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'Democracy Dies...in the Early Morning Light' as Wisconsin GOP Rams Through 'Lame Duck Legislative Coup'


I like how politicians doing corrupt things find this ability to work so hard and through the night to make corruption a reality. On other issues, suddenly they have 9-5 jobs.


Yes, work hard to pay your taxes to the sheriff, allow the guards to rape your daughters and steal your sons off to war while you wait for your Robin Hood. That’s what passive gets you in the end.


It won’t be forgotten because the MSM didn’t even cover it that I could see. MAKE ORWELL FICTION AGAIN!


I wonder what will happen when another Republican takes the seat? I think the answer would be that the power would go back to it. Who knows, maybe not. Maybe the local Congress thinks they will always maintain power from this point.


You are correct, the Dems. are the acquiescent, fake opposition pretending to be progressives.


Fat chance when the two combatants are a Cocker Spaniel and a Pit Bull


Can we vote out Republicans?


This is off topic but has anyone else noticed how Common Dreams disappears certain stories? This morning I commented on the story about the Palestinian who was shot by Israeli troops.

Boom, the story is gone. My comments and those of others were very anti -Israeli. The other day a story was up about the Dems and GOP and several of the comments, mine included, were very critical of the weak Democratic Party response to the GOP. A few hours later that story can’t be found. What’s going on here?


Republicans understand that money is power and Democrats want their fair share.


It’s still there. It is in “Further”


Then what do you suggest the citizens of Wisconsin do to fight back?


Goose Step by Goose Step we are nearing the completion of the Fascist States of Amerika…


the US is not a democracy , its an oligarchy


Republicans have the money and the power (the guns).
Democrats want the money but have no power (no guns).

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”
Mao Tse Tung


Scott Walker = Koch Whore
And the idiots of Wisconsin re-elected this right-wing, corrupt asshole. Whatever happened to the spirit of Robert LaFollette in that state?


How about not re-electing this piece of garbage like they did? This crap is on them, too. This is also the state that gave us the likes of Ayn Randian asshole Paul Ryan AND voted out one of the best senators, Feingold, in favor of a millionaire Rethug.


“The Democrats - snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since 2000!”
Pelosi, Feinstein, Hoyer, Schumer - a big FUCK YOU to you and your sellout ilk. Take you pathetic attempt at “biparticanship” with these treasonous Rethug assholes and shove it.
I gave up being a registered Demo 20 years ago and I see no reason to change back.


It’s deader than Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy. If the 1%'s propaganda didn’t work, they wouldn’t have spent fortunes on it for three generations


The story about the murder of the Palestinian, and your comment are still there:


What with easily hackable “voting” machines, partisan gerrymandering, wholesale voter disenfranchisement and a virtual end to exit polling, can we be certain that they DID re-elect the PoG?? My confidence in the process is barely above zero percent, depending on geography.