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Demobilizing America: A Nation Made by War and a Citizenry Unmade By It

Demobilizing America: A Nation Made by War and a Citizenry Unmade By It

Tom Engelhardt

On successive days recently, I saw two museum shows that caught something of a lost American world and seemed eerily relevant in the Age of Trump. The first, “Hippie Modernism,” an exploration of the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s (heavy on psychedelic posters), was appropriately enough at the Berkeley Art Museum. To my surprise, it also included a few artifacts from a movement crucial to my own not-especially-countercultural version of those years: the vast


we in the US have already been “unmade” by our wars : the psychology of violence is pervasive, like a deadly contagion, as is the rot from spending the bulk of our resources on killing others. our money and resources are poured down the deep, dark shithole of war, imperial domination, and destruction, leaving us at home with crumbs left to fight over and a crumbling infrastructure and society. every war we fight brings devastation to our own shores in other forms. karma, i suppose.


Had a battle just yesterday on Facebook, on a pacifist minister’s timeline, over idolatry of the military and whether most of those coopted into it are actually at risk of death. They’re not even cannon fodder any more, just operators. I will have to remember the point of the SpecialOps secret army.