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Democracy Isn’t in Peril—It’s on Its Deathbed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/07/democracy-isnt-peril-its-its-deathbed


The US has been an oligarchy for decades. It’s just that the masks are coming off now.


The despicable, psychotic Trump could NOT have gotten this far in destroying this country without the help of Mitch McTURDle and the other sociopathic RethugliKKKans in Congress and on the Supreme Court.

With their denial of the Climate Catastrophe, support of all fossil fuels, and opposition to all environmental regulations, the RethugliKKKan Party is, as Noam Chomsky said, the most dangerous criminal organization in history.


The other side of the coin featuring Trump-the-boop shows the ugly face of the Democratic establishment. Unless and until progressives run for local and state Party committesposts and thoroughly clean house from top to bottom, a significant proportion of the electorate will always look at thelesser of two evils`choice, shakes his or her head in disgust, and sit out elections, no matter how bad Trump is, and how much corporate Democrats try to scare us.


The New York City elites always reviled Trump because he vulgarly revealed their own inner souls, which they sought to hide behind attending cultural events and philanthropic farces. They knew the clown was not good to continue their own cloaking. The People must throw his ass out, but that stupid base he garnered with their faux patriotism and plethora of guns is of worry. If he chooses to dog whistle at the right time out of spite a lot of innocent people could get slaughtered. The toll could exceed that of COVID-19. The pump of stochastic terrorism is very well primed.


Remember, before Trump, everything was perfect.

Let’s all get back to that “perfect” place…


Yeah, it was so perfect that because of it we got Trump!


“Trump has shown us…” ?

Robert Taft, Joseph McCarthy and the Dulles brothers SHOWED US when they launched their commie witch hunt in 1950.

Although a steady procession of fascists have “shown us” more with each passing year during the past 70 years, most of us pretended it wasn’t happening while those of us who attempted to push back were labeled radicals. Recall George Orwell observing that “in an era of widespread deceit, telling the truth is considered a radical act”.

The two Washington DC airports are named after two of the most effective US fascists of the twentieth century. The evidence is everywhere.


Of the fearful 14 signs of fascism, 3 stand out as worst to me. Mussolini defined fascism as "the bundling of sticks (fasci) to form a powerful weapon. As such, the 3 main components of his intended blunt weapon are “business” controlling “government” enforced by local “police” and organized militia.

Narrowing the 14 signs to these 3 is as close to “follow the money” to where the trail leads - always into the hands of Big Business members of a ruling elite. A photo of a smiling Jeff Bezos makes me cringe. Amazon delivery is an unsustainable economic model that disables more suitable models for guiding urban growth planning. He wants everyone to believe his “driverless” car Futurama world is near, knowing full well it’s a fraud.

In the meantime, he plots to quickly burn up essential battery resources in Amazon trucks. The same battery packs lasts many years longer in many more homes and double as Household backup power supply in grid failure. He’s condemning the world to hell by wasting battery resources on Amazon delivery trucks. Think about it.


Being of the Baby Boomer Generation which is very diverse although some want to blame it all of us and I can understand why. Many powerful men and a few women are from that generation and got us to this point. Many of the people I associate with our from environmental activities, green party at one time, independent and democrat party. But I cannot believe so many of my high school mates who are in touch with thru facebook are for trump hook line and sinker. I cannot believe they are so brain washed and must not watch nightly news or they would question more. Everything for last 3.8 years is fake news.
Republicans have said for decades that our media was all in for liberals, never believed that but now yes they are against trump as he is very dangerous for our democracy. Media is for their own bottom line and who said in 2016 that trump was not good for America but good for their bottom line, I think CBS Moon somebody?

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And the beatings have begun, and the disappearings, and the manipulations are off the freaking charts.

Grover Norquist’s dream has come true.


If we wind up watching Orangeman keep his knee on USA’s neck throughout this impending exercise, or if somehow he’s removed before USA expires – either way, the Floyd Rebellion keeps rolling on. Neither cloak – that of thin democratic pretense nor of fascist triumphalism – can stop the Rebellion now. We don’t get the history we want, we get the hand that’s dealt us. I’d rather the we rebels put dispatching Orangeman (by political means, of course!) behind us at the moment. We have way too much work to do and removal of that rock-hard turd would be an efficient way to get started, imho.

But on the other hand, those I disagree with, those who actually prefer Orangeman’s ugly face, to hasten the revolution – nobody can confidently conclude that they’re totally wrong. However this mad political ritual works out – it seems out of our hands – we’re keeping our sleeves rolled up for the next part.


We’ve watched Trump kill democracy, bit by bit, in plain view.

Excuse me! Trump is just the result of what has been the demise of American, Democracy since at least 1950.


That is the key. We have Trump because of the corruption of the Democratic Party.


It’s the money (Citizens United, but too much to count before that). Federal funding of elections might have helped, but now there is TrumpTV to fill up waiting mouths with the fascist drool of blaming “the other.”

The USA was founded as a Republic. The so called “founding fathers” despised the concept of a Democracy and worked to ensure the USA could never be a Democracy.

The reasons for the Electoral College and the Senate were so as to ensure the USA could never become a Democracy. As Thomas Jefferson pointed out (paraphrased) “If we had a Democracy the people would vote to take away all my stuff”

If you want an example of a Democracy look to Switzerland. They had a referendum in the Canton of Geneva where 60 percent of the people voted for a minimum wage of 25$ an hour. That can never happen in the USA because the USA is not a Democracy.


Keith Olbermann has returned to YouTube with his “Worst Person in the World” segment and guess who he is starting out with? His comments are much like those contained in this article. At the end he says that Donald John Trump is not only the worst president in the history of the United States - he is the worst person in its history. However, it isn’t just this appalling excuse for a person, it is us. Even 20 years ago I just can’t believe that a loathsome, egotistical “reality” show host who had never held political office could have secured the RNC nomination for president and, frighteningly, won the “election” using the Electoral College. That is how far we have fallen as a society. As the great George Carlin reminded us - awful politicians are elected by awful people.
Trump has not only endangered the very foundations of our country he has also disgraced us before the world. A British writer observed that unlike every other American president Trump has absolutely no redeeming qualities at all. There is something truly vile about him that even a casual observer can see and the cult-like status that tens of millions of Uh-meriKKKans hold him in is disgusting. Trump was and is a complete fraud. As a “businessman” he was responsible for 6 bankruptcies and now he and his warped personality that thrives on chaos are bankrupting this country. Even if we manage to get this treasonous POS out of office I’m afraid that “Trumpism” and its zealous practitioners will be with us for a long time. These people are the worst of us.

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Again the frightening part is not Donald trump as much as it is that there 60 million that voted for him and will likely be more then that next time around. There a whole lot of people that are as vile as Donald Trump and there a whole pile of them that have no redeeming qualities. There only the smallest handful that would have 60 million plus vote for them in an election.

The frightening part is that when you have such numbers of peoples slavishly devoted to such a man , what will they do if Trump lost and by the same token given how vile the man is, what happens if he wins again? There nothing good from either scenario.


Major Study Finds The US Is An Oligarchy
www dot businessinsider dot com slash (google it)

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I think Democracy figures in there somewhere but not to a high degree in as much we cannot vote on a National referendum or ballot issue - that would be something, huh? I heard that Democracy is the only thing to keep Capitalism in check, but which for the last 40 years it has turned into a version of itself that is unpleasant to say the least - I like to say it’s gone south, others call it unfettered or neo-liberalism - in any event the check is gone, because what Democracy we had has been extinguished. We now live in and under a Kleptocracy ruled by a rapacious Oligarchy.