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Demands in US-Iran Nuclear Talks as Political Kabuki Theater


Demands in US-Iran Nuclear Talks as Political Kabuki Theater

Gareth Porter

In the final phase of the negotiations with Iran, the US-led international coalition is still seeking Iran’s agreement to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to visit any military facilities it deems suspicious and to interview a selected list of Iranian nuclear scientists.

Such measures are not necessary to ensure that Iran is adhering to its commitments under the agreement, but they are necessary to manage the political threat from the pro-Israel extremists in the Senate to sabotage the whole agreement.


Iran needs nuclear weapons to forestall nuclear aggression from Israel. The MAD principle (mutually assured destruction) worked to keep the US and the Soviet Union from destroying the world during the Cold War and keeps India and Pakistan from attacking each other now. It hopefully would work as well with Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. But the negotiations with Iran will fail because Saudi Arabia will arm itself with Pakistani nuclear weapons (or those from Israel) in order to scuttle the negotiations. Iran would be insane to accept this deal while the Saudis are busy arming themselves.


Ah, but remember, the US has to placate and grovel to Netanyahu and the crazy Likud. Otherwise AIPAC will cut off the support of those US politicians who don’t. After all, this year the US gave Israel and additional billion dollars in tribute, up from its usual three billion of our taxpayer’s money, apparently as an apology for not caving in all the way to Israel’s demands.

  • Israel is sitting on several hundred nuclear armed ICBMs. It has already reported on its Samson Option which is to take the rest of the world out if it ever looks like it is losing.
  • When the NIE was finally forced to be released to the public, that it could find no evidence of any nuclear weapon program in Iran, the Yahoo said, “Then we must strike them now before they can destroy us!”
  • Apparently a paranoid monomaniac is to be kowtowed to by all the world and be protected in all his insanity by his partner, the US Fourth Reich, with its veto power in the Security Council and its huge supply of weapons and ammunition, regularly airlifted to Israel every time they start to run short when killing Palestinians or Lebanese.
  • AIPAC is telling its congressional and senatorial lackeys to keep muddying the water and upping the ante until Iran finally has to react. Then Iran will be blamed and bombed. Netanyahu’s philosophy seems to be, “Let’s you and him fight.”


Actually, it’s highly prejudicial. There are some in this forum (who have no jobs other than BEING here) who harp on Israel, exclusively. The small nation is guilty of imperialism, to be sure, and has clout that it utilizes. What’s wrong in the analyses that ONLY target Israel is the tunnel-vision and what it says about posters who use it. Other sources have explained that nations OTHER than Israel are involved in undermining Syria and Iran, and U.S. weapons suppliers–which get the benefit of all the military aid to Israel–are also a huge part of the calculus. For as you well know, without the spread of inflamed conflicts by those that understood how easy it would be to fracture the Middle East (agitating old sectarian and tribal wounds); there’d be no cause for all the martial theaters that allow very specific interests to advance THEIR agendas in this part of the world.