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'Democracy Dies...in the Early Morning Light' as Wisconsin GOP Rams Through 'Lame Duck Legislative Coup'


Well yes it could devolve but let’s be honest. The average republican state representative isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders. They pretend to have power they don’t possess. The courts will kill this sort of nonsense if challenged. The democrats just have to push the button and these guys will run for the hills.

Just look at tiny little AOS. Corporate democrats and Republicans alike spew all sorts of nonsense about her and she just swats them over the nose with the truth. Next thing you know, those blowhards can’t be reached for comment as they decided to spend more time with their families. You just have to be willing to kick them in the ass for being dicks. It isn’t rocket science.


I’m not making excuses for them, but don’t forget, as corrupt as our elections have become, who knows if they really reelected him or not.


Dear FBI, CIA, NSA, and any journalists that are actually journalists----it appears that there has been a coup in Wisconsin-----The party which lost , aka THE GOPERS is refusing to respect not only the idea of democracy, but the very practice of it.

Let’s see what the president says, and the Attorney General and the Supreme Court, and you know maybe the military. Didn’t that Eisenhower guy send troops into Mississippi when the governors were disrespecting the Constitution?

It appears that the LOSERS in the political game are refusing to stand down and are rewriting laws and dissing the people----so WHAT are you going to do about this?
Maybe someone should ask the Koch head brothers if this is their idea?

And you know what, if those GOPers think that falsifying and creating new laws is legal----then all bets are off----and WISCONSIN has become the FIRST TERRORIST state in America. Man your $50 recreational drones and knock some sense into the heads of hese American terrorists! Isn’t this the REVOLUTION to bring back the CONSTITUTION?


No, I do not. I was just thinking- all of the MSM and even PBS and C Span channels carried scenes from G Bush’s funeral- then there were the dewey eyed speeches. Why televise this at all- really when the one per center dignitaries were all there, . The family just like any other can be left to their own devices. This man apparently led a good life for himself, was married for over 70 years, and had even great granchildren. He was 94- it is understandable that his family is sad, but this is not a tragedy.


Sorry Guild, I responded the same way before I read you’re post.


Thank you. Look at the revolt happening in France- yes France, but not the apathetic, and “polite” USA>


Normally I would agree about the courts, but these aren’t normal times, and I have no confidence that today’s GOP majority state or federal court systems to roll back such overreaching legislation.


They did the same thing here in Michigan. Same objectives, same consequences.


For my reasons of disrespect I have shunned every moment I was able to. As to the dignitaries, some are required to historically show their respects, as Trump should have for McCain.


Hell, do what the gilets jaunes are doing in France, start burning shit and reject their mantra to fuck the middle class while simultaneously ignoring the democratic process. Tag or burn Scott Walkers and his cronies neighborhood, cut power and TV cables, burn a few acres of GMO corn and soy, use marbles to really mess up SWAP brown shirts when they try to run after you for legally exercising your right to protest. And if truth, reason, and their laws fail you, beat the table relentlessly. But never give up. Ne jamais abandonner!


Yes I’ve noticed

I’ve also noticed stories that show real results have been ignored so that the continued complaint stories are run in their place

I mean how effective is continuous complaints without action or is that the goal here


Having worked elections I saw at least 5 opportunities to corrupt the vote tallies quite easily

Votes were hand carried on a memory card
Easily palmed and replaced

Or the OS is running on a stripped down 486 cpu
With no admin restrictions and the tech doing a diagnostic reboot. Yeah right

I Just don’t believe the elections in states Like Wisconsin


I saw a modern day interview of officials in Louisiana

One gentleman said that the corruption infected by Huey Long on the judiciary of Louisiana was still vibrant and very much killing freedom in his state

Rats nests don’t get cleaned out very easily


Sorry Wisconsinites, but if you dance with the devil, you get burned. A majority of you voted the miscreant Republicans into power and now you will suffer the consequences. In a democracy, you get the government you deserve, and you will be deserving it forever from the looks of it.


I’m wondering whether we can boycott anything having to do with Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. Conferences, conventions, performers, athletes, etc?


My confidence remains with reports and sightings of a liberal nation here –
which has not been political evidently since FDR – but we also saw the nation
turn out for Sanders which was a thoroughly liberal campaign.

We are 84% against US/CIA wars and probably even higher now – and internationally
even higher.

Americans support National Health Care for All – they support Federal Funding for Planned
Parenthood and reproductive freedom by very high majorities – into high 70’s and 80%'s.
Latinos/Latinas increase the support for it – CHOICE is now over 50% majority.

ROE: The issue is really and only always about supply excess population for Elites/corporations
where overpopulation equals cheap labor and higher profits. Has nothing whatsoever to do
with any political party’s “morality” or even Evangelical support because they have dissed
“life begins at conception” and destruction of “therapeutic abortions for women where their
lives or health – or future fertility – is threatened.”

And basically Americans want to be Sweden.

Americans also reject the meanness and brutality of denying health care to citizens, trying
to punish or deny help to families in poverty – etal.


And just what do you think that violent revolution would do for anyone on this planet?

Any guess as to just who would win? They’d like nothing better.


Good question Jack, let’s hope Common Dreams as a good answer or I’m pulling the plug


Sue the bastards!


Exactly, until we have free and verifiable elections (with Big Money’s influence removed from the process) we really can’t blame the voters. Trouble is, the M$M continues to push the meme that we’re the best. Perhaps the recent vote fraud in North Carolina will finally push into the news and wake some people up. Probably not…