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Democracy at Risk in These Perilous and Trumpian Times


Democracy at Risk in These Perilous and Trumpian Times

David Orr

We are living through the most dangerous challenge to the free government of the United States that anyone alive has encountered. What happens next is up to you and me. 


“We are here to defend science, facts, honest dialogue and the hard-won gains of the Enlightenment.”

I think this is reason number one. What is comes down to is democracy is under attack by people who want to a establish a country exclusively for the benefit of white Christians. This is the group that has played the biggest role in starting the United States and in its history. But many of them are unhappy about the way the US is changing even though these changes are consistent the Constitution. They think the Founding Fathers got it wrong by embracing the values of the Enlightenment. This has led to a country where non-whites and Jews have full citizenship and there are now so many non-white in the US and their numbers are increasing so fast that there projections that white will be a minority in a few decades. The only way they see that situation can be changed is through fascism. Establishing a dictatorship, preventing immigration of non-whites, driving as many non-white and Jews out of the country as possible, and passing laws give true first class citizenship only to white Christians. They view this as a big improvement to the way things are now heading. That is pretty much what Make America Great again refers to. This movement is driven by hate against non-whites and Jews. This movement, led by Trump, needs to be stopped.


Aye, and there’s the rub.


-Thomas Jefferson

The founders did the best they could, but as Franklin said, it’s a republic IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.


Jefferson and Franklin: Two of the greatest minds of all time, imo!


How can we lose democracy if we never had it?


The definition of a democracy is a form of government where the supreme political power is vested in the people and by that definition, you are correct!


America has never been more than a semi-Democracy at best, and as our news media have been subsumed by Multi-NaZional Korporations has become more and more of an Oligarchy over the past few decades.  The plutocrats were officially ceded complete control with the ‘Citizens United’ decision by SCOTUS a few years ago.  The majority of our citizens are neither well educated nor well informed, and Betsy DeVos & Fox News are doing everything they can to keep it that way!


If the Republican tax plan goes through, it will hollow out the middle class completely. Our earning power will shrink dramatically, and retail stores will close, throwing millions out of work. It will be an economic apocalypse from which someone else will have to rescue us. If it is even possible at that point.

But the destruction of our social safety net and various government agencies isn’t mere capricious greed – sure the Republicans want to privatize everything so they can profit from it while also pocketing the taxes that used to provide those services to voters; but more than that, they’ll be able to realize the dream of Grover Norquist and “drown the government in a bathtub”. And as they continue to consolidate mass media into one mega-corporation, it can be controlled from the top down and turned into a single, efficient national propaganda machine, far more effective than Fock Snooze.

Likewise, by destroying public education, they can realize enormous profits (and pocket the taxes) AND build a national system of indoctrination to help quell any possible dissent.

This will bring them complete control, unhampered by protective agencies or scrutinization by the media or We the Useless Eater Class. Our subjugation will be complete.

And middle America will continue to be entertained into complicity, blissfully unaware that they and their posterity have been turned into perpetual serfs to serve at the feet of the New American Aristocracy.