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Demands Increase For Investigating Exxon’s Funding Of Climate Denial


Demands Increase For Investigating Exxon’s Funding Of Climate Denial

Dave Johnson

Exxon and other fossil fuel companies may have committed a crime of enormous proportions, and more and more elected officials and others are demanding an investigation.

The charge is that Exxon scientists and management knew since the late 1970s that the company’s product was helping cause our planet to warm “catastrophically,” but management responded by covering this up and disseminating disinformation – joining with other companies to commit an enormous fraud on the public for profit.


This goes out to this forum's pro-Reagan "government IS the problem" right-wing Libertarian types:

"More than 480,000 Americans still die every year because of what the tobacco industry did. But their campaign to keep the profits rolling in didn’t just kill people; it turned a substantial portion of the American public against their own government. They disguised their propaganda as “limited government” ideology, but it was really just a plan to limit the government from regulating them.

"The tobacco campaign worked for decades – bringing billions more in profits after the dangers of the product were known. Now that strategy serves as a model for other corporations that push products that injure, kill, scam, cheat or otherwise hurt people and worry that the government might try to do something about them."

When govt. is not beholden to the corporations--and that means elections must be publicly funded to do away with today's sophisticated system of legalized bribery--is serves as a bulwark against corporate misconduct and malfeasance.

Should the NRA regulate guns?

Should Big Pharma conduct its own product safety tests?

How about Monsanto?

Should all the foods entering the U.S. from third world nations (thanks to NAFTA, GATT and likely TPP) NOT be inspected before being disseminated and sold?

And so on...


This is brilliant!

"In 2008 Chris Mooney wrote at The American Prospect about companies using the tobacco industry’s model in, “The Manufacture of Uncertainty,” reviewing the book “Doubt is Their Product: How Industry’s Assault on Science Threatens Your Health” by David Michaels. Mooney wrote:

"The sabotage of science is now a routine part of American politics. The same corporate strategy of bombarding the courts and regulatory agencies with a barrage of dubious scientific information has been tried on innumerable occasions – and it has nearly always worked, at least for a time. Tobacco. Asbestos. Lead. Vinyl chloride. Chromium. Formaldehyde. Arsenic. Atrazine. Benzene. Beryllium. Mercury. Vioxx. And on and on. In battles over regulating these and many other dangerous substances, money has bought science, and then science – or, more precisely, artificially exaggerated uncertainty about scientific findings – has greatly delayed action to protect public and worker safety. And in many cases, people have died."

There is more to this disinformation campaign. Just as right wing opponents of Affirmative Action inverted the premise to say it showed prejudice against White Males (students, for instance, seeking limited college entrance positions), they now turn any question of Monsanto's anti-nature tactics (and consequent false safety claims) into accusations of such critics entertaining "anti-science" views.

These trained agents of deception can turn ANY argument around. THAT is their specialty. They are to the currency of WORDS what today's Wall St. "Derivatives" architects are to a viable basis for economic transactions.

On the plus side, this exposure added to the declining price of oil, is GREAT news!

Thank you for this important article, Mr. Johnson. And this, it's so incisive about what passes for today's political process and widely-heard narratives:

"This propaganda and the money that propelled it has polluted our entire political system. Look into almost any organization (or political party) promoting “limited government” and complaining about “burdensome government regulation” and you will find oil money. This is not ideology; this is corruption. This is giant corporations trying to keep the government from doing something about their dangerous, destructive products."


For truly open-minded forum readers who haven't heard Dr. Steven Greer on this subject, I'd recommend the following video. You can fast forward about 20 minutes into it.

What's important about Dr. Greer's material is that the challenge he poses to the existing Energy Community constitutes a paradigm shift of immense proportions. Dr. Greer points out that rocket technology hasn't change much since its inception, ditto electrical power, and nuclear power; and that ALL of these technologies are more than 50 years old.

He explains that the global system has been built up around fossil fuels and it's the status quo that's being protected... NOT because other energy systems don't exist, but because the old, entrenched interests fear and oppose the extent to which Shift must happen. But do not fall for the lie that no alternatives exist; for that, too, is a lie propped up (and repeated often) by the existing Oil companies--he calls them "Petro-Nazis.":


Great reporting and analysis. Exxon should have acted on its own knowledge of impending catastrophic climate disruption. Exxon and other fossil fuel corporations should be held to account for their anti-science, anti-ecology, anti-human crimes of disinformation and propaganda.

Now that we know what is going on with carbon in the atmosphere, are we taking steps to reduce / end our uses of carbon fuels? Are we talking with friends families and co-workers about what we've been sold versus what we really need? Are we proactively questioning the entire package of industrial consumer capitalism, and reimagining the economic model we live our lives inside of? Or are we passively waiting until corporations give us a "New! Improved!" industrial consumer capitalism that replaces fossil fuels with another source of energy?

There's a lot more than just "anti-science" propaganda that we need to see through and overcome, if we are to play active roles in charting our own ecological future. Can we take an active role and stop being passive pawns in corporate games?


The more money people have, the greedier, the more suspicious, paranoid, antisocial, elitist, irresponsible, immoral, delusional and criminally insane they seem to get. Taxing them is no cure. They need an intervention; a cap on personal wealth.




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yes. i naively thought that fossil fuel corpses would jump on the chance to instigate and thus "own" green energy. while i prefer individual/local control, i thought that it would be great if the corpses jumped on the bandwagon. seems so shortsighted not to. if i were a stockholder, i hope i would sell. Such murderous deception and plain old bad business sense.