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'Democracy Has Prevailed': Federal Court Rules NY Primary Must Go Forward With Sanders, Yang, and Others on Ballot

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/democracy-has-prevailed-federal-court-rules-ny-primary-must-go-forward-sanders-yang

It’s always gratifying to see the rule of law upheld, but this decision doesn’t really change much of consequence. I expect Brand D, right through to the end of its convention, to act as if Sanders and his supporters don’t exist.


All thanks to Yang - no thanks to Bernie.
This article should have a headline photo of Yang, not Bernie.
Broken record Bernie only talks.

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“Democracy has prevailed”? What democracy? This court decision doesn’t mean we have a democracy. The question I ask people is “if you think we have a democracy, in what year did we get it?”

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NYS Board of Elections LIED to Keep Bernie Off Ballot—5-18-20

I wondered why this was (once again) in the news, since Yang’s suit that restored Yang’s, Sanders’ and 8 other candidates right to be in the NYS primary was concluded a couple of weeks ago. Then I learn that the NYS Board of Elections has the balls to appeal the May, 5th, District Court’s loss on this same decision! (And they’ve lost that appeal, today, as they should have.)

So the NYS Board of Elections, in service to the DNC, LIED to us, claiming 20 different counties die NOT have other elections to conduct–when in FACT only 2 such counties existed. Rendering their claim that “…holding the election would impose unnecessary financial costs and public health risks…” a LIE. Okay–so exactly WHY do I “owe” the DNC jackshit? I’m a Lifelong, Registered Independent–and the DNC has (twice in a row!) screwed ME out of my chance to vote for the BEST-QUALIFIED CANDIDATE, Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT).



I’ve donated (a bunch) to Bernie’s campaigns (2016 and 2020). What have you done (other than take cheap potshots at Bernie, like you just did)?

What a waste Sanders turned out to be. Sheepdogging people back into the Democratic Party, can’t be bothered to stand up for even the fig leaf of a primary election. Here’s Jimmy Dore talking about Sanders not showing up for the vote to prevent government requiring your ISP to hand over your web browsing history with no warrant. It failed by one vote, and Sanders was one of 4 Democrats to not show up. As Jimmy Dore mentioned, Sanders is surely aware that if he had shown up, they’d have found someone else to make sure it failed by one vote. This is how the Democratic Party works, and Sanders doesn’t care.



Well, Jayapal and AOC are now on Biden’s policy task forces. Jayapal discusses why she joined the healthcare task force, which she did after talking personally with Biden, on the Pod Save America this week. Worth listening to. Of course, I expect some will accuse them of selling out versus having a seat at the table.

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Since you asked, I’ve been a Bernie supporter since 2015 and gave to both his campaigns. I’ve attended his rallies and voted for him in both primaries. I’ve heard all his rhetoric verbatim for 5 years. Now he’s 100% in with the establishment. I was there with thousands of supporters who cheered his every word…now we’re irresponsible if we don’t support his good friend with dementia who’s been on the wrong side of history his entire career, who will veto Med4All, advocates for cutting social security, is corrupt and a war monger. When the chips are down, Bernie’s a sheepdog and true blue Democrat.
Bernie wrote a letter of complaint to the New York Elections Board - Yang sued to protect our legal rights, and won on behalf of voters and democracy. Nice guy Bernie doesn’t know how to use power. Nor did he bother to show up and vote to protect our right to privacy on the Anti-Surveillance amendment, which would have passed with his single vote. Couldn’t be troubled with that one. But he did pass 4 stimulus bills to further enrich the oligarchs with the biggest transfer of wealth in history - he did accomplish that.

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Er…no. The Anti-Surveillance amendment could not “…have passed with his [Bernie’s] single vote.” The Amendment was four (4) votes short. Funny how people rag on Bernie’s health (mild heart attack, from which he’s out of hospital in 3 days on campaigning in two weeks) but expect him to show up to Mitch’s “Let’s kill off the older Senators because I won’t allow remote voting, unlike the House” McConnell, isn’t it?

Good on you for all of your donating and rally attending–and I mean that! Too bad you weren’t listening closer to Bernie’s MESSAGE, which was/is “US–not me.” By which he meant (as he often OPENLY STATED) that he couldn’t dictate who we should vote for.

Bernie made his choice to drop out–I don’t agree with that, but I’m beginning to consider the possibility that he really didn’t want to “preside” over the shitshow that WILL be the USA, during and post-COVID-19. Have you considered the idea that Bernie might not want that shitshow to be able to be hung around a PROGRESSIVE’S/DEMOCRATIC SOSCIALIST’S NECK, for EVER? As the LEGACY for “being more Progressive”?

Because I thought of it a few days ago, and I think Bernie might have thought of it back when he withdrew. And that was HIS choice. He SAID he doesn’t “think” for his supporters–remember that? He’s said it dozens and dozens of times.

As a Lifelong, Registered Independent, the DNC has screwed me two elections in a row. Anyone who tries to tell me I “owe” my vote to the Dem’s had better be able to talk with a mouth full of my cock, because that’s what they can suck on, if they think I’ll vote for Handsy, SEXUAL-ASSAULT-accused, SENILE “Uncle Joe” BYE-DONE (R-VISA).

I will probably WRITE IN BERNIE for 2020, unless the Greens (or some other, third party) looks to have a shot at getting the 10% required to qualify for federal FEC-matching funds.

I don’t know enough to comment on your allegation that Bernie passed “…4 stimulus bills to further enrich the oligarchs…” but since you’re incorrect on your (false) allegation that Bernie, ALONE, tanked the Anti-Surveillance Amendment, let’s just say I’m skeptical.

And what’s your take on the TEN (10) DemoRATS who voted WITH the ReThugs, on the Anti-Surveillance Amendment? You’re gonna try to (FALSELY) hold the REGISTERED INDEPENDENT responsible, but we hear not a whisper from you about the 10, traitorous Dems? Pfft.

Roll call says the vote did fail by one vote:


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The vote did in fact fall short by one vote (not by 4 votes) and 4 democrats did not show up to vote, one being Bernie. You need to read better.

Bernie is most criticized for not voting on it because he’s a hypocrite. Quote: “I voted against the USA Patriot Act and voted against reauthorizing the USA Patriot Act. I believe strongly that we can protect our people without undermining our constitutional rights and I worry very, very much about the huge attacks on privacy that we have seen in recent years—both from the government and from the private sector. I worry that we are moving toward an Orwellian society and this is something I will oppose as vigorously as I can.” So much for “opposing vigorously” when his vote mattered!!!

You take offense at being told how to vote? Hypocrite Bernie said he would never tell his supporters how to vote - but he does now, and goes so far as to insult us by calling us “irresponsible” if we don’t vote for Biden - with dementia - as our leader and President.

His slogan was, “Not Me, Us” - asking us to “stand together with him” to fight the establishment…then he bailed on us when he cowardly caved into the establishment and did NOT stand with US! He failed to get one single concession and use his power and leverage with ALL the millions of dollars he collected from his donors (which we gave to him to strengthen HIM and his MESSAGE - to represent “Us”!!). Now he wants us to feed the corrupt establishment with our money and vote for another corrupt establishment politician - or we’re all irresponsible. That’s called betrayal. And I did listen very closely for 5 years as he repeated himself verbatim!! Many of us did - maybe you did not.

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