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Democracy Needs Transparency


Democracy Needs Transparency

Annie Leonard

I believe democracy needs transparency.

That’s why I was so excited when I heard that Greenpeace Netherlands was releasing to the public secret documents from the United States’ current trade negotiations with the European Union. The deal is called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP for short) and once it’s agreed upon it will govern the U.S.-European economic relationship for years.


Ancient Greek mythology assures that the Gods do not smile on hubris.

Imagine the hubris indicated in this TIPP/TPP item given that earthquakes are increasing due to the Fracking companies; that lead-laden water likely damaged the brains of several thousand children in Flint, Michigan; that Fukushima is still a high tech radioactive, fire-breathing dragon emitting deadly emissions across the globe; and that more and more previously pristine preserves are being turned into lethal Sacrifice Zones.

With evidence of all of the above and much more, the plutocratic overlords argue for this (in secrecy, of course, while demanding that young men and now women give their lives in pursuit of so-called freedom and Democracy):

"3. The end of the precautionary principle.

“The precautionary principle, enshrined in the EU Treaty, is not mentioned in the chapter on Regulatory Cooperation, nor in any other of the obtained 12 chapters. On the other hand, the U.S. demand for a ‘risk-based’ approach that aims to manage hazardous substances rather than avoid them, finds its way into various chapters.”

Human, animal, plant, and mineral life are all cheap to these deciders.

In a just world, they’d be put into Guantanamo and the Innocents let out.


Murkins need to shine the light on Congressional Democrats who voted in favor of fast track and are up for re-election in November. Hopefully this tactic will reduce the number of Congresscritters who will vote in favor of TTP and TTIP when Obama attempts to sneak it through after the November election and before the January inauguration.

Canadians need to shine the light on Trudeau and other Canadian politicians who are postured to push CETA, TPP and TTIP through.


It’s 11:35 am in Holland, 4May, and I have just checked HuffPost to see what they report on this important breakthrough: nothing. Nothing yesterday, nothing today. The TTIP doesn’t interest their editors, apparently, or perhaps it concerns their boss(es) too much. I can’t get American newspapers and wouldn’t read them if I could: even the Times now interprets “all the news that fit to print” as what their boss(es) think “fits” their agendas. Thank you CommonDreams, Annie Leonard, and all CD readers who pass these articles on.