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'Democracy Dies...in the Early Morning Light' as Wisconsin GOP Rams Through 'Lame Duck Legislative Coup'


Wisconsin must have a mass recall of all GOP politicians complicit in this unconstitutional power grab.


I don’t think the American people are weak – any more than the new Governor of
Wisconsin is weak – but we are weakened by fascism which has denied the people
the tools to control their own government.

Where is our “No Confidence” vote which would remove an entire administration?

When is our next opportunity to target fascists in government – two years from now?

And at the same time the changes just made in the Mid-Terms will be expiring!

Meanwhile, before those mid-term changes have even been made, Pelosi, Hoyer and
Jeffries have ensured that they will be DOA.


Yep–everyone of those responsible for this must be removed and in the meantime it should become abundantly clear that you can’t play nice with such sharks. Shut the whole system down, people of Wisconsin! It will resonate with a lot of people.


Which is why rethugs snatch victory out of the ruins of defeat. And they know dems are not the ****l-breakers the rethugs are.


Not sure, but I have also noticed stories disappearing.


The MSM didn’t skip over the Wisconsin story completely. I saw a bit of an interview of Gov. Evers on CNN as I was channel surfing.


I think money is what has turned Wisconsin purple. When I was growing up 60 years ago the state really was a dairy state. Farmers wern’t rich. More and more farmers started working full time jobs in town and ran the farm as a second job as best they could. Like the young to the older. Ideals change. A liberal out of college can change when the big bucks start rolling in and you become convinced the democrats are hurting your bottom line.
So I think that as the state became more business than farm a larger middle class was created and thus turned more people conservative, albeit slowly. We have to tap morality and young people. And get them to vote.


And I just dig it when people here and other places tell others to “protest” but have no plans to get involved themselves.


Gee, I was a progressive out of college, and know many more who did not turn conservative. Difference between a blue and purple state I guess. Glad you made such “big bucks” coming out of college.


Listen, as Gandolf stated it’s also the big bucks college graduates who did not want to support any social programs including public schools! And these are the “liberals.”


I’m glad you said it, I was thinking it but was being lenient.


So now you’re a rethug?


Uncle Sam got me first, G.I. bill after.


Listen, I am a college graduate from years ago, ( yes I am old) but I do not remember making “big bucks.” Glad you are a one or a ten per center.


Well, thank you for your service- then you made the big bucks!


Yes, the elites of the ivory tower look down on labor and the “working class.”


I think you know I was speaking of generalities of why some people sign on to one party or the other. Frankly, I am a roads scholar, not a Rhodes scholar. Blew most of the free four years of college I had coming after the army. Never made much money. Got some extra?


They are weak and obese


Dummycrats are only concerned about money and about what’s politically “correct” as far as bathroom usage.


So, you’re telling other people to shut their government down. How???