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Demands That Trump End Economic War and Attempts at Regime Change at #HandsOffVenezuela March on Capitol Hill

Demands That Trump End Economic War and Attempts at Regime Change at #HandsOffVenezuela March on Capitol Hill

Julia Conley, staff writer

Americans warned against economic sanctions and a potential military intervention in Venezuela in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. (Photo: @ChuckModi1/Twitter)


Nixon ordered the CIA to make the Chilean economy “scream” in order to compromise duly elected Salvador Allende, who as we know fell prey to a coup in which Gen. Pinochet catapulted to his reign of terror. Now it’s Trump’s turn to turn the heat onto Venezuela’s Maduro. History is rhyming indeed, Mr. Twain…


State sponsored terrorism in broad daylight? The great philosopher Pogo was correct: We have met the enemy and it is US.


Thank you once again to Code Pink and the ANSWER Coalition–without you there would be no anti-war movement or any movement for social justice! This needs to build so as to stop the machine.


Eugene Puryear has a show called “By Any Means Necessary” on Sputnik Radio so doesn’t that mean he is a Russian plant paid by Vlad? I’m sure Neo-McCarthyite Rachael will lead with this fact. Who am I kidding? MSDNC won’t report on the story at all.


Medea is correct, what a canard! Hell, there is nobody in the White House or in this Administration that cares about the American, people!


This is inaccurate, the march started in Lafayette Park and made it as far as China town then turned back and finished inside a church with dozens of excellent speakers. This is an unusual format, and was an excellent idea. Wouldn’t work with much larger demonstrations though. I saw no MSM people and couldn’t find any coverage on the corporate media afterwards. No bleeding so I guess no leading.
There was a right wing demonstration nearby initially about 1/5 the size promoting US intervention. They were pathetic; I realize people who want the US to save them from their own government are traitors, as well as stupid as it never turns out well-to put it mildly.
April 19th and 20th there will be more non interventionist actions.


But nothing stopped the iraq invasion. It needs more drastic measures. But i dont know what they might be.


The american people are terrorists - all of them!

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Russia and China are involving themselves.

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I’ve posted these here in other threads on this subject - but just to make sure everyone has a chance:

Jimmy Dore talks with Greg Palast on Venezuela Audio - Interview begins at about 10:08 - But treat yourself and listen to the first 10 mins too.

Two reports from Palast on his website: First one is a video


Great that this march happened. Thank you organizers. Medea gets it. Many, even those reliable on the left, don’t get it.

No US backed coup in Venezuela. No to Gauido! No to Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Bolton and their jingoist imperialism.


Me and millions more around the world tried our best to stop the shocking, awful, and illegal regime change in Iraq to no avail. What we progressives need is a new paradigm to stop the nascent regime change in Venezuela. Even though I support protests, they are old school and do not seem to work to stop the Fascists, like Bolton and so many others in the current Administration.

I would hope someone smarter than me could figure out a way to put and end to Amerikan, hegemony, hubris, and economic,Fascism before it is too late to do anything. Yes, like you, I say we need drastic measures; however, I am at a loss to know what those measures could be!


Maybe the ‘progressive caucus’ could invite President Maduro to the U.S. to address the House of Representatives and meet with ‘Interim President’ Pelosi.

No - Seriously! They should publicly float this and put it up for a vote.


There is nobody in the White House or in this administration that cares at all for the American people either, so why the big surprise?

I think the people were always against this sort of thing except when we or an ally was attacked or invaded. We don’t condone these takeovers and mini-wars. It’s just in many cases we were shooting and killing and destroying before we had a chance to react and respond. Social media and independent journalism puts us ahead of the war decisions today, not in all cases, but we have a better chance to respond to the war mongering.
They are going to have resort to fear mongering to sell this one to us.

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Do you think that if more of the “progressives” spoke more loudly using valid arguments against the oosa policy of “wars” it would bring about more public knowledge and discussion.

For example “Venezuela is not a threat to our country and we have not business invading and being embroiled in another costly quagmire.”
“If this government cared about the citizens of Venezuela they would lift the crushing embargo?” and etc???

Nah most folks in this country do not care enough ?


Agreed but here in the USA we don’t have any strong movement that is unified. Once this happens, then total non cooperation preceded by boycotts and direct actions on a grand scale.


Yes! Unless we are preaching to the progressive choir, you are correct. What is killing America, is the American people’s apathy, political ignorance, greed, false, brainwashed patriotism, and hypocritical theology that supports Trump’s fascism and bogus, wars.