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'Democracy Dies...in the Early Morning Light' as Wisconsin GOP Rams Through 'Lame Duck Legislative Coup'


Revolution as an ideal, an emotion, or visceral response to the subversion going on is one thing.
The reality of the blood and bruises of your friends and neighbors, of chaos at hospitals, war veterans suffering flashbacks, etc. is something else. Which to consider? I don’t think there is enough grit for the latter response making it mute.


gand –

Exactly – it’s not something taken lightly –
Families and the welfare of all must be considered.
Most humans want to simply live in peace –
but enslavement does threaten us today.

And we all should recall that almost EVERY “war” in the Middle East
began with a revolution to lift the oppression of a dictator – but very quickly
the revolution was taken over by the dictator’s boss with the US marching in
to allegedly save everyone.
Many warned against it when the pleas began for the US to step in.
And rightly so as we can very plainly see now.
It was all about OIL and control of it.
While also, seemingly, a “Crusade” which has knocked out at least 1 million Muslims.


I just don’t see the mass marches it would take to be successful. Too many people fearful of their employers shitting on them, and this capitalistic government is to blame for that. If the jobs are being threatened maybe their would be enough support for revolt. College and high school students can’t do it alone.


gand –

Well, France has not given up on bringing the masses into the streets.
But I’ve never favored mass marches on Washington, especially on weekends when
no one is there.

People are frightened every day in their jobs of being let go – and that includes any
worker with graying hair – or no children to support – and those who have already run
out their unemployment benefits. They continue to lie about inflation and joblessness
reporting only those who are still collecting unemployment insurance.

Revolution is usually in the hands of the young. That’s why youth is always feared by Elites.

The reality behind all of this is the corporate work that most employees do is enriching Elites
and destroying the planet and humanity.


It’s perhaps those elitists who would have to worry most if any of the disenfranchised become radicalized, and worse if they organize.


Jack, my take is that CD does what they can, puts up some topics counting on commenters to tell the full story, and then takes them down when told to.
This has happened to me several times. The story remains in storage, and often a fresh one with a similar topic will take its place.


I see revolution as war. Diplomacy is always preferred. Who is to say that post revolutionary situations will have different players??? War kills. Revolution kills. Killing is wrong. Maneuver, outsmart, educate your children, friends, neighbors when you can. There are still some rules left to utilize to improve the world.


This has to be one of the most glaring put down of justice. I hope the good people of Wisconsin will put politics aside and maybe put Walker in jail. Then one by one put the rest of the evil doers on trial.


Helen –

Of course, the hope would be for non-violent revolution –
but the only leverage we have over Elites is whatever creative intelligence we
can bring to the battle, our numbers, and awareness that they are still dependent
upon the systems they’ve created to rule over us …

Patriarchy, “Christianity” and its underpinning of Elites-Patriarchy and the economic system
it created: Capitalism.

As everyone sees it, we are of course dependent upon uniting of labor and all coming to
one thought to resist the force of Elitism and its systems. A meeting of the minds.
Elites have done everything they could do to stop such a UNION – in destroying the bond
between males and females/children, the oppression of females who are the majority gender
on the planet, the Civil War – and “Christianity’s” attacks by declarations of Divine Dominion
over Nature, Animal-Life, Natural Resources and even a long list of other human beings
according to various myths of “inferiority.”

Demonizing native people across the planet permitted the stealing of the lands they had
occupied for tens of thousands of years by violent means reminiscent of the “Crusades” and
“Inquisitions” and “Burnings at the stake” which soaked the soil of Europe in blood for hundreds
of years. “Christianity” labeled native people as “pagans, only fit to be fed to the dogs.”
Papal Edicts were followed to “Enslave or Kill” the native here and Africans enslaved here.

This is fascism rising which can only be accomplished by violence and while much of it is hidden
we are also aware of much of the violence of the world which allows the right wing to rise in
assassinations, coups, stolen elections, fake terrorist attacks, co-option of other nations by our
fake Drug War and using drugs and gun violence to corrupt and introduce chaos into our societies.

No one wants to go to war against Elites who likely now control our MIC –

But it is no longer a mystery as to the extent of violence and slaughter that Elites will resort to in
order to take complete control over populations.

The time to act against Elite systems is fleeting however now – and Global Warming is the Wild Card.

We also may only have a spiritual win –

STOP supporting “Christianity” which underpins Elites-Patriarchy and which has over its 2,000 year
reign conducted great violence against Women, Homosexuals, Jews, Native people and many others.

STOP the eating of animals which will also do your body a favor – and which will also break
the long chain of violence which supports the slaughter of millions upon millions of animals
every year and does harm to the human psyche.


Shut down the whole State, general strike. Everyone in the streets.


Actually I have noticed that effect when I post but not here; it was on SOTTdotnet
So, Yes, I think the comments are moderated to have a certain view point emphasized.


Well, just when you thought the shadow of Senator McCarthy was well and truly gone.


strong textOh but they will pay a big price for there cheating. There are many ways to skin a cat. The new Democratic Governor has some things he was given he can use that Walker pushed across. I wish the best for the new Gov.


As I’ve repeatedly said here, there shouldn’t be one scientist who doesn’t know that there
will only be increasing events and severity of events because of the gap in our feeling the
effects of Global Warming. We are now about to feel the effects of the damage done to
nature after 1968 –

This weekend after rains here in NJ which are either 1/2" from breaking the record or close to
it, our skies were being chemtrailed from early morning to late in the day when they dumped
when they had left – that was over my hometown … that was at the shore (where on the boardwalk
no one was looking up or questioning this immense action in the skies overhead) –
and in other of our local towns. Usually when the activity overhead is so prominent I will try to find
an opportunity to speak with someone on the boardwalk about the Chemtrails – but didn’t happen
this Saturday for various reasons. But it qualified as a very heavy and constant spraying.

We also have reports that our drinking water is getting saltier –

Take a look at this – our fresh water rivers are getting saltier, as well –

So you don’t have to add up much more than the simplest numbers – 1 + 1, or 2 + 2 – to come
up with the evidence for imminent disaster sitting on our doorstep all over the planet.

No water to drink?

What do we need more – a wall to wall in Americans – or salinization plants?

America’s Freshwater is Getting Saltier. And That’s Not Good. -…

**www.alleghenyfront.org/americas-freshwater-is-getting-saltier-and-thats-not-good/ **
**Jan 11, 2018 … The Patuxent River in Maryland has gotten saltier over the past half-century. … we rely on for drinking water and industry is getting saltier. … the salt content of fresh water in rivers and streams across the United States over the … **

And our legislators, health officials, scientists couldn’t anticipate this problem?

Fifth graders would have seen the problems – but our legislators sold us out in order to fund
their next elections – and who knows for how much more $$?