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Democratic Governor: "The 'Can't Talk About It Now' Crowd Is Killing Us"


Democratic Governor: "The 'Can't Talk About It Now' Crowd Is Killing Us"

Julia Conley, staff writer

"I'm done waiting for the 'right time' to talk about it," said Washington Gov. Jay Inslee


Pretending to be wrapped up in prayerful introspection is so much more con veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen yunt.




single party rule, ain’t it grand? the obscenity that is today just blows me away, I am so sick at heart that I wonder if I’ll ever heal.


" The can’t talk about now crowd is killing us." Governor Jay Inslee.



It is very distressing that 42% of the people are opposed to sensible gun control but no surprising. We’ve allowed bribery, money is free speech, corporations are people, the rich buy off politicians as do the gun lobby, ammunition lobby and machine gun lobby. Who created/manufactured the “bump stock”? that allows rifles to be converted to automatic weapons that shoot 800 rounds in a minute? which really legalized these outlawed guns.

How stupid is that? and we should not be talking about it now?

We the people have to raise our arms (literally) and stand up to these crazed people who have been lied to for decades.


How long is it going to take the mass of Americans to realize that to the those in charge of the fed, it doesn’t matter what the majority think or want.


It is to be used for hunting rats and squirrels, I believe. - Bed bugs?


Although the gubmit has increased border patrol personnel and facilities on the Canadian border twentyfold during the past decade, perhaps we will need all this firepower to fight back single payer medical insurance if it thwarts the border patrol as it invades the US from the north ?


It is way past time to replace these charlatans that are sucking the people dry. We need to kick everyone of these a?&wipes out, starting next year! No quarter given!


Being told to “shut up” (which is literally what they are doing) is a tactic for maintaining the status quo. The only response to that little trick is “Nope. You can go away if you want, but we are going to have this conversation.” Right now, all I am hearing from the media is that we’re being told to shut up–which is an implicit complicity. So, as usual–nothing. We are a sick, sick, sick society.


A reporter should ask the White House:

"OK, it’s not the time to talk about gun control yet regarding the Las Vegas shooting.

Is it time yet to talk about gun control because of the Florida nightclub shooting?

Or is it time yet to talk about gun control because of the Columbine shooting?

If not yet, how many more decades until it’s time?"


Yes, so to stay safe don’t ever:

  • Go to a public school

  • Go to a university or college

  • Go to a party

  • Go to a cafeteria

  • Go to a place of worship

  • Go to a movie theater

  • Go to a music concert

  • And don’t go to any social event at all.