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Democratic Bill Banning Toxic Pesticides in US Applauded as 'Much-Needed' Step to Protect Kids and the Planet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/04/democratic-bill-banning-toxic-pesticides-us-applauded-much-needed-step-protect-kids


Nature abhors a vacuum. --Aristotle

Monoculture agriculture is a vacuum that Nature abhors. Errant attempts to keep it going with poisons are folly that the ancients knew against. Planting with competitive species mixed in the middle naturally keeps things in check. The bottom line is a fool. A deadly one at that.


Here is another one we should take another look at for risk vs benefit:

Sodium fluoride NaF) is an inorganic compound with the formula [Na])[F]). It is used in trace amounts in the fluoridation of drinking water, toothpaste, in metallurgy, as a flux, and is also used in pesticides and rat poison.


The passage of this legislation should be an absolute no brainer. Birds, bees, butterflies, CHILDREN!

And why isn’t it; Chomsky talking about the republican party, " has there ever been an organization in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organized human life on Earth? "

And shouldn’t all these substances especially glyphosate which now can be found in rainwater be on the labels of all the foods they’re found in!


Better late than never. Organics i.e. no chems were on the table in the 60’s. Rachel Carson is smiling, finally. Silent Spring was published in 1962.


If this bill gets anywhere near passing I’ll eat that pesticide laden strawberry the little girl started. Anybody care to take bets on this legislation getting done thru once the Dems have complete control of the House, Senate and Potus?


And if you want to get reaIIy depressed, read "SiIent Spring, " that Rachel Carson wrote about so long ago. When I was growing up there were never any kids with cancer and other odd diseases, and then---- dying of these diseases at young ages. What happened to science when it kiIIs more that it saves?
And I aIso heard a bizarre story that a big company had its seeds bIow into another’s Iand and the Big company fired a Iaw suit and the owner of that pesticide won! Maybe pesticides are making the whole word crazy. : (


Do the Congressional representatives of Monsanto/Bayer know about this? Imagine if they passed something without giving highest consideration for German corporations over American citizens? I haven’t seen any GMO with pesticide genes safety testing results.

What does this say about us as a society, that this legislation has to be drafted and passed at all. When we get to the other side of this pandemic, perhaps legislation needs to be passed to study why members of our world are willing to sacrifice it and all living things on it with poisons, for profits.


Exactly, two years under Obomber, with a super-majority, and what did they accomplish? Yes, when there’s a snowball’s chance in Heck of passing something in two, the D’s can actually pass something in one house. Otherwise? Pfft.


Yeah, think I heard same report few yrs ago. Unbelievable that the little guy whose crops were ruined (think it was :corn: that was from pure seed - NON-GMO) actually lost lawsuit! Justice has taken a backseat in this country with corporate lawyers in driver’s seat. Joint effort of corporate farming & Monsanto are making us ill & will be death of us if allowed to continue!
Monsanto, the #1 name in killer pesticides & selling crop seeds that are not at all natural. Monsanto who knowingly pushes their products, fully aware of dangers. Monsanto too big & powerful to be reined in?!
Monsanto, who had their hand out right away, to claim some of the $$$ Billions given away to biggest donors in the “CARES” Act – money supposedly for the businesses that were severely harmed by “shutdown” due to Covid-19, to keep them from going under. Monsanto?? Seriously?!? The virus had absolutely NOTHING to do with Monsanto - NONE! And the ink was barely dry on document when Monsanto, Nike & Boeing were reported already there, claiming a Covid-19 ‘hardship’ & collecting big money from the “slush fund” GOP pushed thru for donors & Dems agreed to.
MONSANTO IS WILLINGLY POISONING US, OUR CHILDREN, OUR FOOD, KILLING BEES & OTHER POLLINATORS!! They are the Godzilla of food production, stomping the shit out of what’s left of REAL American farmers! They employ tactics more suited to the Mob, with nasty bad lawyers & too much $$ to throw around. But worst of all, they ‘own’ Congress & they are allowed to force their tainted seeds on farmers of all kinds, suing those who dare refuse & on top of that, they pump their pesticides - killing off pollinators, like bees, without which we will have NO FOOD anywhere!
The way Monsanto is allowed to run free - to kill, make ill & force their will - no one will be safe. And our children, not theirs, are being harmed by their poisons. Do they care? HELL NO! Why should they? Corporations can just ‘buy’ Congress. Any regulations we have left are rarely enforced, if ever. They are bigger than any gov’t. we may have.
Toxic pesticides KILL everything!
Many millions of lbs of toxic crap are poured on food crops that we eat every day.
Toxic pesticides remain in the environment, soil & water, for long after they’re applied. They harm our health at the most basic levels & our children, by virtue of their small size, are harmed the most.
Grnetically modified seeds are a great unknown, yet ALL of our corn is GMO ~ any idea how much corn is grown & finds its way into all kinds of things?
The more I research, the more it seems that everything we eat is bad for us!
Go organic, if can afford it & if can trust our gov’t labels. But, at very least fight direct application of highly toxic chemicals, known to be dangerous to us, for convenience of corporate farms.
Screw corporate farming!
Screw Monsanto & using deadly toxic poisons on our crops!

They are the farmers who feed us well; who eat what they grow; who built this country’s food pantry; & only ones who really CARE about the farms, crops, etc. There are few family farmers left ~ for decades they have been losing their farms! Horrible thing! SUPPORT those who are still farming. Petition your representatives in Congress to SUPPORT ONLY THE FAMILY FARMERS with our tax dollars! Corporations don’t need our support. They/lobbyists buy politicians & their votes. They ONLY care about their profits - nothing else!
Just fish…lots & lots of fish. (Unless we kill them too!)


Assigning this to EPA = stupid, will not result in success.

The current EPA is not effective organization. Flint, Michigan lead in drinking water is prime example. And the Chicago office was and is responsible, fully - partially - due to lazy.

For these chemicals, where is FDA?
Protecting our surface waters was already assigned to EPA. Why did they not do their assigned work?
The US Corp of Engineers used to have an assignment in this area also, but may have been pre-empted by EPA.

Not mentioned in this CD write up is the infant cancers caused by certain agri chems that their moms were exposed to when visiting their rural families. About 20 years ago, Riley childrens hospital reported 30 per year in Indiana alone. The physician declined to identify the exact culprit.

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In my county in northeast Michigan, there is a fantastic amount of field corn over many sections (section = 640 acres) being grown this summer. My little garden patch about 3 miles from the beginning of this massive corn crop, has many flowering plants attractive to bumblebees. This summer, I have not seen one bee of any kind, nor butterflies. In previous years, at least within the last two, I have found bumblebee nests in old birdhouses and tree cavities and many bumblebees on the purple vetch scattered around fallow areas. The most prevalent insect this summer anywhere in the garden are grasshoppers from nymphs to adult insects. There are lots of flowers on the various food plants, but without good pollination, the outlook for a good crop is really depressing.

Field corn, being wind pollinated, can produce tons of raw material for ethanol, food for fattening beef cattle, pigs and other farm animals that are very unhealthy to consume in large amounts over grass fed animals. Of course to grow these huge amounts of corn requires huge amounts of synthetic chemical fertilizer inputs and huge amounts of systemic chemical pesticides to pre-treat the seeds going into the ground. No need for bees with corn. Massive amounts of synthetic fertilizer on these farmlands will always travel towards the nearest water tributary causing issues for lakes and streams. A nearby lake, about 100 acres, fed by a river running through many miles of farmland, was a nice fishing spot at least 50 years ago. Today, the lake is nothing but a mass of aquatic weeds, unable to produce any sort of quality size fish, as well as difficult to navigate.

Driving past these huge corn crops, as long as they reach maturity before the first frost, I see many farmers converting bushels of corn into bushels of cash. Great for them, but the environment is really taking a major beating, and the rest of us will be suffering because of this chemical industrial nightmare.


Articles like these should specify what fruits/vegtables are being sprayed with these poisons so that the public will tend to avoid them. Only lack of profits will bring about any change otherwise corrections take years (if ever) and damage to children’s young bodies continue - it’s criminal. BTW buy organic.

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The public can become informed by reading organic consumer reports and other sources of information if they can make the time to do so. That big red strawberry is about the worst vector of chemical toxins being over 90% water is absorbs great quantities of the chemicals used to create such a luscious looking fruit.
Buy and grow organic whenever possible.


Yes, some are much worse and I make myself knowledgable … here the top “dirty dozen” and strawberries are #1 … and kale is on the list. Organic is not as popular in the U.S. as it is in Europe but that is changing as people are becoming more aware.



It’s 2020 and Democrats are way out front in banning pesticides that poison children. Oh, but it’s just “a step” - remember that!!

Do you think they’ll actually accomplish one thing? But hey, they’re taking a step in 2020 - YAY!!!

Sorry to kids born before 2020…

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Hi EcIipsingSun:
sigh----- I agree wth aII you said. I wonder what they wiII put into the hydroponic water for Iiving as indoor pIants? WiII they have indoor bees? Indoors might save some of the damage of air poIIution----but where wiII the water come from—and what is in it?

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About time to get rid of toxic pesticides ~ their killing off all the bees needed for pollination & poisoning foods we eat.