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‘Democracy Is Messy’: Sanders Changes Tune On Protest At Democratic Convention


‘Democracy Is Messy’: Sanders Changes Tune On Protest At Democratic Convention

Kevin Gosztola

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders delivered a speech, which marked the end of the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. It partly repeated statements made when he endorsed presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton. However, the Democratic National Committee gave him a primetime slot to pacify his delegates and further discourage supporters from protesting inside the convention, particularly against a process they see as rigged to nominate Clinton.


I'm sure we'll be asking ourselves for a long time why Sanders decided to endorse Clinton.

The proponents of the sheep dogging" theory will say that was the plan all along - as they've been saying all along. I don't believe that. I think Sanders was out to win and lost.

Some will say it's for the reason he stated, that he thinks Trump is so much worse that we have to vote for Clinton, the lesser evil. Bolstering that position is the idea that his endorsement was a form of political capital that he cashed in to get progressive planks in the party platform - and time on national tv to talk about them.

Some will say he's just doing what he said, not taking the chance his 3rd party run would ensure a Republican victory. Endorsing Clinton for the same reason.

I don't understand his endorsement and am still asking if there is something about the situation I don't understand, or if I just never understood Sanders himself.


Until a better one appears, I wholeheartedly agree with this article.


Fair weather Berniecrats. Lol


It is for the left, not just the Democratic Party. I went to their website and they have a Bernie Go Green section. Can you reference where it is said that they are part of the Democratic Party.


Dear ctrlZ I just liked your post , it was thoughtful balanced and calm. Perhaps you are right, perhaps you never understood Sanders. To deliver something requires compromise and understanding the stakes . Finally Sanders is coming to reality and understands the threat of Trump over downsides of Clinton. Actually , I think he always understood it , he just did not understand the level of revolutionary fever of his supporters who would be overwhelmed with anyone but Sanders.


"A “political revolution” cannot be sustained by telling people to vote for Hillary Clinton and elect better progressive Democrats to positions in government. It cannot be sustained by encouraging surrogates and campaign organizers to limit the boundaries of acceptable protest from the grassroots. Both represent examples of politics of the status quo rather than bottom-up politics, which can truly push leaders to give into demands for change.

Officials in the Democratic Party, who have tasked Sanders with helping them create a veneer of party unity, will never endorse his democratic socialist vision. On the other hand, the very people frustrated with Sanders’ recent actions will fervently remain supportive of him if he stays true to his politics.

Perhaps, it is time for Sanders delegates to remind their candidate he taught them to stand up and fight back. He helped them believe they have the power to transform the system to be more democratic and include socialist policies, which were made popular by the Bernie Sanders campaign. The whole world is watching and the stakes are at their highest. This is the stage to struggle for a better society out in the open."

THANK YOU, Kevin Gosztola!

Just because Sanders is feeling pressure to say the things he's saying right now does not mean that it is best if the rest of us follow those directions!! May the convention be as "messy" as it needs to be to make clear that not everyone feels bound in this moment by the demands of the bankrupt Democratic Establishment!


Sanders abdicated when he endorsed Clinton. Let's move on.

The issues remain that Sanders tapped to put together a tight, effective group remain, and those within the group know each other as well as they did yesterday.

Sanders' followers need a a functional focus that serves those issues in some reasonable degree. Neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties function on either count.

The largest remaining organizations are the Libertarians and the Greens. Both are far less corrupt than the major parties. Assuming that you are an anti-war, pro-ecology, anti-globalist and anti-corporatist voter, either represents you better than either major party. Libertarians have close to 10% of the vote, per recent polls, and Stein and the Greens have polled as high as 7.5% and will be routinely dismissed by the same media that dismissed Sanders, the same ways, and for the same reasons.

Given that the American Libertarians have such bizarre fantasies about money and class, why not Green?


dear wickland , congress is controlled by republicans with very little to no chance of a takeover. What makes you think GOP congress would block or appoint any moderate SCOTUS. After all GOP just chose Trump, perhaps the most dangerously crazy candidate.

Green Party has zero representatives in Congress and close to zero chances of winning Whitehouse.


I am not being childish or ridiculous. I do not support Neoliberalism. I do not support fascism. I will vote for Jill Stein because I have a choice. http://www.countercurrents.org/2016/07/26/who-are-the-real-pariahs-this-election/


We are today at a monumental crossroad. Taking action is no less urgent than at the time of our original revolution. A huge majority of our citizenry is under the control of frighteningly powerful people. Even our Supreme Court has proven impotence countless times. How did we let this happen. Have we forgotten...just how precious is our liberty.

We have no way of knowing if Hillary Clinton's mental faculties are compromised or if she is just pure evil. Either way, the thought of her having control of the presidency is too horrible to contemplate. There should be no doubt she will not hesitate to start a nuclear war. She has demonstrated the loss of human life on any scale means nothing to her.

We not only need to demonstrate inside the convention, but we need to begin marching on Washington...regularly if necessary to demand our rights be protected. It is my hope that once the convention roll call is completed the progressive delegates will march from the convention floor in protest. If they don't, I believe this historical opportunity may be lost forever...certainly in my lifetime. The status quo must end now. It's time to take back our power. We have the oligarchs beaten by sheer numbers. Passive resistance in high volume works wonders.


I think one of the next major goals of the revolution has got to be to not allow a win for Hillary. Every last one of us has to make sure that we present a middle finger of non-cooperation to Wall Street by refusing to vote for their puppet that they so desperately want to put into place. If they want Hillary, make them steal the election because we will not voluntarily hand it over to them. She cheated to "win" the nomination. As a child I was taught that when you cheat to win and you get caught, you forfeit your champion status. Hillary cheated and got caught, therefore she lost, she does not deserve to be rewarded with the title of president.


I don't think of the Democrats when I hear or read blue, because I am not a Democrat. I am an Independent and could care less what color each party identifies with. I have absolutely no interest in either the Democratic or Republican Party. In fact, I believe our country would be better off if both parties destroyed themselves.


Thank you Kevin for reminding me that Bernie said democracy was "messy". Asking his supporters at the convention to behave themselves is beyond the pale. It's like they switched Bernie with a look-alike or they messed with his brain. The evil Dimeras on, "Days of Our Lives" , do that stuff all the time and I wouldn't put it past the Clintons. The old Bernie wouldn't act this way.


Hi Tom,

I agree with your comment in the sense of meaning that I think you meant.

But in an equally valid sense, it is never too late for Bernie's former followers to give Bernie honest feedback and a critical response.

In my opinion, Bernie is not as wise as his more leftist followers -- and he needs to learn from us!

If Bernie learns from his current mistakes -- and truly grows -- he may help our more leftist movement in the future.


When you go to Bernie Sanders' site it is all about money, contributions, seeking hats and banners, and...your souls.

This country has the finest system of government that money can buy.

Once upon a time there were people in the USA, leaders who believed in justice, Liberty, and honor. They couldn't be bought. Nowadays they have become scarce.

The real power lies in each and every one of us, and thanks to the Internet we can coalesce, communicate, create a wave that can change the corrupt $y$tem into something that more closely resembles the ideals of the founding fathers of this nation.

A man, small of stature but great of heart, saw his country enslaved and ravaged by an invader that humbled his people and lived in luxury. He defeated that invader, the British Colonial system, by perseverance in the belief of justice. His name was Mohandas Gandhi, and his greatest tool was civil disobedience, passive resistance. He mobilized a whole nation, and he did it without the power of the Internet.

Ask yourself, what do I want for my country? How can I be part of that change? Then, go online and connect.


There is no revolution, political or otherwise. Once you accept this, it becomes possible to think in terms of building a movement necessary to ensure the changes people say they want. To build a movement, you need to figure out what, and for whom, this movement is about. Keep in mind how profoundly divided we are by class and race, and figure out how to proceed from there.

Liberals spent the last 20 years standing in solidarity with the better off alone, the middle class. Stay the course, don't rock the boat.
I'd suggest getting a dictionary, and looking up "revolution." Then determine if anything remotely similar would be possible in this era.


The moment of change came following his recent 'conversation' with Obama. I will never forget Bernie sitting in a chair at the White House, refusing to take questions from the gathered journalists, with the most peculiar look on his face. The candidate who was never at a loss for words let a friend do the talking. Was Bernie was threatened? Was he otherwise coerced? Was he promised future considerations for the movement in return for his co-operation? Were the horrors of a Trump victory brought home to him by the President? I wish I knew, but Bernie has not been the same since.


Bernie deserves credit for the good he has done -- but Bernie deserves criticism for the bad he has done.

Bernie raised many important issues and solutions -- and he raised awareness and activism in the common people.

BUT -- Bernie refused to criticize Hillary and the DNC on many issues that could have made him win the nomination.

His failure to fight all the way through the convention (which he promised to do) even after the DNC email scandal is inexcusable!

His refusal to even talk with Jill Stein -- and to run with her and the Green Party -- is also inexcusable!

Bernie calls himself a "democratic socialist" -- but he is really just a "pragmatic liberal."

Bernie will only challenge the establishment up to a certain point -- but he will not fight all the way!

He says that "stopping Trump" is the reason that he endorses criminal Hillary -- but building a third party will always have to be done when there is "a greater evil" to worry about. And we urgently need to build the Green Party NOW!

Lastly, Bernie's endorsement of Hillary -- and his telling his followers to support Hillary and to not protest! -- is such a radical reversal (or betrayal) that Bernie has a moral obligation to give his millions of supporters a full and truthful explanation of his reasons and reasoning.

Bernie has failed to do that, so far -- and merely saying "Trump must be stopped" is NOT enough to be acceptable!


You may be correct in your belief that "it is too late for Bernie to learn."

(I was being generous to suggest he may be capable of learning and growing -- and that he may help us in the future.)

But whether Bernie can learn and change -- it is never too late for his former supporters to tell him where he erred and failed!