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Democratic Convention: New Faces, Similar Policies but Sharp Contrast with Trumpism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/22/democratic-convention-new-faces-similar-policies-sharp-contrast-trumpism


In this comment section we are beating this “election”, the “LOTE” voting, Biden, Trump, Bernie as “sheepdog”, who is voting (or not) voting into the ground replete with lots of expletives and sadly some shaming, blaming, mansplaining . . . .

I agree with everything Ralph Nader states in this piece. And I agree with Chris Hedges analyses (but I’m curious, besides writing articles and encouraging people to “resist”, “revolt” etc. WTH is he actually doing?)

I am with commentator, professor Christo Aivalis----he believes (as do I) the only “acceptable” shaming (shaming of any sort is worthless and usually counterproductive) is to shame those not participating, to be apathetic or voting for trump.

To just sit at a computer to comment, rant, rave, swear on Common Dreams every day does absolutely nothing.

I never bought into the Supreme Court judge threats to vote for LOTE in the past. I voted my conscience----it did nothing. I held a local office, fought to protect abused women/children, the environment/ecosystems----and here we are.

Please read this article linked below I never thought I would be able to vote for Biden. I cannot stand by and let this ----off the charts madman trump— gain more power in this country.

With that said, my vote for the pathological dems means I then have a duty to continue fighting for the earth, for fellow humans (who are not part of the elite) which means putting in time to get candidates in who are truly progressive, trying to get a third party by whatever means . . and many unknown fights: TBD


H. Bruce Franklin:
In November, we will not be offered a choice between a greater evil and a lesser evil, nor a choice between capitalism and socialism, and certainly not a choice between living in an empire and living in a republic. We will be offered a choice between a common-variety American politician and a dictator. Wake up, folks, we are living in a 21st-century American version of 1933 Germany.

*. . . . . . forcing America to live under fascist rule will not be the worst outcome of the election. Why? Because in its very brief history on this planet, Homo sapiens has not proven that it is a viable species. In fact, our species has already created an existential environment crisis for itself . . …

Even in these dark days, light is visible. In my 86 years as an American, I have never witnessed a progressive movement as broad and deep as the one sweeping across the nation today. If Biden and the Democrats win in November, this movement will have room to thrive. If not, it will be crushed.


The Democratic party is a party in denial. To say they will deliver us from the evils of the Republicans is to deny their similarities.

The people must make that distinction themselves, or also remain in denial.


Millions of People out of work, Millions of People facing Eviction and Homelessness and the key speakers could only talk about the great obstacles they had to overcome in their childhood in order to make it to the top.

The Democratic Party is far from being the Humanitarian Party, they are Republican Lite and are just as happy taking BRIBES from their Corporate Donors as the Republicans.

How is it possible that the Party of the People could eliminate Medicare For All from their Platform?

How is it possible that the Democratic Party could abandon the Ideals of Bernie Sanders and the Progressive Wing of the Country?

The Democratic Party Convention was a disgrace, giving a Right Wing Governor Like John Kasich an endless amount of time to spew his Republican Bullshit and only allowing Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez 30 freaking seconds.

Joe Biden is a phony and in my opinion cannot be trusted to help people who are struggling to survive.

His only concern is to take as much money from the Health Care Industry as they will give him and allow them to keep Ripping Off the American People.

What sincere Democrat would say that he would Veto Medicare For All if it was passed by Congress??

Warmonger Joe is going to have to defeat the Bigot in the White House without my vote, not sure where to cast my vote yet, wish Jill Stein was running again, she was an easy choice.


A party that pretends that its leaders from Carter back to Jackson never existed and has a track record of dismantling as much of FDR’s New Deal as the GOP has, needs to do a lot of reformin indeed…posthaste.


…New Faces, S O S

(same Old Shit)

A distinction without a difference internally


Et tu, Ralph?

Seems a lot of people place a lot of faith in the veracity of the spoken word by what can only be considered a class of professional liars.



I see Trump as the result of the lesser of two evils strategy. Top Democrats continue to triangulate, aiming for a point somewhat to the left of the Republicans but comfortably within the confines of what their obscenely wealthy constituents are comfortable with. We keep getting Republican toxic red meat alternating with Democrat thin gruel. The result is more than simply inequality – it’s a slide into a dysfunctional society. PRESIDENT Trump proves it. QANON and other insane theories that millions believe proves it. The Democrats’ response – the same tired, lackluster policies totally inadequate the the great challenges we face as a nation and a species.

But we gotta get rid of Trump, right?


What else is new, Ralph?

At least those of us who do so rather than hanging out in bars and bitching out loud are doing our part to obey the ‘shelter in place’ and ‘social distancing’ recommendations . . .    (We’re revolutionary, Tweetle-Dumb is revolting.)

IMHO, that last sentence bears repeating —

Wake up, folks – we are living in a 21st-century American version of 1933 Germany!


Jimmy Dore is still one of the few in the Media that sees this correctly

BIDEN Losing Lead Over TRUMP! Aug 20,2020

Jimmy outlines why Biden can lose


The criticism of the party here has Nader’s usual detail and perception. The final paragraph of conciliation rings hollow. Apparently, Trump is too easy to criticize and can be dismissed with insult, but the Democrats are too awful to support in any specific way.

When was the last time Nader asked anyone to do anything and failed to provide a single concrete reason? He’s got me reaching for my Kubler-Ross, but it’s not because I think he’s dying himself.

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The politics of the lesser evil has always had a nasty tendency to hold to the great old evil and thus to prepare the way for even greater new evils.

– Hannah Arendt

Thomas Frank was on Bill Maher last night, anyone having access should view this, otherwise it might show up on YouTube in a few days. Frank talks about what the democrats used to be before they went all wealthy elites, full center-right.

To wit: ~https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/08/21/roaming-charges-conventional-weapons-at-the-dnc/

  • In a bid to win the desperate housewives of suburbia, the opening night of the DNC Zoom Convention is being hosted by the people’s tribune… Eva Longoria, who could have held the entire event inside her $15 million Beverly Hills palazzo
  • Medicare for All and the Green New Deal have been replaced as rallying cries by…Give Us Vote by Mail or Death!
  • Fighting fascism from Barack and Michelle’s new digs in Martha’s Vineyard…
  • Obama didn’t call the press the “enemy of the people,” but treated many reporters as the “enemy of his administration” and jailed them.…

As for the D-convention, I watched a bit the first night, no thanks, don’t have the need to watch 4 nights of infomercials.

And he’s just a “jagoff comedian”.


an admitted “jagoff comedian” lol


“I see Trump as the result of the lesser of two evils strategy.”

Yes. That and triangulating.

The largest ‘swing’ bloc of voters are economic populists/cultural conservatives:

[h ttps://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/02/13/what-swings-swing-voter]

Making a case for Democrats only on liberal cultural grounds will not ‘swing’ them, but economic populism can.

Example: Sanders’ economic populism did get that bloc of conservative swing voters; that is, in this bloc’s collective mind, their liking for Sanders’ economic populism outweighed their dislike of his culturally progressive positions:

[h ttps://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/8/24/16194086/bernie-trump-voters-study

Only when Sanders was out did those voters go for Trump’s bogus economic populism and racism:

[h ttps://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-30/the-biggest-legacy-of-the-financial-crisis-is-the-trump-presidency]


They started undoing FDR in the mid '40’s, … and HE only represented partial reform.
Mccarthyism and the Cold War wer the REAL war on progressive thinking, much less reform.
In so many ways the Dems were really WORSE than the Republicans. They SiLENCED any so-called progressive opposition to the oligarchic taleover.


Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt…

Yet, Ralph needs cover in hopefully future 3rd Party political building (a la the NDP in Canada’s slow but steady rise and surely included in televised national debates to shame the Conservative\Liberal Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum globalized financializers of Canada’s economy) from character assassination charges of bringing down the only opposition to Trumplicanism.

This will be Ralph’s chance to help lead lame Biden and DNC old school corporate schmoozers towards more potential for progressive pragmatism in Kamala Harris.

She has been the Former Top Cop of California, who needs to be asked about her views on the precedents set by Obama-Biden Top Cop Eric Holder’s refusal to criminally prosecute the banksters Too Big to Fail\Jail after the Corporate Looting bacchanal Prof Senator Dr Eliz Warren helped explicate where other Dem Presidential candidates failed and where Trumplicans weren’t even asked about in front of a live mic or camera:

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Psalm Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Your question is an easy one: the corrupt, Democratic Party did not abandon the ideals of Bernie and the Progressives, they never intended to entertain them.


OK, once we’ve made that distinction, then what?