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Democracy 'Has To Be Defended': It Is Possible and Necessary, Critics Say, To Stop Donald Trump From Running in 2024

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/06/democracy-has-be-defended-it-possible-and-necessary-critics-say-stop-donald-trump


Four years is a long time. I don’t see Trump getting elected again. He is likely to have multiple legal battles to contend with, and perhaps another bankruptcy to file. Also, he won’t be able to claim the climate crisis is fake news any longer, or at least it looks that way. Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.


Now is the time to ensure that neither Trump nor Biden serves a second term.


"The political scientists acknowledged that the Senate “has never used this tool… and it is unlikely to do so before January 20,” especially with so few Republicans willing to stand up to Trump. " So what is the point; the Federal government obviously is not going to do anything.

However, the Southern District Court of NY is working on tax evasion charges-that is serious doo doo - and he has been fairly flagrant. Anyone familiar with his mafia lite business practices knows he is also exposed to insurance and bank fraud charges for faking appraisals to suit the purpose of the moment. Then there are all the sexual assault suits and charges.

On top of that he may end up in major bankruptcy. I doubt his brand is so valuable any more and he owes most of his fortune in loans that are due in the next two years or so. Much of his empire, especially the golf courses lose money. And considering his propensity for cheating even his friends and supporters, his high level support may wither. As the saying goes, “Don’t step on too many people on the way up, you will need them on the way down.”

So the Donald is going to be pretty busy with the justice system after January. He has quipped about emigrating which would be a good idea from his point of view. There are a few countries with no extradition treaties. Though his resources may be drastically shrunk. He could start a consulting business for crooked regimes: on how to bamboozle the citizenry into enjoying getting screwed. Maybe a book deal would be in order, “The art of the shaft”.


Think that the nation must take a stand –

Not only defending DEMOCRACY but in defending SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE –
and the nation’s right to REJECT outright someone like Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett –

They should all be disqualified as Trump appointees –

PLUS – Trump should owe the government for the damage he did – to our Post Offices
via De Joy – and to every other government agency he has used cronies to destroy –

In addition, everything that he walks away with should be checked – check the silver –

And, he should be “billed” for his trips to his businesses he visited every weekend at
$20 MILLION per round trip. Estimates have been from 450 or more trips to more than 750.

At 450 trips that’s 9 BILLION he owes the nation –

and at 750 that 15 BILLION he owes the nation –

Trust that’s correct and that someone here will consider it a necessity to check my calculations!!!


Actually, this does not have to be done during the lame duck session. People can be impeached after they leave office according to the controlling precedents in English law. So wait for the Dems to get control of the Senate next year and have at it (not that they would have the nerve to ever do something like that).


Agreed, but Biden shouldn’t serve a second term either.


so, preventing a candidate from running openly for office is now considered a defense of democracy?

ah, Democrats, I suppose for you guys this is what passes for logic. After all, if there’s anything your party is committed to its preventing other candidates from running for office (cough Sanders, cough Greens, cough anyone to the left of Attila the Hun).

you could, of course, actually advance and fight for a socially positive agenda, but what fun is that? Rigging’s the name of the game for both of these rotten parties.


Here is the thing. Trump will have better then an even chance of regaining the Presidency in 2024 if he ran again. This is because the Democrats are THAT bad. The Democrats would like to put another Corporate friendly candidate like a Joe Biden as their nominee in 2024 (i think Biden will be tool old) and this will translate to them giving Trump a very good chance at winning.


With his criminal convictions, and you know he will have some, his disqualification will make this a mute point.


First, he would have to be alive in 2024. And since most of the men in his family haven’t seen 75, the odds are against him.
And second, any democratic opponent would relish facing the time loser and now four years more senile Trump. It would be like manna from heaven.


Is Trump going to campaign from a prison cell?

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Actually, I’m for inaugurating Biden, and the next day beginning a process to remove him that will include daily mass protests nationally.


The US has a poor history of being a democracy. We’ve always been an oligarchy, and devolved into kakistocracy 50 years ago with our lack of treatment to Nixon. Let’s see…Tilden-Hayes…1876. Hayes lost the popular vote, but won the Electoral College by one vote. Then there was Reagan…I have a very large book on Reagan and how he and his buds won in 1980. It’s over a thousand pages, and I’ve skimmed through some of it. Real dirty dealing went down. He was elected because of his fame as a movie/TV star, and some backroom nastiness involving Iran and some hostages and derailing Carter’s efforts.
Bush 2000-true election fraud there, but we let it slide.
Why should we expect the GOP and the Dems to be honest and deal fairly? All you have to do is ask any Indigenous person what their ancestors thought of our government and the pen-and-ink-witchcraft treaties that stole land before the ink was even dry. Now it’s our turn.
Oh, if you think the most needful will get vaccinated first, you’ve not paid attention. First up will be every Wall Street and K Street grifter, their families, and corporate CEO’s, all hoping the rest of us, including health care workers, will die off. After all, they have their top-notch concierge medical staff to take care of every stubbed toe and mistress’s abortions.
And…Trump is a sick old man, with a horrible diet and little exercise. He probably won’t live four more years(though, damn, Cheney is still alive,so maybe…)


What Kenny Stancil suggests actually is antidemocratic, and precisely so: he suggests a move against democratic process. One can cite Goebbels all day, but what actually brought in the Third Reich involved people making exceptions to democratic process because they decided that they did not need it, that they knew that they were correct, that there was an emergency afoot.

If Stancil or anyone else want to stop Donald Trump from running in 2024, that’s fine. There’s a nice, old-fashioned way to do it, and it does not violate democratic processes. Register yourself as a Republican if he runs, and vote against him. The odds of a viable primary challenge against an incumbent Democratic president are nil anyway, and you can vote for Joe Biden in the general election anyway, if you really want to do that.


I suppose I have to speculate, Drone, but I doubt that the problem in logic is the most central deficit here. I think old Donny-Boy brought out a lot of Democrats’ inner fascist.

I don’t suppose I can take that past speculation, and it is not particularly meant for any one particular person here. I thought I was cynical before, but since '16, it seems you cannot look behind anything without the scurrying of roaches.


Want to neuter Trump in 2024, give people M4A, a fair tax system, and increases in Social Security. Using impeachment to try and stop him from running in 2024 sounds like a knee jerk reaction, screams of cancel culture, and would simply verify the wildest conspiracy theories he is peddling to his followers.


Democracy ‘Has To Be Defended’: It Is Possible and Necessary, Critics Say, To Stop Trump From Running in 2024

Or the Democrats could actually run a progressive candidate who would wipe the floor with conman Trump, but we all know that ain’t gonna happen!

You don’t defeat Trump and future Trumps by denying their candidacy but by offering voters an alternative that isn’t a sh!t sandwich.


The Senate can’t prohibit someone from holding office unless that person has been impeached and convicted - and conviction ain’t gonna happen. We went through impeachment of Trump already, and it didn’t work. Prohibition from office may require a majority vote, but conviction requires a two-thirds vote and the Democrats have neither. The current lame duck nature of the Congress does not mean that 20 Republican Senators will vote to convict.

Furthermore, being disliked by the other party isn’t a “High crime or misdemeanor”. If it were, Obama would have been removed from office on January 3, 2011.

Why then did Kirshner and López-Guerra write their article?

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They can’t even get 20 Republican Senators to say he lost the election.