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Demands Grow for Texas to 'Forgive All Utility Bills' as Price Gouging by Energy Companies Sparks Outrage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/22/demands-grow-texas-forgive-all-utility-bills-price-gouging-energy-companies-sparks

Hey, Texans are only supposed to gouge the other states.


Since most are publicly owned utilities, how would that even be possible? Isn’t that like saying the Federal Government should forgive the money it takes to fill up your gas tank? or grocery charges? Most of the people with super-high bills chose to take plans that offered discounted rates (most of the time) with a risk of super high bills in the event of such a dramatic shortage. If I mortgage my home to buy Bitcoin in the hope it will continue to rise, and it collapses, should my mortgage be forgiven?


This is exactly what dog-eat-dog, unregulated capitalism looks like.
It’s time we at least glance over to the elephant in the room. Capitalism is no longer just our economic system. It’s the State religion. Just like the other dominant religions in the world, capitalism has its own rigid dogma, a dogma that is promoted and enforced by hierarchy of pious sycophants. This college of capitalistic cardinals has but one job, defend the faith at all cost.
Many other Americans, but especially Texans, pray at the altar of Capitalism. But, like most religions, it’s all bullshit. In the end, the religion will gleefully sacrifice every last parishioner in order for the Faith to survive.
The people of Texas are currently being sacrificed. But like any true believers the majority of them are willingly marching lock step into capitalisms meat grinder. They will push their grandparents, their children, and the crippled guy next door over a cliff in order for capitalism to survive.
That is what we are facing in Texas right now. It’s a giant branch Davidian compound where the starving and freezing members grabbed their guns, soaked the state in kerosene, and threatened anyone who suggested they try something different.


Capitalism is the disaster.


Hey Texas, a “person”, to a person, has done this. The person is a monster that generally contains multiple persons, those “rugged individuals” so treasured by gun ideology. This “person” that consumes persons, holds as it’s right to pay them as little as they possibly can, to ‘turn’ a profit. The language used in ‘infotainment’ IS NOT information to be leveraged the people. It is no longer even ‘entertainment’. It is infotainment as in ‘containment’. How do you like your containment?

Welcome to the musical chairs of predatory capitalism so beloved where the corporation is a ‘person’… NOT! Do you still harbor illusions about not being the next slab of meat thrown in by the keepers (your politicians) of the abattoir ? Welcome to the cannibal games.


God decided that it was time to gouge Texas.


With capitalism, the risk of fascism is always very high.


I don’t understand what these Texans are thinking… DO they really expect management and stock holders to absorb this loss? That’s not how corporations and the 1% are treated… Especially by the GOP.


Yes, honest people need to inspect the integrity of the scales that are being used, in this very non plausible balancing act of theirs.


If the fine print of the contract is too small for the contractee to read, said contractee may just rewrite the contract using a caliber of their choice.


This is all the fault if immigrants and muslims and not finishing the wall.
/s/s/s/s So much for sarcasm

For real, there is no way in H the costs to produce the energy went up that far. No way. No way that supposed competition came in here or supply and demand. None of those things change the actual cost of production
At the very least this is outright theft, especially for any automatic payments. That concept should have died stillborn. Convenience is no excuse for letting criminal corporations (or anyone else) keep their hands in your pocket to grab whenever they want.
It should also be a wrinkle on extortion and special-variety of embezzlement, the later for any auto payments, same as if an employee of a company just dived in and helped themselves to the money because they had access.
Every last one of the CEO’s should be in jail right now and their D boards. Immediately, including the Public Utilities Commission for giving their permission.
Energy should always be public in the sense of minimal cost to the public, as per regulation, just like roads, sewers, water, etcetera.


I beg your pardon? There are very few publicly owned electric utilities in the nation, and none that I know of in Texas. The Texas Public Utility Commission is so called because it is the regulatory body that ostensibly oversees the operations of all utilities that sell electric power to the public.

The words “public” and “private” are ambiguous and are used in confusing ways. I can’t help but think that is yet another way that certain privately owned, for-profit businesses deceive and bilk the public.

As representative Joaquim Castro reminds us, “the Texas energy market is the market that gave us Enron.” I’m older than you are and I don’t live in Texas, but I remember it well.


It has been proposed that a capitalist economy, based on greed, will always evolve into fascism.


They’re “publicly owned” only in the sense that the public can buy stock in them --if they can afford it, and if there are any shares for sale (at an extortionate profit) by the owner class.

They are not “publicly owned” in the sense that the municipal utility where I live is. None of my bills in the 6 months I’ve lived in this all-electric apartment has reached $20; most have been under $19, and that has included the a/c in the 100° days in July and August, and the heat in the below-freezing days this month.


this is a level of criminal that would’ve made the mob blush with shame.

more proof that the US isn’t a country, it’s a crime syndicate.


Very plausible indeed. The only way out is for people to stop believing what they see on television, and hear on the radio. Alas, at this point in the cycle, they don’t even realize that they are being propagandized.


See what awaits you Texas when you secede . A life of misery to go along with your illusory gun toting racist Freedom .


Imagine, you are in Texas and the power goes out, but you were smart, and you have a battery powered radio. So, you tune into the Rush Limbaugh show, and he is not there. He died!

You are completely lost and alone.


Texans don’t have much choice but to pay whatever an unregulated power grid charges. Supply and demand baby! On the bright side, Jerry Jones has made millions in the last two weeks and Ted Cruz had a nice night at the Ritz.