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'Democracy Dies...in the Early Morning Light' as Wisconsin GOP Rams Through 'Lame Duck Legislative Coup'


'Democracy Dies...in the Early Morning Light' as Wisconsin GOP Rams Through 'Lame Duck Legislative Coup'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After hours of debate and secret negotiations that dragged on into the early hours of the morning amid a backdrop of mass protests, Wisconsin's Senate on Wednesday approved a Republican plan to strip power from Democratic governor-elect Tony Evers and transfer major authority over the state's legal affairs from the incoming Democratic attorney general to the GOP-dominated legislature.


The question is then, will those protesters go right back to work, continue to pay their taxes and obey the laws of this illegitimate government, thereby making it legitimate?
After all, there is a reason you never see the 1% protesting anything.


Allowing a crook like Walker to get away with another scandal amid another useless peaceful protest shows the world how weak the people in this country are. Tomorrow it will all be forgotten and it will be business as usual, while Walker and the rest of them laugh their sick heads off at our expense.


This coup and glaring attempt at entrenching the defeated power of R’Con extremism screams for mass opposition, running counter to everything our republic/nation ostensibly stands-for, is blatantly un-democratic, may be un-Constitutional, and will certainly lead to more defections from that destructive wing of American politics…IF the Dems have the least bit of wit and vision to actually fight, rather than their usual craven complicity and weakness, and own brand of extremist sell-out to big-money and power…“this aggression must not, will not, stand”…


Republicans understand power and aren’t afraid to use it when they have it. This makes them far stronger than any other party in the US.

See also what the GOP is doing with the minimum wage and paid sick leave laws in Michigan. They prevented them from being ballot issues and are now gutting the legislation. It’s a display of pure power that the Dems could learn from, but won’t.


No, not a coup. Rs handed the incoming governor the next election on a silver platter.

The question is; Will a Democratic party governor communicate with the people of Wisconsin by requesting information-age science-based legislation that benefits the people and the environment and then campaign against denials of reason using the pulpit of office to forever end any chance of another Walker and a majority of Republican coke operatives posing as representatives of the people?


“Legislative Coup” hmmm… rings a bell… back in 2016

Brazil’s Neighbors Alarm at Legislative Coup Not of Interest to US Media

Hey, worked at the top of the pyramid, skip down a level and run it up the flagpole and see if all salute.


Hey Dems, Fight Back you Meek Acquiescent little bastards. Don’t just do something stand there.

It is no wonder why this Walker character ruled the roost, destroyed Unions and defecated on the lower and middle class for so many years. He worships at the alter of the Koch brothers, while the Dems twiddle their thumps. I blame the Dems for this disgusting fiasco.


This is the same state that chose a far right wing libertarian Ayn Randite (Ron Johnson) over Russ Feingold, TWO TIMES! Libertarians are the worst f******; they claim to be for personal freedom and free market solutions but they are really against all the social programs and would never allow universal health care which all the other wealthy countries have.


The cause is the result of a disgusting display of 2010 gerrymandering and voter I.D.acquisition hampering leading up to the 2016 elections. We can’t have bloody anarchy every time someone pisses on our parade. But at some point we need to surprise someone.


Republicans are piss poor losers.
No sense of sportsmanship at all.


And the Donald kept saying the dem’s couldn’t get over losing to him and that wasn’t true at all. He was full of it then and now.


Indeed, it’s only a cup if Dims go along with it.


Simple to solve this problem. Ignore the legislation and have the attorney general operate as usual. Force a state constitutional challenge and the Republicans will run head long into an embarrassing retreat. Done like dinner. A bit of silly theatrics is all that is left of this clown show.


Scott Walker’s big FU to the voters of the Wisconsin as he leaves office and his State in economic plight compared to mighty Minnesota next door.


I think a general strike is in order. Shut that place down lock, stock and barrel!


Simple answer: Baaaaaa. Baaaaaa. (Sheeple for yes, masters)


Too bad we don’t have a real opposition party to stand up for what is right for ALL!


Time to assess the national condition. Wisconsin may be the domino that breaks the camels back. Yup, “First they came for the Jews” scenario may be upon us NOW. Other states have already been in the domino line and it began when Obama was elected and the republican senate said “NO you don’t, we aren’t going to let you govern.” And they didn’t. First domino. Now a few states. We have two short years to fix the gerrymandering, redistricting, or the republicans will be tipping domino’s for another ten years and Trump might even think he can join the coup. After that, “granny get your gun.”


I have to say I’m amazed at the responses here. Most of you want to protest or just ignore the situation. Protesting has proven to have zero effect, and ignoring it fails to acknowledge that this tactic will be imported to every state with a repug controlled legislature in the near future. Most of the courts are controlled by the fascists, so expecting relief from this branch is purely a fantasy at this point. The people must wake-up an accept that we are in a dog fight for control of our country, and yes it’s going to be messy. If you can’t do that, stop pissing and moaning about it, and accept you’re chains and status of slave.