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Demands for Removal of DeJoy Intensify After Postmaster General Shows He 'Doesn't Know the Basics of His Agency'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/demands-removal-dejoy-intensify-after-postmaster-general-shows-he-doesnt-know-basics


DeJoy is the perfect Trump appointee. He is a 1%er, gave money to Trump, wants Trump to be re-elected, and will do his damnedest to ensure the agency he runs contributes to the re-election.


He was caught in several lies in this committee testimony alone, yet the democratic chair of the committee permitted him to leave the chamber scot-free, choosing not to address his perjury.
Only when these men are dragged away in chains by the Sargent at arms, will these problems finally be addressed. At this point does anybody believe that the Democratic Party has the stomach for this war? Jeebus, they don’t even know there’s a war going on!


Remove them all including what gives rise to such hubris: Capitalism, the absurd notion of “White Supremacy”.

We see the barbarism spawned by such a system of inequality and a faulty ideology that undergirds it.

White supremacy “Yes,” if it means throwing one’s ethics and religious principles overboard in order to gain unfair advantage over another people based or race. Then “Yes,” most certainly, “Yes!"

Neil J. Smith


These shows are a waste of time and hardly worth watching as they are not even entertaining. Only a handful nailed this SOB to the wall (and AOC was one of them), but it means nothing at the end of the day. He’s done what DT wanted/wants, he has no reason to resign, won’t be fired, and the Dems have no power to remove him. All of this destruction, arrogance, hacks in place instead of professionals, all these liars and thieves is nothing compared to what DT has in store if he wins another term. He has made it clear he will not leave office for another eight plus years as his full intent is to be President For Life. The GOP seems fine with that. As witnessed by this a.m. synopsis of the RNC last night, the GOP has no plan for America or Americans, with another four years of DT. Now they are a totally owned, inflated, and failed Trump property. These Right, Far Right Conservatives, Q, and other radicals are indeed scary “people”. With fans and enablers like them, the world they want is far worse than anything the Nazis created under Hitler. Scary indeed.


DeJoy sneers with impunity at Congress because he knows that he is under the protection of Trump since Trump rewards those like De Joy who had contributed to his campaign.


He’ll resign … in mid November.

Do the DDDD’s really think that ‘demands for his resignation’ mean squat? No. They pretend to object to clear evidence of his intent to destruct and slap his wrist, at best. I am sick and tired of Demands for Resignation. They’ve been on-going for almost four years and have been meaningless babble the whole time. Frankly, it’s depressing to wake up to.


Nothing new here. This Orange Pustule has installed people whose overriding agenda is to destroy their agencies or departments while shamelessly catering to corporate interests. I mean, Ben Carson as the head of HUD, Betsy DeVos as he head of Education. Andrew Wheeler as head of the EPA (my old agency) and Bernhardt as the head of Interior? Appalling choices who are more concerned to demonstrate fealty to this POS in the Oval Office than to direct their agencies to provide for the common good. These trash and the millions of MAGA idiots who are part of the Trump Death Cult could very well install this monster into office for another 4 years of the current nightmare. We are possibly on the verge of “electing” this treasonous incompetent fraud and grifter who has already stated that he should be allowed to have a third term because the completely unproven allegations of Obama spying on his 2016 campaign means that this first horrific term “doesn’t count”. We have never seen anything like this. Donald Trump is a dictator in the making and tens of millions of Uh-meriKKKans would like nothing better. Welcome to Late Rome 2.0
As the rest of the world cringes at our corruption, imperialism and threats to world peace and stability we are quite possibly going to reinstall the Worst President Ever and follow him down the road to national ruin, a state of mind that psychiatrists tell us Trump thrives in.
Once again - “I do not recognize the country of my birth anymore.” – Robert Redford


Nor do I. Every agency that was established by this government is occupied by lickspittle donors of the current dictator, whose task is, apparently, to dismantle and/or destroy their agencies. DeJoy has no idea how the USPS works, but he does know how to destroy it at the behest of his Master, who has no idea of how to run a Constitutional Republic, but has been a serious student of his idol, Adolf Hitler’s, methods of control of Nazi Germany. He is putting those methods to serious work to destroy this nation. The so-called "D"emocrats that are supposed to be our representatives, carrying out our wishes, have proved over and over again that they are just lackeys, the alternate sock puppets of the Oligarchy, to increase the wealth and power of their Oligarchic owners.
** This nation is becoming more and more like Nazi Germany. The primary difference today is that the flag is different, but that, too, shall probably change.
** When tRump decides to commit us to our “Poland,” will the rest of the world have the nerve to react as it did in 1939? Or will they just point their fingers and say, "Nasty! Nasty! while the world burns?
** I’m glad I am in my eighties. I won’t have to put up with this for long, but my heart goes out to the millions and billions of younger people who are fighting to maintain our planet and our civilization in the face of this insanity.


DeJoy has committed 3 crimes that we know of, and as pointed out above, lied to the committee, yet the only thing I’ve seen so far is softball questions, and handling DeJoy with “kid gloves” by the dems on the committee. They should be ashamed of themselves. The biggest joke for me was Porter, after bragging she would be ready for him beforehand, then wasting all of her time determining DeJoy didn’t know the postal rates, not the issue of the day Katie. Then there’s Khanna offering DeJoy money, to put the sorting machines back, Hell NO! Demand the machines be put back, fully restored in working order (they have been completely trashed, if you haven’t seen the photos, and I mean completely), or be charged with the destruction of government property and payment of restitution for their destruction. And not one mention that I’ve seen, to the law behind the destruction, the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. Total waste of time, the one thing Washington does well.


Well said.

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It is astounding how much lying during testimony is allowed to pass without comment or pushback much less criminal charges. Look at Brennan and Clapper. Lied through their teeth and still free as birds. (should be jailbirds).


DeJoy needs the Hillary treatment the republicans slammed her with on the fake Benghazi hearings in committee.
Bring him back over and over scrutinizing his financial ties and underhanded policy moves.

Wonder Woman’s truth telling rope would be great. A polygraph for each and every trumpy would do fine also.

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Living in today’s world is like something out of an old Twilight Zone episode and/or from an episode from that cult classic from the 1960s The Prisoner where no one was supposed to question what went on in The Village and the authoritarian rule of Number One.


Indeed. We saw this sack of woe smirk several times during the hearing.

Brennan had his people spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and got away with it. Landed up as a talking head.

Entirely spot-on. Thanks.


I’m grateful for questions highlighting DeJoy’s incompetence and unfamiliarity with the office. I do think Congress should follow up with subpoenas for information that is not forthcoming. (And have him arrested and put in the Congressional Jail if he fails to comply.)

The House could possibly impeach, but chances of it making it through the Senate are slim at best, however one thing the House of Representatives can do is gather enough information so the general public can sue DeJoy (and the Board of Governors if they fail to fire him) for everything they own.

For now, we need to keep every bit of pressure we can on DeJoy, the Board of Governors, and our Senators. Phone calls, emails, rallies at local post offices – contributions to organizations who are suing him already (Public Citizen and NAACP at least) and to campaigns of state attorney generals who are suing. (I know at least of Mondaire Jones and Keith Ellison, though there are others.)