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‘Democracy is Broken’: US Federal Courts Powerless Over Civilian Drone Deaths


‘Democracy is Broken’: US Federal Courts Powerless Over Civilian Drone Deaths

Hannah Porter

In late August 2012, an imam by the name of Salem bin Ali Jaber travelled with his family from Mukalla to the town of Khashamir in Yemen’s eastern Hadhramout governorate to attend a relative’s wedding. Known for his eloquent sermons and anti-extremist sentiments, Salem was invited to lead prayers at the town’s mosque.

Suspected local al-Qaeda affiliates quickly got word of his sermon denouncing their ideology and, within a few days, three men were dispatched to search for him - twice at his father’s house and finally at the mosque.


For democracy to be broken, there needs to be democracy in the first place. It never existed nationally in the U.S. -- either in word or deed. And to expect the courts of largest and most powerful National Security State in human history to ever yield justice in terms of the military and police...well that's beyond imagination.

That doesn't mean bereaved families and organizations shouldn't fight for justice. In doing so they unmask the National Security State as what it is: a totalitarian dictatorship. And they show great courage, something the NSS hates human beings to exhibit. They are the sound of freedom...loud cracks in the frozen expanse of totalitarianism.

Justice cannot be found where none exists, but we struggle anyway because we remain human.


Yes, the "American Experiment" has ended badly, and Tom Johnson is probably correct that we really never had a real democracy, even a democratic republic as we were told.

This case demonstrates that the hopes of James Madison that the federal judiciary would be that "last bastion against tyranny" were but a pipe dream.


Democracy has been broken since the day they created the political party system. It is time to end the political party system, for it is outdated, divisive, bought off, and a danger to a true democracy. Time to create The Council Of The People, and put all the decision-making powers directly into the hands of the people, so to have a voice. What we have now is a false democracy and we always have!


Here is an obvious reason for the United States to be hated increasingly in all the world. The more you kill the more the world will hate. American exceptionalism. A city set on a hill. A light to lighten the gentiles. The last best hope of mankind.

The 'sacred' Constitution has installed an absolute monarch as bad as any absolute monarch anywhere.


The drive to develop and deploy autonomous weapons will likely make it easier for the military and political leaders to kill large numbers of civilians with impunity.



It is clear that, regardless of whether the occupant of the White House is Republican or Democrat, it is likely that the US government/military will continue, and expand, worldwide wars.

Clearly those of who value human life and peace must work hard towards building anti-war efforts.

As we do so, we must be clear that it is not enough to condemn the US government/military practice of massacring innocent civilians. It is the practice of the US government/military to decree large numbers of people as 'enemy combatants' solely for their actions to confront US military aggression regardless of whether or not these individuals have engaged in violence. The US government/military that is waging war on peoples communities abroad. We must not allow the US to justify its mass murder because some people in communities that the US government/military is decimating, decide that they have a right to do more that allow themselves and their families to be slaughtered.


Judges are appointed by politicians ..... no guarantee of any "justice" there.


Murder is murder, there is no statute of limitations.

These are done to ensure Endless War, Endless Profits, Endless Power, and above all an Endless Supply of Enemies.

All in a Region where it is said that "...one who waits twenty years, to exact Revenge, has acted in Haste.".


Yeah but ................... funny how France UK Australia Canada Norway Sweden Denmark join US in the killing.
Thinking humans just like to kill.