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Demands for Special Prosecutor Explode After Trump Fires Comey


Demands for Special Prosecutor Explode After Trump Fires Comey

Common Dreams staff

In the wake of Tuesday night's "firestorm" announcement from the White House that FBI Director James Comey had been summarily fired from his post, including what one lawmaker called a "bizarre" termination letter from President Donald Trump, the demand for a special prosecutor or independent commission to investigate alleged Russian interference in last year's U.S. elections went from an ongoing simmer to a raging boil.


It is good that Indivisible has weighed in on this issue.

Indivisible is our best vehicle for our much needed progressive cohesion.

When and if Indivisible allies with a progressive party (Greens?) we might see a US political revolution similar to that which just happened in France (only better), where the major parties were thrown under the bus.


The uproar comes not only from liberals and progressives: According to as-yet-anonymous internet sources, Trump now faces a burgeoning avalanche of criticism from his own party.

According to a Republican aide, who spoke under conditions of anonymity, one Republican representative forthrightly declared "tch-tch" upon learning of the Executive action. Amplifying these harsh words, another unnamed representative murmured the scathing condemnation, "Oh, tut-tut."


The parallels to Watergate continue.


"impartial investigation into the extent of Russia's meddling with the 2016 presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump "

I"d support an independent investigation into whether and to what extent there was Russian meddling in the 2016 election not one that begins with the assumption there was such and that it was on behalf of TD. That would closer to the idea of independent and investigation that I am familiar with rather than this which already assumes the conclusion it wants.


"has made it "impossible for any rational or minimally honest lawmaker" to"
--- well, no problem then, that group scarcely exists.
... and the Russians are hiding under under your bed and will come out and eat you as you sleep ....
--just say "boo" and you can stampede idiot American sheeple to war.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. H. L. Mencken


Perhaps the rhetoric and patterns of the Trump crowd since they entered the WH reveal more than at first expected. I still have trouble regarding it as an "administration" because of the flat fiat functions bypassing procedural administration - democracy in other words.

"Ham fisted" is a term being used by some to describe this group, also suggesting an image of lots of intense, prolonged smoke in a closed area to 'season' something to be consumed. Trump has made a point, not of dignified circumspection, but stating that he does not want people to know what his intentions are. That is a red flag as far as I'm concerned.

Trump and his "advisers" would seem to be attempting a snake oil version of an ancient alchemical positioning as if being in a permanent manipulation of coincidencia oppositorum. Amazing how this fits with the rhetorical style of his spokespersons:

"(...) The road up and the road down are the same thing. (Hippolytus, Refutations 9.10.3)

This is an example of a compresent unity of opposites. For, at the same time, this slanted road has the opposite qualities of ascent and descent. According to Heraclitus, everything is in constant flux, and every changing object co-instantiates at least one pair of opposites (though not necessarily simultaneously) and every pair of opposites is co-instantiated in at least one object. Heraclitus also uses the succession of opposites as a base for change- as noted on linked wiki page:

Cold things grow hot, a hot thing cold, a moist thing withers, a parched thing is wetted. (DK B126)

As a single object persists through opposite properties, this object undergoes change. (...)"

emphasis added


I nominate Merrick Garland for the position of special prosecutor.


The world's oldest continuous democracy is actually Iceland since 930 A.D., and if you go back farther to city states, Athens has been a democracy since 40 BCE.


baska, FTW!


I heard this morning on NPR that Trump is meeting with one of his advisors...uber fascist Henry Kissinger.


200 years ago the public wouldn't have waited for an investigation, they would've tarred and feathered Trump and his bunch.


Watergate was small change compared to this undisguised attempt to squelch any opposition in the quest for total power over government.
I hope, that even staunch GOP members will shrink back from converting this country into a dictatorship.
The members of Congress would no longer be needed and therefore no longer be recipients of bribes from lobbyists.


Laughing out loud


Indivisible has done good work, but they have yet to show their independence from the Democratic Party. The proof of that will be whether Indivisible groups continue to pressure reps and Senators during and after the midterms, or whether their energy ultimately gets funneled into support for DNC-approved candidates.

If we truly want progressive policies - policies that benefit the working class, demand peace, fight white supremacy and policies that effectively combat climate change - independent long-lasting movements are a necessity. Democrats are absolutely not going to lead us there. And when election time rolls around, the Democratic knives will be out for the Greens, just like they were for Stein, Nader and the Bernie Bros.


Since your target is the Democratic Party you may want to join a different movement: Divisible.


Profiles in Courage: Republican Ourage at Oval Office Termination of Comey Continues to Mount (cont. from previous post)

In yet another sign of Republican resolve to challenge the Commander in Chief's sudden dismissal of former FBI Director Comey, a maverick Senator from the left side of the aisle had this to say to reporters, who asked for his view as he exited the Senate Chamber: "Mglfthxtph!"

Declining to be identified, this public servant of few words but great resolve followed his implicit rebuke of the President's contentious action by speed walking away in the direction of the men's "facilities."


" Finally, your long national nightmare has begun ".
Vladimir Putin. ( speaking on behalf of Worldwide Kleptocrats R US, Oilygarchy Anonymous & ACME Money Laundering, Inc. )


Well just like the sycophant said on the DT Faux News show "DT's Materialism" (what a logical journalistic study subject)

"Donald Trump is the most flexible human being alive."

We'll see.


With emphasis added,

"lawmakers in Congress and outside advocates for accountability said Trump's firing of Comey leaves a special prosecutor as the only choice, with Mother Jones reporting that more than 100 members of Congress, INCLUDING A HANDFUL OF REPUBLICANS, have issued such a call".

'Nuff said. Idea of "a special prosecutor" ain't goin' nowhere.