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Democracy Watchdog Warns FEC Courting 'Disaster' by Heading Into 2020 Elections Without a Quorum

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/27/democracy-watchdog-warns-fec-courting-disaster-heading-2020-elections-without-quorum

This is exactly why I have shepherded autonomousDemocracy.org

Is’nt that Trumps plan? Leave it as screwed up as possible so that when he loses he can declare the election invalid.

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Think Progress sez:
“McConnell has dubbed himself the ‘grim reaper,’ blocking virtually all legislative action in the United States Senate and focusing almost exclusively on confirming Trump’s nominees. But the Federal Election Commission has been a notable exception.”

Why, you’d almost think Mandarin Mitch was running for office this cycle his own bad self.

Oh, wait …

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In my opinion, Trump’s #1 impeachable offense is subverting the laws designed to protect the interests and welfare of the people of the United States. He has undermined and subverted legally formed agencies and subverted their operation by appointing incompetents (or competent obstructionists) who undermine the whole purpose of the agencies. Why would Trump care about the integrity of an agency designed to benefit and protect the american voting rights? He wouldn’t and if we had any integrity and sharing of power in the so called opposition this would be one of the main elements of impeachment proceedings.

So true. This administration rules by elimination, not inclusion.
Whisk away citizens rights, money and other regulations, and the sanctity of an insanity we can’t quite explain. Deplorable.