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Demands for Resignations as More GOP Senators Accused of 'Smash and Grab' Stock Dumps Ahead of Coronavirus Crash

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/20/demands-resignations-more-gop-senators-accused-smash-and-grab-stock-dumps-ahead


Just senators being senators.


The practice of highly ranked politicos using inside info to enrich themselves and/or protect the their assets, has been going on since the days of Michael Milken, and most likely long before that. For voters to stand their now and show outrage over this kind of behavior by the leadership class is either disingenuous or ignorant, or both.
If you don’t like rich people taking advantage of you stop voting the way you always have. It’s really that simple.
I will be over here, not holding my breath.


I was thinking the same. Aren’t dead-eyed feeding frenzies, gnawing out our nations’ rotting carcass, destroying our health with extractive agriculture, pouring our taxes into fracking, murdering folks for their oil, resources & labor; while simply stealing our homes, retirement savings, jobs, intellectual property and health to indenture us with usurious debt… isn’t that why they’re in those silly ass suits, spewing officious lies and not out raping little boys for Jesus, or whatever? Only Republicans… huh?

They’ve built a lot more pyramids than a millenium worth of Pharoahs? Socialism for the gangsters, indentured serfdom for we the peons?


It is called feudalism and we are the serfs. Cleverly disguised as “representative democracy” but always controlled by the autocratic elites and now that is no longer hidden.


You really didn’t need inside info to know it was time to sell stocks - all time high, obvious pandemic on the way; my broker recommended we adopt a defensive position the first week in February. I’m pretty sure all (as EVERY ONE) of the senators use 3rd party principals to do the management of their assets so that their aren’t these kinds of accusations. To me it is strange that Fienstein (a democrat) is absolved of any blame solely because she has her transactions handled by a 3rd part, exactly the same as the Republicans. I detest the corruption in DC (by both parties) but lets don’t be blind to the sins of people we support, and simultaneously outraged by the same sins of those we oppose.


Sigh. The actions by the senators in question are not “stomach-churning” to anyone who paid attention to Washington these past fifty years. The actions are precisely what a clear-eyed observer has come to expect. Cynicism is not only the most objective lens through which to view US politicians. It is also an effective anti-vomiting medication. One doesn’t become nauseous at events that one expects.


Spot on!
What I have feared for years has finally come to fruition during the Trump administration. Corruption has become commonplace and seemingly acceptable.


Seriously? Before Trump all DC politicians were paragons of honesty and virtue? No sexual harassment? No insider trading? no nepotism? just a group of dedicated public servants doing the will of the people even if they had to sacrifice their own interests? Where have you been for the last few decades?


Did you even read my comment?


Yes - to me, you appear to imply that corruption has now become commonplace and that this is a relatively new situation tied to Trump’s presidency. My point is that it has been both commonplace and acceptable for decades.


Again, did you even read my comment.
I can only write it for you, I can’t understand it for you as well.

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I think this is two fold, Countryrds introduces feudalism as an actual defined social system from what use to be just deceit and corruption by public officials. BigB acknowledges this. You can correct me if I’m wrong.

I am trying to understand your obtuse statements, but I suppose I’m just not smart enough. Communication (as opposed to just making statements) appears very difficult for you and since I can’t read minds, I have to give up.

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It used to be that politicians came to Congress as people without millions of dollars and enriched themselves to become millionaires while there, by using insider information.

Now most get elected as millionaires and continue to enrich themselves even more while in Congress.

Senators are the worst, because of their long term of office.


I think you’ve got this one wrong Mr. Senior Citizen. Please look at what stocks were sold by Burr and Loeffler. Very reveling. Besides, both Feinstein (D) AND Ron Johnson ® were absolved because their transactions did not look suspicious. It was NOT just a Democrat as insinuated by you. HOWEVER, the same people who absolved Feinstein and Johnson also advised that their transactions be looked into more thoroughly (read the article). They did not get a pass. So, either you’re a right-leaning GOP die hard and are trying to defend them with the familiar "what-about-them-ism) or, you’re buying into the Right Wing media’s conspiracy theory that the mainstream media is liberal and out to get the Republicans.


True statement. A risk averse person could have independently assessed their position and sold as soon as they learned about Wuhan in January. I’m sure many did. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here, because these monsters acted on information gained during private security briefings while publicly telling constituents not to worry, and that’s way over the line of propriety, if not legality (I can’t gauge the legality myself). However, I doubt these politicians will be held accountable by the “justice” system they’ve warped and corrupted to their own ends.


Good thing they are not Martha Stewart. She made a few dollars off a stock tip, got jail time, ankle bracelet home arrest. This is what should happen to all dangerous Celebrity TV cooks. Can’t have them making a mockery of recipes.

It seems the difference is: Martha was said to have lied. Next time admit to it but take a hell of a lot more money and brag about. Better yet, get you one of them congress jobs, show up two days a week if you want to, get a vulgar salary and perks for doing nothing and make $400,000+ a year in mysterious money you keep without taxes. Not to mention insider trading loot, protected by *laws they passed to legalize it.

  • Passed on a voice vote so there is no record of who actually voted aye. Anonymously Unanimous.?

Yes, all that was always there. But Trump has emboldened the Party of Trump (no longer the GOP), to carry out their corruption brazenly in broad daylight and with a vengeance. It all started with bald-faced lies and went downhill from there on. These are all documented facts. No other administration has lied and cheated with such abandon. They got away with it because it caught sane people by surprise. I say they “GOT” away with it because Trump had the element of surprise the first time around. Now that he’s demonstrated to the people that he’s a pathological liar and cannot fulfill any of his promises, that element of surprise will no longer be a weapon. He will be judged just like all other presidents…and he’s going to come up short(er) thaan any president in history.


If you read why Feinstein was ‘absolved’ it was because her transactions are directed by a 3rd party, exactly the same as the Senators who were not absolved. You don’t find that strange? I always find it interesting that when I point out the truth, the response is an ad hominim attack. Its like stating the sky was blue, and then you saying it must be red, because since you don’t want it to be blue I must be a horrible person for pointing it out.

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