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Democratic Candidates Must Communicate Differently to Impress a New Generation of Voters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/07/democratic-candidates-must-communicate-differently-impress-new-generation-voters

Goodstein sez:
“… campaigns should be learning the best ways to organize on sites like Twitch, Amazon’s live-streaming platform that has over 15 million daily users …”

Sweet. I was just wondering if Bezos had something in the works to vacuum up those few crumbs of citizen/consumer/voter personal data he’s not already getting through the existing suite of Amazon ‘products.’


That’s what WasApp, Facebook, Amazon and the rest really want. all the demographics and political convictions of 100’s of millions of people sucked up into one convenient data base. Think of the revenue stream in selling that data! It’s the cash cow they dream of.


Memo to Democrats:

It won’t matter how impressive your communications platforms are if the content is “Biden’s The One!”


Nailed it!
100 recs


Biden will be “the one” until the DNC gets into a 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction.


It is not the medium used to deliver the message here that needs changing it is the MESSAGE.

You are not going to impress a new generation of voters with that old “Nothing will fundamentally change” crap.


Dot one: State legislators elected in 2020 will do the redistricting that will apply to elections in 2022 and the following ten years - so unseating state-level Republicans in 2020 is critical, and a Democratic Presidential nominee with very long coattails is mandatory.

Dot two: Biden will have no coattails.

Q: Why does the DP establishment support Biden?

A: Connect the dots.

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Bernie and systemic change!

Exactly, trying to keep up with every little wrinkle and “platform” shift is like trying to keep up with the Kardshians (which I’ve never watched, having a desire to avoid them, sorry I even mentioned the name).

If you are going to be another corporate Dem forget it. A solid program based on issues which are an integral part of your own gut (not just a set of calculated talking points from “advisors”) is crucial. While it may be okay to try to visit all the digital locations you can find, those same corners are likely using multiple platforms themselves and in any case are going to seek out information on candidates. They need simple, honest, plain spoken issues from candidates with a history of producing. Warren and Sanders come in first, then one or two others. The rest are all just running with talking points (all talk, never do).
You want people who want the job, not the office.

edit add: One more, the maddening persistence of (the-fix-is-in) Biden is not really so much Biden as it is the total ownership by corporations of the (formerly, really) Democratic Party. They show the blind arrogance and dismissal of anyone not in “leadership” (top toadie functionaries in charge) which is common to anyone “not common” - the rich, they royals from any time period. The alliance with “the people” is usually temporal, for convenience and mostly just a very large fig leaf to disguise the economic war of the rich against the non-rich…

or their voters do the same to get over LOTE voting habits.

Translation: “Lie more effectively!”

‘Warren and Sanders come in first.’

I’m not sure about Warren. She has a ‘Jack Lew Problem’ described in another column and a secret Hillary problem described on RT today.