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Democracy Needs Unions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/29/democracy-needs-unions

Unfortunately labor history is a subject shunned by most middle schools. Not until sometime in upper studies in more advanced schools is the subject given any kind of academic exposure.
Without organized labor there is no “balance” to the enormous corporate power that roams the globe today. That power has been successful for more than 5 decades in mislabeling unions as destructive because that kind of organization does threaten the total domination of the “market economies” of the world.
Until workers learn again of that history and are willing to really fight back against monied power there can be no democracy anywhere.
There are those who will argue that unions are corrupt; yes, some are. But that pitiful corruption compared to the gigantic kind wielded by the oligarchy!
Yes, union yes!


In a recent interview with Krystal ball, Bernie Sanders noted that American voters can see through the unkept promises that the Democrats make to the working class.

Now voting patterns bear this out. And how has the d-party fared as a result? Oh, that’s right, a clown in a wig is now president, the Senate is structurally in the hands of Republicans for the foreseeable future, and over three cycles, the Ds lost 1,000 seats nationwide and are only now crawling back to relevance based on not being Trump.

Here’s my suggestion to my unionized brothers and sisters: Pay attention to who has been fighting for workers consistently for 50 years. It’s not the Democrats, it’s the guy I mentioned in my first sentence.