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'Democracy in Action': Republican Wins Virginia Election After His Name Was Drawn From Ceramic Bowl

'Democracy in Action': Republican Wins Virginia Election After His Name Was Drawn From Ceramic Bowl

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The random result could have monumental consequences for Medicaid expansion in the state, as it gives Republicans a 51-49 advantage in the state's House of Delegates.

Only in America can a Republican steal an election like this one.

Well, not only here, but did any sensible progressive really believe that there would be any different outcome to this “drawing”? The fix was in from the beginning. The playbook the Republicans use is to keep it close and bide your time for the best opportunity for the final cheat to win.

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If you want democracy in action then you get rid of a lot of crooked antidemocratic tricks.

Get rid of all black box voting machines. If someone comes by and says, “putting everything on a computer simplifies things”, throw the bum out. I’ll say that computers simplify things, they do for the predetermined winner!

Get rid of the wholesale stripping of millions of votes every election, usually because the voters are people of color.

Get rid of gerrymandering. Pennsylvania Congressional districts are gerrymandered within an inch of their lives. The populace is about 50% democrat and 50% republican, but Pennsylvania sends 13 Republicans and only 5 democrats to congress.

Now, about the influence of billions of dollars of lobbying money: the best tool (which is precisely why most of the suckers never hear about it) for getting rid of the influence of money is probably elections in the manner of Cambridge, MA City Council elections. You just can’t buy the city council! Yes, they’ve tried for 78 years!



Computers can simplify things - it’s just that they should only be simplifying via a machine count of hand marked ballots (or machine marked where the voter can review before submission). I work with computers every day and I am ashamed to admit our professional class didn’t do enough design at the basic level to really make them all that secure. Hand counting should always be an option when computer tampering is suspected.

The one thing I’ll add is it is a lot easier to swing a razor thin election than it is when the true result is 75/25. Everybody get off your butt and vote. Voter stripping is real and a certain percentage can be overcame with diligence by the individual voter - you don’t want to let them take your vote away (the remaining is going to have to be fought at the political level). And if you have the right to vote and don’t use it in today’s world, you really are being completely ignored.

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The big elephant in the room is that 200,000 more Virginia voters voted to be represented in the legislature by Democrats than Republicans but gerrymandering thwarted them.


The people of Virginia–those with a social conscience that is–should give the Republicans no peace whatsoever. Boycotts, general Strikes and then to the ultimate: total, non cooperation. Give them what they dish out as a matter of course and bring their efforts to govern for their own interests (corporate) to a stop.

The principle of gerrymandering (against D in my illustration) is that districts are drawn with either strong D wins (so many D voters are ‘wasted’ in a sense), or weaker R wins (but there are more of these districts). It follows that with a voter swing the whole R domination can come tumbling down pretty fast. They are beatable - it requires people to get out and vote and the D party to put up people worth voting for (they do some of the time).

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When will Americans fully realize and accept that our elections are a complete sham? Coin tosses and drawings have replaced the votes of the people and recounts when there are questions of outcomes. First the Democratic primary and now this~ they don’t even hide it anymore! THIS is why a lot of us didn’t vote in the last “election.” It has become obvious our votes don’t mean squat.

We should be rioting in the streets over the absurd trampling of our rights that our elections have become; as well as over the corruption in every nook and cranny of our government.

Along with the Electoral College.

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What about voting early on paper ballots?

Vote early or vote on-time, just vote! Vote D, vote G, or write somebody in (I’m not aware of any R worth voting for - haven’t done it myself since the 80s and that was just city council).

I usually drop my mail-in ballot at my California precinct on voting day myself - never have to wait in line, and I usually haven’t decided on propositions till the last day.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. How can we scream: “every vote counts?” Get out and vote? Democracy/ And we disount the winning vote/? How do I know that the ceramic bowl didn’t have every little vile filled with the winning name? Are you putting me on.Not only do we have a flawed electoral system that allows a president to be elected with 10.6 million fewer votes, we now have states elected reps by lottery. That was 3 million for Clinton and 7.6 million for other by the way. The media keeps discounting the 7.6 million for Stein and Johnson. Don’t tell me to go vote. Don’t tell me we have the greatest Democracy in the world. It’s a lie. And Putin is getting his wish with Brexit and Trump’s America first, while he and China fill the void and split the wins. There are flaws in globalism caused by American greed, but the solution isn’t isolationism.

Every statewide and national election should have a voter holiday. Every citizen over 18 with a social security card should have the right to vote. Every none citizen with a special ss card may not vote. What the hell is the problem? Actually, every human being that has to put up with these profit-seeking politicians should be allowed to vote. Actually every twelve year old is more intelligent than the TIKi torch imbeciles.

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