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Democracy Spring


Democracy Spring

Police arrested a record number of protesters - about 500, including Lady Liberty - at the US Capitol during a Democracy Spring sit-in against big and dark money in our politics. Despite broad support on social media and the number of arrests - police had to stop when they ran out of buses - most mainstream media were strangely absent from the event.


DARK MONEY seeks to turn off all the lights.

We have trained, uniformed & armed guards to drag off concerned citizens, but not one even to challenge the big banks and corporations who set much of our national agenda without being elected.

It may be SPRING, but Democracy is ever-harder to see.


That word "strange" (the strangely absent media) should warn us of how far an "exceptional" American form of fascism has permeated our society. Read what happened in Germany during the 30s: do you see any difference between American police and the German Storm Troops? Any difference between the mass media controlled by the same people who control most of our representatives in state houses and Congress and the press and radio that Goebbels fed lies and fairy tales to? Thank God for the brave people who are raising their voices - if that had happened in Europe, all our history would have been different. When they come for you, be sure there's someone to fight for you.


"Mainstream media" isn't news and journalism. There are those in the country that know the difference and they know what propaganda is, my guess we out number the brainless lump called society. For the last 16 years america has been quite the lesson in propaganda. I don't think there is a dreams state over who we are, we woke up real quick like on Jan 20th, 2000.


Right. I paused at the strange use of the term "strange" here, too. Clearly the author employs the term tongue-firmly-in-cheek; but that is tiresome polemics. Better to just state it outright: the MM is the mouthpiece for the (anti-democratic) oligarchy.


I think the author's intent was to convey the sense that it was strange that the media was absent since this was big story (so many arrests if nothing else). The media should have been there and it was strange that they weren't.


Van Jones is spot on telling the cops to put "overflow in the 400 plus Capitol seats that regularly seat criminals". The next step is to put most of the regular occupants of those seats in Guantanamo. Trump reminds us that there are a lot of empty cells there.


Wereflea, yes, I got that. What I tried to say is that it isn't "strange" at all; it's predictable that anything that doesn't fit the picture of our society that the oligarchical powers want us to see will not be visible, and whatever we're not supposed to know "hasn't happened". An article with a headline about Sanders will be 3/4 about Clinton, Trump and/or Cruz; an article about a woman who has accomplished something will be 3/4 about her husband or father. Do you agree that "strange" is an inappropriate word in this article?


What a good bunch this Democracy Spring is. Kudos

What are these non-violent protesters being charged with?
Not being nice to the government?
Protesting without a license?
Protesting instead of being in church praying for change?


I understand you but I can't get past the author's intent in choosing the word. She was just reminding us that the if the media were doing their job properly then they should have been there but inexplicably. (strangely) they weren't.

She is being critical and saying that it is strange that a media that pretends to being objective weren't there while I think that you are saying that it is typical that our nonobjective mainstream media wasn't there.


Let's resolve to quit honoring corporatist propaganda outlets with laudable titles such as mainstream media and mainstream economists.

There is nothing mainstream about ripping off civilization and Earth.


I and 10,000 of my friends were arrested during the Mayday demonstration in 1971. How is 500 a record number?


For you and Plantman13...Right-On and thank you for your service.


Yes, it's tiresome, a good word. I'm so old that too much of what I read makes me think: "Tell me something I don't already know." But some things need to be said and written over and over - the kids have to hear them, right? Thanks for your comment.