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Democracy and Our Vulnerable Future


Democracy and Our Vulnerable Future

Robert C. Koehler

It was a moment as tiny as marking a ballot — those two minutes of the second debate, when the presidential election hung suspended mid-diatribe and the candidates let go of their opponent’s flaws long enough to honor a bit of common humanity.

No big deal. Yeah, I know.


Sorry, its scripted. If I look at the history of institutionalized religion which has been and is used as hegemonic tool and twisted rationalization for genocide as acquisition of material power, the outcome cycle remains the same. Today's institutionalized religion is the descendant of feudal colonial usurpation by papal bull: predatory capitalism.

It has become so self-referential that the fossilization of societal integration with the planet THAT GIVES US LIFE is resulting in making the planet the dumping ground of the fossil fuel addiction of the hegemon. The dimensions of countless and uncounted dynamics and the consequences of these dismissed as not existing because they are not seen reminds of the fable of Lot and his wife.

That elders are abused at Standing Rock; that living earth must be subjected to constant and expanding poisoning because the people who have swallowed predatory capitalism as religion are blind to it, remits to another fable: that of the cyclops. Both are about what is not recognized in 'distancing, islanding, and hyper focus on 'technology' of one's day.

Everything is everything. It has been stated since time immemorial, but institutionalized versions of human societies still fight to resist the journey through the birth canal to be born into realization of the reality.


I've never seen so much nihilism abetted by conspiracy theory as I do on here. This is definitely not your grandfather's progressivism, that's for sure. Meanwhile, in the real world, this could happen if nihilism wins:

Hey, but progressives care!


Here is Pepe on the emails.



Forgot to paste.



Perhaps you could be more specific.


cannot say for sure, but i think 'kc' fears a trump in the oval office means we'll all lose our healthcare. i guess people keep hearing that "most powerful person on earth" mantra so much that many believe one person has supernatural powers--he or she will serve as emperor of the world for the next at least four years--if not impeached and found unfit.

i always enjoy reading your posts, old goat. you and i both enjoy etymology so i wonder about your term, "predatory capitalism." capitalism seeks to exploit the gifts of Nature, animal and human labor to keep an economy growing without boundaries. john locke, considered the father of modern liberalism--now renamed progressive, stated that in and of itself Nature creates nothing of value. Nature, he opined, gains value only as some innovative human "creates" a marketable product. therefore i say capitalism by definition IS predatory! we need a whole new way of thinking!


gee, i didn't watch that "punch and judy" debate. that last question from the audience provided an opportunity for each candidate to rise above the fray and give the other a sincere compliment. too bad, too sad that neither adolescent could do that. i do feel trump did better on that count. hillary chose to compliment not donald, but his daughter then quickly turned to self-adoration as a caring mother and grandmother and on to self promotion

"The point I’m struggling to make, here at the brink of the 2016 election, is that our future is the newborn we hold in our arms, vulnerable and dependent on us and deserving the best. I quiet my own certainties as I think about this and acknowledge that what I don’t know is infinitely greater than what I do know, or think I do.

And the mark I will make on my ballot is so much smaller than the pledge I make right now, to work for — to nurture — peace no matter who is elected."--Robert Koehler

i sense your concern, bob. i wish more among our species could get off the high horse and realize, "that what I don’t know is infinitely greater than what I do know." i remain convinced that as long as this corrupted hierarchy remains our votes only serve to promote the status quo. but, what do i know? :slight_smile:


Uh, if Trump wins the White House and Republicans control Congress, Obamacare is gone, which means Medicare expansion is gone. Trump's not hiding this, Paul Ryan's not hiding this: they are campaigning on it. But what the hell right? Doesn't matter around here anyway. The glorious revolution will come after it's gone some day.


Is it nihilistic to name nihilism in nihilistic terms, or might it present a 'coincidenicia oppositorum' ?


Shakespeare and Goebbels would be flattered to see how today's corporate propaganda machine has refined their work.

Throw in LBJ's 1964 and Dubya's 2002 mushroom cloud propaganda successes and it makes me glad I have not turned the TV on in 2016.


Brings to mind JFK's large reason for Nuclear Disarmament-
It went something like this:
"Babies, Children and Youth don't have any lobbyists or Senators or Representatives representing them"....
My quote-not exact, but if one reads "JFK and the Unspeakable-Why He Died and Why it Matters" you will get the drift....


my friends and i were stunned speechless that day. when i got home from school my mom said, "there's been a coup!" :fearful:


Your Mom was an intelligent person for realizing that- Too bad the majority of Americans were totally propagandized by the PTB and their accomplice Media friends in crime...