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#DemocracySpring Has Sprung, With 140-Mile March Before DC Sit-Ins, Arrests



Thank you all, marchers! Thank you, CD for the report! Democracy cannot flourish without common, routine citizens creating and effecting democratic activities, and you are being our stellar leaders on this horrible issue that both D & R elites have allowed to go nowhere but worse and worse with every passing day. It has only worsened since the Supreme Court decided it needed to and proved it was so vapidly pro-Wall Street Licentiousness anti-Constitutional on the issue of free speech it had to kill democracy & another part of the Constitution to make the point. Both elected party leaderships have proven themselves in total actual agreement with the ruling, even though some of the pretty mouths like BHO have, when they needed pop poil points, mouthed token resistance. Democracy will not come to the USA in any way whatsoever that we do not force it upon the elites, because they are, after all, the self-appointed & -annointed elites.


I want to thank the 6,000 people that have agreed to march. This is the revolution Bernie talks about. We have to fight for every freedom we have lost and every action that needs to be taken to change this country for the better.
I have watched through the years as elites have thrown us bones while they take our money and eat steak. Enough!
If we want our country back we have to fight for it like Bernie is fighting for it.
God bless these people and all the other groups involved in fighting for us.
It's wonderful to see this country awaken and get involved.


All the best of luck to the marchers!


We need to take our country back and you marchers are to be commended. America was lost in the coup D' etat of 1963 and it is way past time to start to realize it has only gotten worse in the last 50 years. Like Bernie says, America needs a non-violent political revolution that takes our country back from Citizens United, Wall Street and the OIL-GARCHS that have given HRC millions of $.

Thank you again!


"Over the last five years, nearly half of the country has passed new state laws that disenfranchise everyday voters. As access to the ballot has become more difficult, people of color, the elderly, and the working poor have been most affected. Meanwhile, billionaires and big money interests have marshalled (sic) vast wealth to dominate elections, corrupting budgets and laws to serve the interests of a few at the expense of the rest of us."

The Wisconsin swine governor, Scott Walker (responsible for the voter ID law & other crimes), is an immediate case in point that will deny about 350,000 voters their rights!
The Wisconsin primary is on April 5.



Scott Walker is nothing but a fawning parasite for the Koch Roach brothers. The voter ID law and suppression in Wisconsin is designed to disenfranchise the indigent, students, poor, blacks and all other people that the puke Walker and his fellow Republi-cons see as a threat to their power.


How will Madame Hillary of the Wall Street Casino spin this one?


It looks more and more like what I had hoped for, not just a presidential campaign, but a wave that is building to carry us way beyond that. It will also sweep into the Congress, where Senators and Reps. will either recognize that a new wind is blowing and change their tack or be blown right off the ship


Amateur independent news livestreaming the march


"How will risking arrest change the politics around this issue?

We realize that this is what it’s going to take. That’s what it took in Vietnam. That’s what it took for the Civil Rights movement. I think that’s what it takes now." Yes magazine

That is about it really. So many streams of resistance are now coalescing that it does feel like spring!


In his great speech "Breaking the Silence" delivered on April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church in NY City, Dr. M.L. King, Jr. decried the triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism which were poisoning our society.

Where is the demand that the Pentagon budget, which consumes 54% of annual discretionary spending and which continues illegal U.S. global wars and drone bombings be cut, and those funds used to repair our crumbling infrastructure and create jobs transitioning to sustainable energy?

Reforming an election system in our morally corrupt political/economic system is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


Do you feel how the citizenry is awakening? This is the moment - if you cannot go to DC for this big event, have a smaller event in your town or city, but show us that you too are awakened and are ready to work for change that matters to the vast majority of your citizenry. Thank you for whatever you decide you can do but DO SOMETHING NOW ! and GO BERNIE GO!


I'm so glad to see the spring revolution is finally taking hold. Together, we can overthrow Franz Joseph and the rest of the Habsburg. I will support the people that march for democracy everywhere, but when will we finally move on Wein?


Continuing inspiration to move now in the right direction.

I salute them and support them and all those who work for a future that honors and supports life itself.


It sounds like a good idea. I wish them luck. The problem with all demonstrations, marches, and rallies is that the main stream media will not report on them. The only people who will know that this took place are the people who are there. The media ignores these things, and if they do cover it they will show it in a negative way, and all the people out there in front of their TV sets will believe all the lies that they are told about it. It has been this way for over 30 years. I have attended many very large demonstrations in Washington and New York in recent years. The Media says, "People have become apathetic, and they just don't demonstrate any more." If the pea brains in front of the tube only knew.

I love the above song. Makana ,10 thumbs up.


Thanks REDPILLED, here is the link, rewarding to hear again: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qf6x9_MLD0


This really is Your country if you choose the claim it. Citizens United is nothing more than a protection racket. Thugs paying/buying other thugs so they can continue to steal and rob us blind. The web is a good thing but it does not match what being in the street does. If I weren't so crippled I'd be dancing in this march.


exactly correct....Dr Jill Stein, Green Party, would slash the MIC budget but of course we will never even hear her thanks to a totally corrupt MSM. Smedley was patriotic when he wrote, " War is a Racket" . We are the Evil Empire Ronnie.


That's what the Southern white racists said about equal rights for blacks. Then President Johnson sent in the National Guard and brought incremental change in one day.