behind it - the Electoral College has no legitimacy now, nor did it ever).

Assuming this story is true, of course I would love to see whatever prosecution is possible (we won’t see that of course), but I’d also like to see a much more open government. I literally want every damn conversation on anything the federal government does that doesn’t require a security clearance recorded and made public to anyone who wishes to follow and are archived for going back in time. Every meeting with a lobbyist, every strategy meeting, everything. If you don’t like it, don’t go into government.

The thing I have never understood about this health crisis or read a good summary of is how bad we fucked up a testing infrastructure. If we had done the WWII mobilization of mass producing tests and setting up regular infrastructure and procedures to do the maximum number of tests we could possibly do (including asymptomatic people), how many could we have done? Could we have tested everyone once a week? What was actually achievable? And what was achieved relative to that level - did we even get to 1% of that level? What about now? Is there any push for massive testing?

Then there’s Jason in Kentucky who has 100 votes because he has Mitch McConnell as his senator.


Mass producing tests is not hard for a competent government to do without any kind of WWII herculean effort. Adding extra lab capabilities to turn them around quickly is harder and pairing the type of tests up with the right type of capabilities at the right place at the right time seems to be beyond the one-dimensional thinkers in the Trump Administration.

This is where the herculean effort maybe should have gone - developing and mass producing tests and portable equipment that don’t require extensive lab capabilities. I don’t know if this particular effort (~https://www.abbott.com/corpnewsroom/product-and-innovation/detect-covid-19-in-as-little-as-5-minutes.html) got anywhere or not, but that is the type of thing in the realm of possibility assuming we had a smart, rational, and humane executive branch (not that we’ve had one of those in my lifetime).

@Adam of Loxley - I believe we have the same goal, which is why my first choice for VP would be Warren, then Harris. I have read one of the latest record of votes in the Senate and both of these women have a higher voting count on progressive policies than even Bernie. At this point in time, we don’t have another choice other than Biden. So discussing his status quo is moot. If we can have him in to relieve ourselves of DumpTrump, at least we should and need a VP who leans toward progressive policies.
As of today, I see 3 additional progressive candidates who won their states’ primary to go to US House of Representatives. Now we need more in the Senate to send MoscowMitch to Moscow!