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Democracy Dies in... Obfuscation and False Equivalences

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/05/democracy-dies-obfuscation-and-false-equivalences


I suppose we are all surprised at the level of present discourse. The caring and sharing folks are being displaced by “survival of the fittest” groups. Having guns being the main binder for the right-wing extremists.

This trend means we will have more and more individualism and less co-op style communities.
Gee, who wouldn’t love living in the middle of a Hell’s Angel’s neighborhood?
The rich don’t worry (yet) while living in their gated communities.


I agree 100%. This is just why folks do not trust the so-called mainstream media.


Yes, it’s getting this crazy out there. And, Atty General Barr unfortunately, is absolutely the wrong government official at the wrong time and wrong place for the coming clash, too.
The Trump & Barr Crew have already picked sides. They’ll squeeze newspapers like WaPo and the NYT to make lemon-tasting kool aid. Then, force them to peddle it at every news outlet they own. " Pay to play " will be replaced by " play along to print " if the Guns & Ammo crowd prevails this November, methinks.
Scary bunch these Trumpers. But, you already know that, right CDers?


Thank you Ms. Benz - excellent analysis of the vile bothsiderism going on at the WaPo and other corporate media outlets.


If we want to know what’s going on, all we have to do is look at Germany in the early '30s. The Brownshirts were opposed effectively only by the Commies, who were badly outnumbered.

If we want to avoid the same fate in the US, a lot more people had better arm themselves and be ready to break heads and even shoot the neo-Brownshirts when necessary.

If the majority had swarmed the thugs who were assaulting Benson (blue shirt) and sent them to the ER with painful injuries, the thugs would be much less willing to try that again.

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The fundamental fairness doctrine of bothsiderism mandates that any truths discernible to viewers of the agitprop machine be balanced by an equal or greater lump of lies. Occasional true content is squashed into a besieged kernel by declining powers of two: one-eighth true, one-sixteenth true…


Our warped reporting issues are by design and I am surprised that the author Benz is surprised at the lack of journalistic integrity used by major corporate publications like WaPo and the NYT.
This is corporate America engineering a response to the public’s outcry for democracy. The Great Western Narrative falsely defines the battle between the Republican Right and the Democratic Left. In reality the majority of Americans do not support either Party. Both party’s are quite right wing as well.
The audience/public is told that there are ideological differences between both Parties and that one Party is fomenting violent protests while the other Party is for Law and Order. No mention is ever made in the mainstream media that Trump’s base is made up of many violent, ignorant racists who are pinning for a full scale race war. No mention is made of the fact that the Democratic Party is not democratic and relies on corporate funding as much as their adversaries. No discussion is ever aired describing why the slogan “Black Lives Matter” was chosen, why people of color feel that they’re discriminated against or what solutions are needed to alleviate the anger and frustration of so many poor people in the U.S.
Instead we’re subjected to the false narrative, that the “Democrats want to take away our guns” or “thе Democrats want to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants”. The rich are quite aware that the imbalance of wealth and power is at a boiling point, but it is critical in the minds of the elite that all of the violence must be contained amongst the most vulnerable of the population. Poor cops and poor soldiers will be directed to kill even poorer protesters once the election results ignite fringe groups that have bought into the false narratives our biased media delivers 24/7. Once the violence erupts, no one will go to the homes of the CEO’s responsible for unfair tax practices, the illegal theft of the public treasury, endless illegal wars or ignoring climate change at the peril of our existence. Instead we will be directed to place the blame at some hapless politicians and unidentified “liberals” who want anarchy and chaos.
I have no idea of how much bloodshed will follow the rigged election on November 3rd but I am sure that the media will frame it in a way that people are upset with the results rather than the fact that the people are upset with the entire charade of an election.
Trump has used carefully selected racist comments (China virus, murderers and rapists from the those Mexican countries, criminals who tear down monuments of our greatest slave holders. etc.) which plays into his base. His base are victims of the same “fake media” that Trump claims to despise, but actually relies on to redirect hatred from the Establishment to hating people of color. Trump believes that an all out race war is possible (could he be correct?) and couldn’t care who lives or dies in such a conflagration, but at least he feels that this will secure his place in the White House and in history as well.
If the protests get ‘out of hand’ then this will signal corporate America to replace one corporate sycophant (Trump) with another corporate sycophant (Biden) with the knowledge that corporate media will spin the whole debacle into a “victory for democracy” and that we will all return to our pre-war normalcy… with an added request that the 99% be prepared to accept new austerity measures to save the financial system from collapse.
It will an interesting ride and my only hope is that the general public will be a little bit wiser by the end of the day.

Wait, it’s Trump and Barr squeezing the Washington Post – that’s the problem here?

And here I thought the problem was the false equivalence style of reporting that was a hallmark of the mainstream media long before there was a President Trump.

Three reasons to consider arming up if you’re a leftie with @ $1000 laying around.

  1. The mainstream media is accusing us of violence equivalent to right wing, white power militias – and that’s with us being the largely unarmed, peacenik group.
  2. The right wing, white power militias are only becoming emboldened by our passivity – and the encouragement they get from their leaders, like Trump, is getting bolder, too.
  3. Despite the rhetoric, our peaceful protests are being laughed off by the po-po and both parties – and, although I keep hearing that peaceful protest works, I rarely see that actually happening.

Barr & Co. forgot to mention in the DOJ press release about the Lacey, Wa. police incident: regarding the shooter who was self-identifying as Antifa, that the Patriot Pray guy Danielson (sp) killed in Portland that night had a 9mm in his waistband and 3 clips in his cargo pants pocket.
Hardly the choir boy type Joey & Toesy sings with on Sunday nights. Same old, same old spin now.
I’m thinking Barr wants a political outcome (right ) and he’s asking the local MSM here to give him some help achieving one.
Just tip o’ the ol’iceberg stuff from Barr & Co.
So it goes … when your in a stinky pew with altar boys, right?

The Washington Post and other US corporate media’s complicity and enabling of fascist violence and attempts to repress political dissent are hardly surprising given US history since the end of WWII. What is more surprising perhaps, at least to those of us engaged in pro democracy and anti fascist actions globally, and away from the US mainland and those of us who have first hand experienced authoritarian, far right regimes and their enablers, is the continuing inability, or downright refusal, of those who are not as deliberately (and the media’s stance is indeed deliberate) politically illiterate perhaps, to identify the faux centrists, the right wingers who have taken over the Democratic Party and much of the establishment, as being what they are. And what they are is right wing enablers and fellow travelers. Indeed the US Democratic Party is far right in comparison to political parties in much of Europe for example and not remotely anywhere near the actual political center. They are functionally allied, even if only through sheer ignorance (which of course is commonplace given the level of sheer propaganda in the US) and fear, with the fascists.

End stage capitalism historically has a tendency to devolve into fascism, or there may be a fundamental reform, albeit temporary, of some aspects of the systemic failures of capitalism, and it is the fellow travellers of the fascists, often fairly easily recognizable as those who whine about ‘law and order,’ and who, presently in the US, try to shame people of conscience into voting for a monster such as Biden, (as if either bumper sticker nonsense position is somehow practically relevant going forward) who are functionally much the same as the Weimar establishment and politically illiterate supposed ‘voices of reason’ in early 1930’s Germany, those in Pinochet’s Chile who said that they were anti fascist but wanted order, those who did the same in the General’s Juntas in Greece and Argentina, in Franco’s Spain and who stood by and made excuses for the neo Nazi and ultra nationalist factions that took part so gleefully in the horrors that took place more recently in the former Yugoslavia. They are neither friends not allies but the near enemies of those resisting fascism and should be clearly identified as such.

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