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Democracy 'Has To Be Defended': It Is Possible and Necessary, Critics Say, To Stop Donald Trump From Running in 2024

i guess for me it’s the effect of living in the Trumpian sewer that I’m stuck in at the moment. Chalking the Trumpistas up to fascism is too easy, and frequently too wrong. I think most people here who live in more insulated environs might be surprised at the diversity in the “No More B**lshit!” movement that is Trumponomics.

The one sentiment that unites nearly all of theae threads–from the batcrap crazies of the Q cult to the middle class small business greedsters to the more successful (and increasingly rare) indy farmers and ranchers and even the wildcatters in the oil fields is a deep, abiding rage.

This is a pissed off bunch, and in moments of capable articulation, most will tell you its a deep sense of betrayal at the government as this machine working for everyone else but them.

What’s most painful to me is that in any other moment, most of these folks would be ripe for the lefty picking. But apparently we’ve chosen to sit around college campuses and grift lunch money from students to fund our internet rags.

Because we’re not organizing jack squat out there right now. I spend a ton of time organizing and lobbying, and I have yet to run into more than a half dozen of my ilk.


Spent the week end in despair.
Make up a story, did this pair
Afraid of Trump in his lair
Goin to Gitmo with his last hair

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Well, that’s one helluva early start. Biden hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

What about this: “Obama, first of all, is running the biggest terrorist operation that exists, maybe in history.” — Noam Chomsky (2013)

Democracy ‘Has To Be Defended’: It Is Possible and Necessary, Critics Say, To Stop Donald Trump From Running in 2024

Translation: ruling elite democrats are already on top of not letting any other left-of-center democrat or Trump or Trump-like candidate run/win in 2024. Course they weren’t this vocal about keeping anyone on their side of the aisle, ie, Sanders or anyone like him out of the White House, ya know, all that hype about your vote counting. Democrazy counts all right, but only when it’s in their favor. Newsflash: A democracy isn’t about “allowing” who can run/win anyway.


Absolutely. This article is just a call for more of the fake opposition to the Republican party that gave us Trump in the first place.


So true. If the left gave them half a thought, they could be a powerful group for positive change.


Or, I don’t know, maybe Biden could use these next four years to establish a Peoples’ Democracy so that an authoritarian can no longer gain a foothold by exploiting the fear of those who feel left out of the political discourse.


If he remains in the public eye through media appearances, and I don’t mean his twitter trolling, then it will be harder to ignore him. We will see if the MSM has learned anything from the last 4 years…lol…I can’t believe I actually wrote that as a real speculation!!!


While doing some research a while ago, I noticed a large number of front page newspaper articles in the late 1990s about factory closings. Those displaced workers are 50 and older now. Factory jobs don’t often require a college degree.

A large portion of Trump’s support has come from older, white, non-college males. My guess is that Trump’s supporters include many of those displaced factory workers. We may think that racism motivates these voters, but their support for Trump may come mostly from economic grievances. Trump did campaign in 2016 against NAFTA and with a promise to drain the (Bill and Hillary Clinton) swamp.

Clinton screwed many voters, and Trump’s election was that perfidy reverberating through the election process.

Those folks won’t leave Trump until they get decent, affordable Medicare-for-all and secure Social Security.


If only the masses weren’t Zombies.


I’d be willing to bet most Trumpsters do not even know what the word Fascist means, and couldn’t relate that their own choice of leaders.


Defend democracy? One need only look at the next CD headline to realize that battle has already been lost:

’Money For War’: US Arms Sales Soar and Bipartisan Militarism Thrives Amid Covid-19 Pandemic


Democracy has to be defend from both parties. It has become that sad.


Funnily enough, a significant portion of our country does not seem overly interested in defending democracy, They’d prefer to take it for granted.
They are quite interested, though, in “owning the liberals.” Their votes indicate that they have no interest in specific policies, even those that are promulgated against their economic interests.


Didn’t he say during the primary he wanted to be a one term president to get the country back on track?
If he really wanted to be president why didn’t he run in 2016? Of course that’s a hypothetical question because, we all know, the democratic establishment decided it was Hillary’s turn.
I just hope a progressive runs against Harris.

I think you can bank on that, whether as a primary opponent or a third party candidate.

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“In a society fully committed to democracy, Congress would use this lame-duck period to impeach, convict, and disqualify Donald Trump from pursuing public office in the future, as the Constitution allows.”

But they won’t. They are making too much hay off of the chaos.

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Well, here’s to your work, Drone. .

I work with some of those indy farmers. I do more with their farming and water management than with their politics, but what you are seeing feels very close to my read. It seems like every time I get close to the politics around these things, people twiddle while the fires scorch through fields and houses.

The left has had a lack of organizing for a long time, at least by any standard that I would like to consider reasonable. It is long enough that many younger people with whom I talk do not really use left as the same word that existed fifty years ago, though their concerns are not much different than were ours and their education often better.

Part of the problems that both the left and the Democratic Party have had seems to involve the usurpation of very valid interests of race and gender to present these as though they were not intrinsically related to class and its attendant violence. It lets people imagine that they are being egalitarian while they work to steepen and reinforce hierarchies.

So many people with whom I talk who self-identify as “left” echo authoritarian sentiments not unlike what Stancil puts out here, and the right-identified farmers talk to me about community and cooperation. It is not like they cannot be xenophobic about that, but I sure deal with a lot of people who are xenophobic about them as well.


drone –

The LEFT can also make “one time rulings” – and I think that – like Mussolini/Hitler
the behavior of Trump and his destructive overturning of previous legislation/laws and
regulations is a crime against the nation – TREASON.

(Especially in regard to EPA regulations which affect the health and well being of the nation)
(And you can start with Trump’s/GOP’s DENIAL OF GLOBAL WARMING)

No one who has behaved so treasonously should be permitted to run again.

Let’s also remember that the supporters of Trump are being called “the most gullible
voters ever seen in American history.”

Yes – this would be considered a “defense of democracy” –

And only those who haven’t been paying attention to what Trump has been trying to do
in creating a New Civil War based in “White Male Supremacy” would not see that –

And post the election – only those who are unwilling to say that “this is the most secure
election in all of history” as Trump’s own government officials are confirming for us –
will acknowledge the destructive behavior of Trump/Giuliani and their very aggressive
attempts to overturn not just this election but our democracy …

We’ve seen these attempts by Trump repeatedly to create violence against officials -
simply look at the violence planned against Gov. Whitmer – !!!
That was certainly Trump’s doing – and many other such cases.

We actually had a deadly attack here in NJ on one of our Federal Judges – where in
an attempt to murder the female Judge, her son was actually killed – and her husband
severely wounded – wounds which have so far required more than 18 surgeries and
is still facing another –

Federal Judge Salas, whose son was killed and husband shot …
“While my husband is still in the hospital recovering from his multiple surgeries , we are living every parent’s worst nightmare,” Judge Esther Salas said. "Making preparations to bury, bury our …

Officials: Suspect in Judge Family Shootings Took Cross …(~https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/fbi-says-it-has-evidence-linking-nj-judge-family-shooting-suspect-to-calif-murder/2526223/)
Jul 22, 2020 · A search of Den Hollander’s vehicle yielded a list of about a half- dozen names, including Salas and Janet DiFiore, the chief judge of the state of New York, and addresses of possible targets, two …

The rise of the violent right must be acknowledged and dealt with in meaningful ways –
and Donald Trump is certainly part of the violent right – you don’t actually have to do a murder
on 5th Avenue to be responsible for it.

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…the “Democrats” would rather prosecute Sanders & the “commies” (for bringing socialism into the modern political discourse)

Better the Nazis than the altruists!🤦


Very well said, drone1066. Seems we can’t even get past the emotion of getting Trump out the door now and folks would have us start fretting about him running four years from now. The truth is, if the dems go down the road Biden is telling us with his appointments, we will all have someone worse than Trump to worry about in 2024. We could instead, keep our powder dry about future Trump, and start getting rid of this oligarchic system of corruption, environmental suicide, and military deaths.