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'Democracy is Dead,' Declare Sanders Supporters After Bernie Taken Off New York Ballot

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/27/democracy-dead-declare-sanders-supporters-after-bernie-taken-new-york-ballot


Democracy has been dead for some time now. This system doesn’t work, is corrupt, not up to the challenges facing us, and most of those with power have no solutions to our largest societal issues and are thoroughly corrupt. This is a blip on the screen compared to the collapse in the functioning of this democracy. NAFTA, the WTO, the domination of the system by lobbyists, the particular way they design the global economy, systemic corruption and authoritarian workplaces, that killed democracy a long time ago. This is just another sign of how bad the Democratic Party is. Whatever problems there are in our democracy broadly, there are even more problems with that rotten and (I hope) dying party.


They are simply trying to reduce turnout from the left in their disgraceful effort to take down AOC.


Well stated.


“Democracy is dead” happened when the Democrats formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 to formalize the duopoly with the GOP that has tormented us ever since.


By the way, I don’t want to hear anything about the party platform. You think Biden cares what anyone wants on policy? Think his donors care? Think the parasitic party consultants care? They don’t care about the platform. They care about power. People concerning themselves with a platform aren’t focusing on power. Not voting for this bullshit, working to form third parties, getting out in the streets, going full on with challengers, radically changing how that corrupt nothing party operates internally, who is calling the shots, that is what would frighten them. They care about power, and the wealth that comes from their access to power. If the left isn’t scaring them, they could give a damn. Pelosi showed respect for AOC when she was attacking her, because it showed she was concerned. If AOC continued on, and didn’t treat her as mama bear or whatever, she would be showing more and more people what an utter corrupt and worthless fraud Pelosi is, and same with many others like her. AOC hasn’t said or done much to challenge her since. So, what does Pelosi care what AOC says in speeches? Let her talk, and the DCCC will prop up more shitty candidates that offer shitty policies while things get worse for most people, the environment, our democracy and infrastructure. Has AOC, for example, went and worked hard to get Pelosi’s primary challenger elected? I think those in power think the same thing about Bernie’s letter. Great, write your letter, let the hippies whine, they aren’t really challenging us.


In the 21st century election outcomes are determined by who decides to vote, so all the GOP needs to do is throw enough negatives out to get people NOT to vote for Biden.


Assuming votes are accurately counted. And who shows up is often a reflection of the (almost always shitty) choices available to them. I sometimes think that if the Democrats went all in on Cheney or John Bolton, and they think that they can make an argument that they are .5% less bad than Trump, that it would be our duty to vote for their crappy choice. Screw the parties, the media and the idiot Democratic Party primary voters. Especially the Boomers that went all in on Biden. He doesn’t win if he doesn’t dominate the Boomer vote. We have two horrible choices.


The D-Party, should be downgraded to the ‘F-Party’ for being so F’n corrupt. As if we needed another reason, this is yet another one (besides revelations from Tara Reade’s neighbor - see Alternet) to not vote for Sleepy Creepy Joe.


anybody seen Biden lately???


So we’ll just pay them back by voting Green Party.

Biden is a 1% shill, and Green-Party votes will show the Democratic Party the consequences of dismissing the left. (Giving this other corporate-funded party our unconditional support will encourage their pro-corporate agenda.)

If Biden makes some concessions to citizens, I’d vote for him. I’m looking for Medicare for All, expanding Social Security, helping the homeless, and REAL taxes on the wealthy.

If we get none of these, then Green Party it is! (My Green-Party votes helped Gore, Kerry, and H. Clinton lose. I’m willing to do it again.)


Ironically and Pathetically…

AOC might LOSE her congressional seat because Nancy has done everything in her power to undermine and delegitimize her.

Nancy will almost certainly KEEP her congressional seat, in part because AOC helped to legitimize her and failed to expose her for the predatory corporatist hack that she is.

Why, oh why, do progressive D Party congresspersons NEVER criticize their leadership? Their leadership is regressive to the point of being goddamn fascists (Wall Street neoliberal fascists), yet nobody dares to utter this obvious truth.

Bob Urie has an excellent explanation for this ironic and pathetic state of affairs:


Meanwhile, as the corpse of democracy lies rotting on the anthropogenically-heated Earth, the people are amusing themselves to death.



I’ve checked every milk carton I’ve come across, but no Biden sightings yet…


Cue the screams of the inimitable 1EdBentley or whatever his name is…
“You’re a fascist!” [with beat-red face and spittle-flecked lips.]


Anyhow, I’ll be with the Spanish and the black vote.

Theme song: (ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkU1ob_lHCw&feature=youtu.be

Okay, that’s it! Just got the email from “Our Revolution” that California D’s and the Governor are plotting to steal the Sanders delegates! If this isn’t enough to make you bolt and go 3rd party Sen. Sanders, I don’t know what is. And if you don’t denounce this (both) travesties Bernie, It will show that you weren’t serious all along (yeah, so many here have been saying that, but folks, hope springs eternal - darn it)


“New York has clearly violated its approved delegate selection plan,” said Weaver. “If this is not remedied, New York should lose all its delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention and there should be a broader review by the Democratic Party of New York’s checkered pattern of voter disenfranchisement.”

Oh for fucks sake, give it up already. THE.DNC.DOES.NOT.CARE.ABOUT.PROGRESSIVE.VOTERS! They will do whatever the fuck they want to do, rules be damned. They just make them up or change them completely on the fly.


The GOP doesn’t even need to “throw enough negatives out to get people NOT to vote for Biden” when the Dementiacrats keep pulling stunts like this, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


It is a disheartening, despicable insult upon injury that in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, when health care workers are DYING because of political choices which allow a for-profit health care industry to fail to provide adequate PPE and staffing, those NYC health care workers’ right to vote for the ONLY presidential candidate who supported policies that would have prevented such a brutal health and economic crisis has been taken away. I sorely wish the health care workers would just go on strike. Yes, Sanders quit campaigning, but he was still aiming to collect delegates. To shut down the expression of choice between for-profit health care and not-for-profit, to take that vote away from those working in NY hospitals who are sacrificing their lives…
It’s so sad and it only makes the Democrats look evermore akin to life-hating, freedom-hating, democracy-hating Republicans.


This move has the stench of andy cuomo and NY DINO party mob corruption all over it. The same DINO dirt bags that erased 200k voters from the rolls.in 2016
NY Tammany Hall dirty politics is alive and well. We must make the bastards pay!